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Nov 29, 2009

0 A collection of my twitter haiku s By @AnthonySouls, Follow me if you want :)

#haiku I imprint my heart . a fingerprint of my soul . the clay of your eyes #poem

#haiku The delicate sound . a star makes when it twinkles . galaxy's whisper #poem

#haiku I hear clear voices . resonating to my ears . my heart's fantasy #poem

#haiku The shades of night fell . as curtains of the opera . Ending the act: day #poem

#haiku Delicate detail . overlaying skeleton . disguising structure #poem

#haiku Railroads of my thoughts . Locomotion of pulses . One to another

#haiku Speakled mist in air . slowmotion movement between . scene to scene of town

#haiku Nautical daydreams . her dress fluttering like sails . anchored to my heart

#haiku Orange glow on ceiling . fades a dark eternity . these curious shades

#haiku Yesterday's winter . a memory frozen for . tomorrows summer

#haiku My heart is a time-machine . broken: out of order . doomed to the present

If I was a fly, I would fly as high as I could, then just fall to the ground sniff

asphalt glistens new . sparkling in the lamp-light . clean glaze of clear ice #haiku #weblit

Let me tattoo her . heart and name onto my soul . to take on death's wings. #haiku #weblit

Don't devour my words . try to reassemble my eyes . just listen to what's there #haiku #poem

Adolescence leaves . individuality . a thing of the past #haiku #poem #poetry #weblit

Water containing . starlight sprinkles from heaven . colors of cosmos #haiku #writing #writer #art

If I could delete . All of the sins from my heart . What knowledge would go #haiku #poetry #weblit #lit

A shot through the dark . a single shooting star leaves . memories of then #haiku #poetry #weblit #lit #literature #poems #poem #writing

0 My first chrismas song / carol lyrics

Winter is coming, Christmas is almost here, spirits are lurking, lurking in the beer

Time is pushing , sentiment is close , fine crystal polished for a thankful toast

Light is sparkling, homes glow with warmth, angels are lurking, lurking at the door


Knock, knock, knock , carolers rocking outside

Rocking to the soul, rocking to the night

Rocking to