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Nov 30, 2010

1 Why I write, quote

One of the many reasons...

Why do I write? I write because it's the counter-stone of intelligence; and, I wish to improve and polish my counter-stone until it shines brighter than before

0 Oh, how poem

Oh, how our mind wanders

Oh, what thoughts didn't I know today
carried by a penguin gone astray
into my mind, feeding on seed of yesterday

Oh, how these thoughts change away
from one truth to another to stay
and where do I rot, my mind affray

Oh, how these moments build up
one upon another, into a teacup
overflowing with steam, drifting dismally up

Oh, how these moments crumble and fall
cracking as it becomes beautiful and tall
and no more can I beckon to look, upon the house of this doll

Oh, how these experiences dim
tainted by sentiment and sin
like a light-bulb, contrasted against shadow and men

Oh, how time pauses and stops
upon small moments and moments upon rocks
knowing not, where to life knocks

Oh, how...

Nov 29, 2010

1 God taketh Quote

What came to mind when I heard- God giveth and God taketh away

What God taketh, God replaces with experience and knowledge

Nov 28, 2010

0 Basking Turtle Thoughts poem

What do turtles dream of

Turtle basking in the light
soaking up in the muddy puddle, looking up into the sky
into a heaven of ocean blue
like when the sunlight shines through
the translucent tumbling waves of crashing lore
and all his thoughts are contained: beyond the shore

Where do daydreams swim
deeper than he has ever been
a dark foreshadowing blue
where nightmares and dreams wander through
into illusions and disillusions too afraid to tumble to

And all he can feel is milky, white sand
warmer than summer upon land
counting down in an hour-glass filled shore
the thoughts to be thought, until no more
draining away the moments it has tore

His eyes like a pebble caught in a riptide
bobbling to the tune of his heart at his side
music of the soul trapped inside a wave
the hunger of his will, the feel of the rage
to steal his mind away

Nov 27, 2010

2 Diverging Choices poem

sifting our personality

How can you reconcile split loyalties
these diverging choices pushed unto us
caught in eternity's moment
waiting for a decision to be made
whether to change or assimilate
bargain and sift, between actions and our ties

0 Intense Repetitions Poem

think, and think once again

Repetitions bobbling inside my head like a buoy upon rough waters
in and out of of intense emotions
raging, calling out to me with the music of an opera
repeating until the meaning ruptures
and the imagery resides until there is none

0 Lost Soul Quote

feeling of being lost

A soul lost is like death without music

0 Linking principles of thought

How does our thought process work

Thought should have reason, and reason have discourse, and discourse should have creativity and intelligence

1 Palindrome Quote on Creativity

a thought I couldn't help but write down

Creativity should have intelligence and intelligence should have creativity

Nov 25, 2010

0 Quote and Question about Sentiment

exploring the concept of sentiment

When our sentiment is destroyed, does the object of our emotions, inherit the worthlessness of our fall, just as our love.

0 Quote about ideals

something to ponder

How can we ever expect our love to exactly match the ever changing ideals of our thoughts.

Nov 23, 2010

1 Quote about perfection

The absoluteness of perfection

You must leave your perfection behind if you want to live life

Nov 22, 2010

0 Thanksgiving day or Thankstaking day

Which is it for you

Thanksgiving day is coming up around the corner, and the stores are overflowing with our society buying groceries. Our very takeful society, taking without giving back outside of their families. Rude shoppers and obnoxious shoppers and impatient shoppers running a mock and almost over others with their shopping carts. Is this the new tradition of the modern age or just an extension of how our thanksgiving day was originally founded. What happened to our morality or even politeness?

Perhaps we should be more thankful and less taking, giving to those without food- like the traditions it was supposedly founded on; Instead, of glutenous appetites being fulfilled and enjoyment of making others wait in line for extreme long periods, with a smile and absurd commentaries.

When we look back upon ourselves during these holidays, are we looking back at the best of what mankind has to offer, being united and together- or the worst mankind has to offer... Food for thought,
Take care,

Nov 20, 2010

2 Your own perspective quote

Are you, being you

When you rely on others for influence- than, your work is too catered to them and not your own, unique perspective

0 Who you are question and quote

Did you go down the wrong path

It's always interesting finding out who you are- and is who you find, really who you are

Nov 19, 2010

0 Obfuscate quote

The blurry line of fantasy and reality

Photos obfuscate reality from what life could be

0 Is it a life quote

Question for your mind to boggle upon

Is it a life, just to have a life, of words, that only changes other lives

0 A Monster's Lullaby Poem

The inner voice of a monster

Tired of myself, myself only hurting
tired of my soul turning, turning through all the versions of myself
so fast, that I am burning

flipping fast like a book of pages
passed beneath a breeze that gently rages

and the story goes too fast, too fast to know
who I am, where my heart should go
where the tides in my eyes should flow

in this fairy tale gone demented
my whole life suddenly resended
from beauty to pain caught in a drain

and thus, the nightmare slowly begins
stealing away from this world, all I comprehend
replacing my life with all this sin

a journey down roads, a sickness which corrodes
spreading like an infection, caught up in the congestion
of all these moments caught up in life
suddenly turned to the reflection of strife

and where has it gone, my perfection
inside this mind of confection
obsession with my rejection

in this life gone awry, or life caught up in a monster's lullaby

0 Social Exploratory Poem: Censored

Exploratory social commentary

Our life is censored, passion carefully, mathematically, methodologically calculated
love drained, squeezed of all diversities, adversities, insecurities
robbed of soul- fire, of desire, causing hearts to expire
and we don't recognize the meaning behind the word
in this society, run by social mentality

In this world robbed of expression, replaced with discretion
devoid of obsession, conviction and passionate diction
to ourselves, people walking around in cells
analyzing and sensitizing all of our dreams, actions, writings, hidings
with this cold-hearted logic

This logic that lacks all practicality, reality
frailty, that helps us grow our accountability
and we are as sleeping minions
with our lives on auto-pilot

wondering where the risk, imperfection, direction, lessons went

Nov 18, 2010

0 Alter Ego Poem by Anthony and Ashley

Poem my fiancée and I wrote together

Trapped inside this lonely soul
I look out, through the slatted bars of my prison

Pondering upon cloudy thoughts
that quickly crash into thunderous tides of emotion
unleashing the hidden depths of rage that rose

who slumbers silently, within this pit of hell behind my eyes?

this demon, I call my parasite, my alter ego

This ego of mine
who holds the keys, the secrets of my being
beyond these reflections of false light

imprisoning me
stealing away from me, my heart, my mind, my soul

This monster Clutches unto these secrets
deep inside of my soul
onto the darkness which erodes, to never know

keeping me shut out
from peering in, to this putrid heart
in a sinful garden, where my memories grows
and it's always dark

Hoping that I'll run away
will never know, never learn
of these dark worlds inside

and purify her through my innocence, her aching heart which abides

but she doesn't know, to the tune my heart beats, bleeds
the keys that my pocket keeps, deceives
to her downfall, her broken soul

as I wander through the detours and roads
deep down into the furnace of coals
of my discontentment and nightmares
she's blissfully unaware
that I dare, to know myself

and I ponder when she will realize
who's the culprit of her demise
lurking inside, spilling these secrets, demons to life

and perhaps, all she will ever hear is the sound of my writhering lullaby
screams of anguish and insanity
as I find out the true me that resides
beyond the obscurity of the whys, the forgetful sighs

and her duplicitous personality cries to the rhythm of my eyes

0 My angel to God poem

Love between two souls

She's my love, she's my blood, shes my hug, she's my humanity
she's my pain, she's my joy, she's my toy, she's my insanity
she's my life, she's my wife, she's my everything
everything is her, life without her is just a blur, and she is my everything

She's my death, she's my reaper, she's my only soul's keeper
she's my shaft, she's my rod, she's my angel to God
she's my sin, my lust within, telling me sweet things
darkness at the end, storyteller of grim, my humanity

0 Oh, sweet death poem

A fictional thirst for blood

They sicken me to the pits of my soul
they sicken me to the pits of my soul!
And it echos like the beats of a drum
telling me to kill them, kill them, kill...

No. no, not kill them, torture them, destroy them!
make them relish the sweet taste of death
but no, they will not taste such a sweet thing
they will suffer, and suffer, and suffer agonizingly
until that sweet moment of rain, rain from the skies of their eyes
a flood of emotional demise
and then, then I will hunger for more, and more, and more

And they shall sit in the dim lighted room
hanging in the closet like a worn out broom
sweeping up all the mess of their souls
into a pile of regret and morseling woes

And then I shall come again, and again, and again
until this hatred slows, and slows, and slows

0 Dark Desires, not mature but art

a poem full of dark sensuality

My unkempt desires
littered trash covered floors, decors
stealing away the order
the sensibility
and the weight of practicality
of reality

of cause and effect
burdening thoughts
burrowing... excruciating pain
relieved by the insanity
of primal sexuality
pleasure that drowns out all things

And the only focus is to fulfill that hungering, dark desire
that causes my heart to inspire, expire
be set on fire
these Demonic and Angelic things
hidden beneath my eyes, en-caged, enraged
to be tamed, reigned, played in the dungeons of my games

Her heart stops to my pulsating desire
kisses caught between a lamb and tiger
these contrasting conflictions, enjoyable inflictions
brightens my flame

In the night, in the morning
our souls adorning, forming
puppet strings
tied to our fingers and rings
instinctual rhythms and poise
drowned in silence and noise
these animalistic things
in the backdrop of our names

We're just actors
demonic characters
angels without feathers
wondering the dark alley ways together

Beseeching, Searching
for that yearning
cleansing with grim and grunge
that will steal away
ourselves from ourselves
until another day, another one

0 Dark Pleasure poem

Adventures of thought and heart

Sometimes it only takes, a subtle breeze to turn a thought
from the sunny heavens- to the dark, infested cracks of this world
and I find myself, slipping down the slippery slope of our morality to dark intellect
dark-nature, from the reminisce of our forbidden fruit, lodged inside

Oh, how it replaces my heart, devouring who I am
hanging down as a cursed, Egyptian gem
that beseeches me with glow and shimmer
these worlds, yet unknown, to plunder of splendor

And I’m fascinated with wonder
craving to explore these demon, inhabited worlds
to take part in their rituals and insanity
to loose, myself, part of my humanity
and know this darkness inside, written in pleasure

Nov 17, 2010

0 Seed of darkness poem

What we throw aside

A khaki seed, inside the darkness
devouring upon itself
slowly cracking upon
covered in black veins
growing with it's own brand of hatred

Life has forsaken this emerging monster
tossed it aside into obscurity
without so much as a drop of water
a bed of soil
no, this creature is born outside the womb

outside the womb in the land of the forgotten

0 Small choices quote

What turns people rotten to the core?

The old, broken down mentality we observed in our youth,
are founded on the foundation of their small choices

0 Beneath our sleeves quote

when are we more truthful?

Darkness of our words, brings out the truths hidden beneath our sleeves

0 Why I write quote

Quote on why I write

I don't write for myself to be known, but for my words to be known

0 Falling through flowers poem

a surreal fantasy poem

I'm falling down an endlessly deep, elevator shaft
lightly packed of flowers
and I don't know if I'll ever get back
to the top floor, where there's my shower

still draining down, draining for the last couple of hours

Where has the time gone, will it ever ripple back
back to the serenity of rain and a porcelain encased ocean
stealing my thoughts away with the music of erosion

these tidal forces of our lives

And all I can do is smell the sweet scent of flowers

1 Hell Bound Man poem

the dark-nature of our minds

Nefarious minds
dwindling signals down their devious spines
the concoctions of nightmares and desires
mixed together with lust and fires
these immoral- bound, demons of man

Why do they hunger so, for the rich spill of blood
the discontentment of man's own destruction
and delight in the knowledge of stealing another's love
dropping them quickly from heaven to hell
and feeling the richness of such disruptions

0 Optimizing my blog

optimizing blog

The site was going sluggish and I had to do something to get it back in shape, so this is all the things I did:

  • I took away the icons from the Blog List widget which made a big difference, surprisingly 
  • I removed the ContactMe button and created a personal page with the form code- instead
  • I made it where the Random Posts code was only displayed on post pages and not the main- as well as the code for it
  • I changed the subscription button to more affordable, affordable prices
  • I also changed the Blog Archives to be initially collapsed 
  • Just added a Subscribe page for the PayPal button- which helped as well. 
By doing all of those things, I reduced my page load enormously, hope you enjoy!

Take care,

Nov 16, 2010

0 Best, Ever tuna with crackers

Must have to taste!

Anthony's Tuna with Crackers Recipe-

  • 2 cans, Walmart- light tuna in water
  • Light rye crackers
  • 2 or 3 tablespoons dill relish
  • 2 or 3 tablespoons chopped, green olives with pimento
  • 5-7 tablespoons mayo
  • 1 can BumbleBee Lump crab meat (Secret ingredient- far worth the price)
  • Couple dashes of salt


  • Combine and mix all ingredients together in a bowl and serve with crackers!

0 Free Thinking in Haiku Ebook at Lulu

Thinking in haiku ebook is another poetry book of mine, you can download it via in the link provided.
It has many haiku, varying subject and theme, metaphors- emotions- imagery to convey their meaning. Each haiku is given a separate page- hope you enjoy!

Nov 15, 2010

0 Growing older: Falling apart poem

the ramifications of age

Pain takes away my security
oh, how easy it has drifted away
from these known- sunny shores, I wished to forever stay

And the sun has gone astray
no longer, does it bask in the sky
and I am- oh so cold, so full of wishes without any stars left in the sky
all I can comprehend now, are the clouds

My future has gone into obscurity
waves crashing from the tides
upon this broken down boat of mine
no longer can it hide from the dangers that reside

I am toss with vigor, unsecured without an anchor
wondering and pondering inside
with no answers to the confusion
fate has left me, along with the illusions that formally had reside

My broken down body, aging far after me
so far away, almost left me, this shadow of mine
in the distance, taking with it my stride
and I can just watch as I fall apart inside

0 Expressing my thoughts on being a writer and blogging

my thoughts on why I write

Unsure if I'm a blogger as-so-much a writer. I always loved writing and expressing my intellect and creativity in a world of my own design and soul. I hardly make any money-none at all, actually-, most people probably never come back again, but there is something infinite about words that always beacons, someday they might matter and belong.

0 Grammer Help: Helpful ideas

hope these ideas will help someone

I used to be far worst at grammar and spelling than I am now. I am not the greatest, but I think I've improved, so take a look at these tips.

  • Learn that grammar is about structure and pauses, separating ideas and concepts- this will help you out a great deal. Learn that commas link ideas that depends upon each-other, while semi-colons link ideas that are closely related and separate. Learn how to separate ideas, to have them make sense and convey meaning better. 
  • Learn how to break words up into syllables, this will help you with word formation and how they relate to one another. 
  • Learn what words mean and how to correctly use them. The parts of speech and how they relate to the rest of the sentence. Writing haiku helps a lot in this regard. 
  • Lastly, write in forms you love- poetry, haiku, stories, essays, blogs: to help you improve, and read what you wrote aloud. 
  • Hope these tips help you become a better writer
Take care,

0 Sleeping Beauty: Knight and Damsel poem

adapted from a story idea of mine

Sometimes, I just don't know about love
as I stare at my sleeping beauty at rest
what goes on behind those enclosed eyes
nightmares and fantasy obfuscating our life from the mess

Does my Armour shine as brightly
does my eyes run as color deep
within this heart full of ache, full of keep
pulsating from too much light, hungering to sleep

How many cracks in dragons' scales
must I count upon my quest of love
how many door cracks must I peek through
before I know the color of my own blood

Is the blood a deep black
death calls with a steady tap
upon the footsteps of my stride
and I know there is no turning back
from the accumulated demons at my side
chasing down this damsel of mine

When will my damsel rekindle her heart within
repair with fire, these memories of darkness and sin
for my vision is too blurry, instincts digress
my walk isn't as sturdy, mind's unable to confess
the deterioration of exhilaration's beauty, this calm doubt of mine

Do I doubt, what do I doubt, in this drought of my emotions
has the damn broke, spilling out all I am, filled with intoxicating potions
upon this landscape of our battle, lost in the calmness of now
looking back at all the probabilities and confusions
of our heightened lives, are they just full of delusions, illusions, intrusions into each-es vow

Vow me this, vow of protection
vow me this, vow of devotion
do we resist, resist the notion, that we shall keep through the erosion
of crimson waves of blood, waves of blue sky
waves of bubbling emotions, of inert sighs
overflowing unto both of our lives

Our trails are covered in footsteps and blood
covered in thoughts like music, spiritual notes
covered in stains, and taints, and of love
covered in tears, in fears, in worries, in overspilling furies
in so much, that our hearts isn't enough
to contain and explain, the beauty and degree of sorrow and flame

And when my sleeping beauty is to awake
I'm afraid I would be caught sleeping
off-guard and in-awake, with my heart slowly beating
beating to its own rhythm, its own infusion
to its own fate, illusion, delusions
unable to be shaken, stirred, assured

Just to be watched, as I have watched, just to think, as I have thought
and await for this knight to be awaken

Nov 14, 2010

0 My world mini poem

the organs of the soul

My eyes are where dreams go to die
my heart is where emotions go to lie
and my mind is where I go to leave this world

0 Quote: Languages of Art

the two languages of art

When speaking of art, there are only two languages: one of intellect and one of emotion, combined they give life to the intangible

0 Video Commentary: Space Balloon : Ariel View

Commentary on a Vimeo video, entitled: Homemade Spacecraft by Luke Geissbuhler

Very innovative and creative concept, only wish I had thought of building a makeshift spacecraft with video view. Albeit, a fairly expensive test, this is a great one for the science books.

Basically the test goes as follows:

  • Use weather balloon to carry a package upward into the upper stratosphere
  • Track using a iPhone with GPS (to find later)
  • Film journey with a digital HD camera

Some Facts:

  • Happened in August of 2010
  • Employed parachute upon decent (when the balloon burst from atmospheric pressure)
  • Location was Newburge, New York after 8 months of planning 
  • Climbed 25 feet per second on ascent 
  • After 70 mins and 19 miles high the balloon bursts
  • Camera used was a: Go Pro Hero HD

Click the link and hope you enjoy!

0 Quote: Motif of our love

ambivalence is a part of relationships

The motif of our love always comes back to
emotional ambivalence, mixed with I loves yous
and the re-acceptance of our hearts

0 Creative grotto blog

my fiancée's blog: The Creative Grotto

Check out my fiancée's blog for her personal ramblings, movie commentaries, and poetry.

Hope to see you there!

0 World without: within poem

Questions within about living

What is enough for a life to want to live...
is the answer found in money
is the answer found in a home
having food to eat
is it found in a family

What does each soul need to fulfill its needs
to fulfill its desire...
is it found in passion
is it found in fantasy
found in the dark recesses of our mind and heart

Does the world without need to be the world within
what needs to be meant to stop the suicide of our actions
of our thoughts
of the last of our primeval sins

0 Quote: on generations

Hour-glass sand

Must be hard, to once had lived in a generation which you fitted in, just to have it slip away like sand in an hour-glass

0 Quote: on morality

infinite in dimension

Morality is ambiguous, but it is not objective: it's definite in its principle and absolute in its resolution, but infinite in its dimensions. And adaptable in its perceptions.

Nov 13, 2010

0 Quote: on choices

questions bordering the gray

We grow as people by asking those questions which force us to choose and irreversibly change
and forces us to reconsider and ponder those questions bordering the gray

0 Quote: Question on Ideology

is there a middle ground

Will practically or ideology shape our society
which will rule our reality

0 Quote: Question on Rules and Exceptions

Can a answer answer all questions

Can a finite rule cover infinite permutations
or are there always going to be exceptions to the rule

2 The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure ebook Commentary

About: The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure ebook (previously on taken off now due to social pressure.)

Josh Ogle (commenter on link):
I did what this author and 99.9% of the other people jabbering off about this topic did NOT do: actually read the "book." It took me a grand total of literally fifteen minutes.

What it IS about:
-the difference in terms (pedophile, pederast, child molester, etc.) and how they're used/confused in society
-how, if one is in a sexual relationship with a young person, to be safe and respectful to that other person
-a poorly-written rant about lexicon and usage of terms
-two anecdotal stories that put a positive light on these kinds of relationships
-a brief history of man/boy love in Greek society, and possible evolutionary reasons for such relationships
-***how one should never under any circumstances engage in sexual intercourse, including fellatio, with anyone under 16

What is NOT found in it:
-a literal 'how to rape a child' or anything even similar

Come on folks, if you're gonna have such strong reactions and threaten protesting/boycotting and all sorts of other mess, at least know what in the world you're angry about. This whole outrage reminds me of the Salem witch trials.

Anthony Souls (me):
As one who has a fiancée who was raped as a child, I have to say that the topic of child safety shouldn't be taken lightly. In various states, it is illegal to engage in sexual intercourse with a minor (under 18 years of age), thusly making that statement illegal in certain states. seemed to unintentionally or intentionally fuel the fire for the promotion of this book; Although, people would of found it in the end either way.
Going by the post of Josh Ogle- seeing how I never seen the book- it seems like it isn't as outright as the title suggests. Even-so, where do you draw the line at freedom of speech- I can't yell illegal threats at people without consequences- should you be-able to write illegal how-tos without consequences as well- or would it only matter if there is an escalated crime rate caused from such material.
The question is- is the content immoral (which people say is objective)- should it be allowed to exist, if so- where to draw the line if at all?
Should rapist and child molesters be allowed to show pornographic material online, should serial killers be allowed to stream their killings, should anything be censored. The internet stance on visual aids is clear- they are treated as criminal but the textual versions seem to be treated as a grey area since it doesn't outright show a crime taking place. If you detailed a crime, textually, would that be as criminal as photos?
In my own view, it is hard for me to believe that this isn't a pedophile how-to book because of the title. Isn't he trying to encourage sexual relations with a young person indirectly or directly as it were, is his disclaimer about age just a legal tactic? Isn't the book inciting criminal behavior which is a crime?
Censorship of speech is very dangerous- but there are always exceptions to the rule. And I think a commentary about ones views and how-tos which encourages criminal conduct are two separate things.
Well, those are my opinions- take care everyone.

0 Quote: What is faith

philosophical question about faith and possibilities

Is faith believing what was, will be what is
or is faith believing what will be, will be, what will be

0 Quote/poem: on love is as water

the many forms of love

Love is as water, we need it to live and it has many dimensions

icy like protection
steamy as passion
liquid like insuppressible
reflective as human

0 Christian poem: false gods

our worlds inside

Inside of ourselves
we are as false gods
to these worlds of fantasy and make believe
that holds our intangible souls
and we try to impress our reign
on this world of Gods

0 Open our minds poem

grow beyond our errors and truths

The errors of our past
should humble the growth of our future

For we all believe we are right
when we are right
and that we are wrong
when we are wrong

That we should open up our minds
to the possibilities
of being wrong when we are right
and being right when we are wrong
and growing spiritually inside of ourselves

0 I'm thinking about adding novel chapters in the future

additions to my blog

Hello readers,

What do you think about adding novel chapters to the blog? Would that be something you would enjoy? Comment or leave me feedback through the contact button at the side.

0 Quote: on safety and danger

things to keep in mind

People are so concerned with what's safe, that they forget the freedom of danger

0 Interesting verses on revenge

enjoy artful word combinations

Resentment and revenge brews inside you
like potions from a fine age of liqueur

Nov 12, 2010

0 Beauty in the heavens poem

dreaming your way to hell

I’m falling through the earth
going further from heaven
and closer to hell
unable to grasp onto the air
and all I can do is just stare
into the beauty that is blue and white
the serenity that is open and there

0 Quote and advice for teenagers

keep this in mind

All teenagers in society should learn one simple rule: Just because life shelters you, doesn't give you the right to behave like bullies

0 Quote: intellectual thoughts

don't let them slip away

When you stumble across intelligent ideas -philosophies- you need to take hold and integrate them into who you are -not let them drift away into obscurity

0 Quote: on reality

reality is what you make it

What you learn from fantasy is that reality could be so much more

0 Quote: on dreams

dreams clashing with reality

Don’t let your dreams slip away, too far to reach for

0 Best poetry online

visit the archives for premium content

Find the best, original poetry online, here at The Art Comet. Enjoy the quotes, mini-poems, full poems, and other creative posts- such as haiku.

Tell me how I can improve my blog, give me suggestions, how you like the design and content- Leave me feedback through the contact email tab at the upper-left.

Hope to hear from you soon, feel free to share my site with all your friends and online audiences.

0 Exhausted from thought poem

drifting into serenity

Exhausted from thought
therefore, don't think or ponder
let my mind wander
down the abyss of undreamt worlds
into the sea of oblivion 
rolling in a row boat that rows on forever 
into the horizon-less sky of my mind

0 Best Egg Sandwich Ever: Recipe

Messy, but oh so delicious...

  • Hamburger buns
  • Nature's Harmony extra large eggs
  • Mayo
  • Louisiana hot sauce 
  • Oil 
  • I use the hamburger buns without milk -since I have a milk allergy- and they taste good. I don't think you should have that much milk anyways. 
  • Nature's Harmony extra large eggs is the secret ingredient - has 25% less fat than ordinary eggs with more vitamins- also, no hormones added or antibiotics, and fed nutritious food. I recommend paying the extra money- healthier and makes a big difference in taste.
  • Mayo- I use the regular, but you can use low-fat.
  • Louisiana hot sauce is fantastic on it- I don't use ketchup cause I am allergic- enough foods already have tomatoes if you ask me.  
  • Heat up non-stick skillet with a dab of oil - or cooking spray- and cook on high with nothing on it, let it heat for a couple of minutes, or until hot. I used a grill skillet to give the eggs a slashed look. Also, when it has grooves on the skillet- eggs don't wander as much when on an uneven oven-top. 
  • Carefully crack egg and directly -carefully- drop onto skillet. The egg will be cooked over-easy -both sides will be cooked with the liquid yolk in the middle- which is what makes it messy!
  • After 30 seconds to a minute- turn down skillet to medium-high or medium. This is to cook the eggs without ruining them- burning them or getting them stuck to the skillet. Also, helps preserve the flavor. 
  • When the egg white starts to get solid and firm -don't flip the eggs too soon, they will be fine; I have a problem flipping the eggs too soon-  and the bottoms are sturdy enough to flip...flip with spatula onto other side.
  • Put egg onto hamburger bun- put a dab of mayo and a lesser dab of Louisiana hot sauce on top.
  • When you first bite into it, it is very messy, so make sure you have a plate underneath it! 
I hope you enjoyed this quick recipe tip for making the perfect egg sandwich. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think of my blog- as well as any suggestions! 

Nov 11, 2010

0 Here I Remain Invisible poem

within my world...

I'm invisable
cloaked in inaction
observing my own internal world

and I avoid other lives
all of their collisions
on their journey through this world onto the next
to remove the conflicts and disarray, the subtext

To steal away my world, by removing the disruptive
the poisoning souls living in decay
that don't belong inside this man
so I clock my world behind my words
and let the flood of spiritual traffic pass me by

Here I remain invisible

0 This Generic World poem

a slow march to hell

This generic world
like weeds in a garden of souls
corrupting and infesting and overpopulating
tainting and infecting over all of the other auras and energies
draining the soil of emotions, of nutrients, of substance
robbing everyone else of growth

Roots entangling through every life
like thieves, robbing from us: who we are
ensnaring our dreams, our thoughts, our minds
in this experimental hell
until all of us are turned into snails
drones slowly marching to hell

0 New Gulliver's Travels 2010 Commentary

upgrade -2.0

After watching the trailer for a brief moment, I must say: Gulliver Travel's, without the intelligence for the new generation. They, basically, replace intelligence with comedy and special effects. And also, lower complexity in language.

Travel writer Lemuel Gulliver takes an assignment in Bermuda, but ends up on the island of Liliput, where he towers over its tiny citizens.

Director: Rob Letterman
Writers: Joe Stillman (screenplay), Nicholas Stoller (screenplay), and 1 more credit »
Stars: Jack Black, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel
Release Date: 22 December 2010 (USA)

Gulliver's Travels 2010

0 Quote on creativity

redesign our mind

Creativity isn't just about inventing the new, but redesigning the old

0 Broken Eyes poem

jump inside and see what awaits

When I look into those broken eyes
reflections and exileration
a world in demise
raining deep beyond the sensation
I get this hunger to jump inside

Nov 10, 2010

0 Dream Acrostic Poem

Master of nothing

Disembodied soul
Resting upon
Master of nothing

Nov 9, 2010

1 Instinctual Love Poem

will it ever end...

Our love is an instinctual love
without thought or reason
just pure concentrated emotion
coarsing through our hearts
and we wonder if, it will ever end

0 Food for thought: Visual movie age

the new generations

The newer generation is borne into a movie age of astonishing visual effects and animations. However, is it taking away from them, the essence of a story, the plot behind the visuals. Seems like movies are becoming more eye candy than depth, and lacking heart and soul. This beacons the question, can immersion in visual effects be it'
s own genre?

What will happen in the future of storytelling...

This was my: Food for thought.

2 Shadow Box of Hers poem

light up the darkness

She's my window frame
my window pane
which I lay upon
all the oranments of my soul

My glass heart
fractuals reflecting in the dark
all of my joy and pain

My eyes are like gems
resembling the milky way
solar systems apart
clarify to a universe of disarray

A puzzle box holds my emotions
next to a pen shaped like a sword
made of my words, along with devotion
displayed in this shadowbox of hers

0 This is the Human Soul poem

these moral codes of ours

Within us our grand cities
built of moral code

these aliens structures and cilivizations
over which we rule

this is a human soul

0 This World poem

This world, this world beneath my feet
slowly devouring with insational hunger
itself, to the underground within

and we live in this dark and grimson world
full of a Gothic and grungy fill
that drains away the supstance and light
to be forever sealed

0 Inherited Paper poem

Write all that you can
and let the papers when you die
inherit your heart and soul
and let the dream that is you
inhabit and grow, falling upward into the sky

Nov 8, 2010

1 Quote: Despair

When despair is the only emotion you can feel, transform it into art.

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Nov 7, 2010

1 Duplicitous Black Pupils Poem

Eyes, brown like an ocean of mud
looking up into the sky, like blue cotton
deep into her blue cotton eyes
where all I see are her duplicitous black pupils 
staring back at me with hidden emotions

Like the contrast between night and day
both of us, each apart of the others world

0 Quote: About Faith

When faith is all you have, you learn to keep dreaming.

Nov 6, 2010

0 Quote: What Makes Us, us

Is what makes us, us, just a single breath

0 A Single Breath Poem

When does a heart sing more beautifully
than when drowning in dark dreams

within this inner world of fantasy
an ocean of treasure and fiends

Where does a heart beat more beautifully
than caught between fear and aspiration
the only musical cords from our exasperation

outside this inner world of flesh
tangible only as a single breath

0 Quote: About Time

It's not how long you known someone, it's how much time you spent with them.

Nov 5, 2010

0 In this World of Fireflies

I sit upon wherever and wonder
what type of man I am and exponentially ponder
down the back alleyways of my mind
where my life has gone asunder and trash is piled high

what type of man is this, is I
am I only decent in thought, in theory, in whatever
without any substance, any action, like the rolling thunder
and I can't come up with an answer

Whys flutter like fireflies to the only flame
walking around going insane
excuses to why I don't do anything, anything at all
and the only word that enters my mind is cowardice

Self-explanations, intellectual observations, to satisfy
satisfy the darkness within resembling light, to believe the lie
that all these truths are fiction, and I am caught in a rendition
an audition for a character with a past deeper than the sky

if the sky was a grave, a million deaths of a single me
with spirits, daydreams, figments of my imagination portraying all the what-ifs and could-bes
and my world is drowned in this Gothic texture overlaying my heart
in this world of fireflies

0 Drunken Tavern Poem

All the dreams are gone
inside this tavern inside my chest
the air now, is only filled with song
and inside my soul is only liqueur

this now holds all of my splendor

There are no more dreams to be dreampt
no more sleep to be slumbered
I now, solely exist in a waken blizzard
within this dark and dreary tavern

a port of call to all of the givers of up and down

The whiskey is strong, my senses are dim
the monster calls, from deep within, all of the trash and sin
and I ignore all that I am, inside this world
replacing truth and facts and reality with more contentious lies

and soon my other world is drowned away with unremembered sighs

My memories I let decay, let wonder
leave the door, piggy-backing upon another
that comes and go, to and fro, out and in
through beyond the main door, whereat, I don't know where it ends

and I steal more suitable souls from these fictitious men

0 Depths of my soul by Ashley and Anthony Souls (me)

Why does everyone
want to pick the locks that holds the depth of my soul

everything I do is wrong in their
soft angelic eyes

telling me the wrongs
the disillusions of my own world
are all lies

that I made my world a hell
and I made a deal with the devil

but who knows the depths of my soul?
Who knows the inner workings of my brain
heart and soul

Not those who think these things about me
who always wants to point out my fatal flaws
scars that I made in this world

Thinking that isolating me
will make me vulnerable/naked
so I will follow every little word they say

But what they don't know
is this....

I follow God and my heart
and it tells me to be my own person
and not rely on peoples words

where they all spout lies and deception
twist and turn the truth
for their own personal gain

and in the dark, dank, and dreary corner of my eyes
misery lurks around every corner
trying to bury doubt deep into the cracks of my brain

To sip every drop of my soul
till the only things left inside me are
empty and broken like a wasted rag-doll

Nov 4, 2010

0 Quote: Heaven is

Heaven is difference thriving in in-deference  

0 Quote: Love Yourself

Love yourself,
don't try to fulfill it through another's love.

0 Poem: Emotionally Inept, Know it Alls

Some people are emotionally inept
unable to feel, unable to know
what a heart's intelligence bestows

Unable to look past the structure and frame
to truly explore, every cranny and lane
they just don't know, yet they know everything

Everything down nothing lane
without streets covered and stained
in misery and pain and sunlight appearing from not a thing

They drive past windows and doors
they overlook the cracks in the bricks and floors
not noticing the details along the walls
they are just your everyday know it alls

They miss out on the substance and awe
the epiphanies inside the porcelain dolls
the locks and keys hidden beneath trash and flaws
never to second guess it all

Nov 3, 2010

0 Quote: Books of Epiphany

Epiphany is the messenger of truth,
it opens books that our eyes doesn't see

0 Quote: Writer Hearts

Writers must lower themselves down,
to the depths of their hearts

0 Quote: Infinite Change

Christianity isn't about instantaneous perfection, but the infinite change and grow unto perfection

0 Quote: Sometimes

Sometimes its not worth not letting people into your life

0 Quote: Indefinite Universe

When you take in: an indefinite universe which is infinite, you can't predict what will happen. So there is no point placing limitations until it becomes needed. Else, you will only limit your possibilities.  

0 New blog look, faster loading, and subscribe supporting options!

I decided to add a paypal subscribe button to this blog to support it and still provide content to those that don't subscribe.
Hosting the blog elsewhere and making it membership only wasn't working and didn't really suite me.
Enjoy and hope to see you around,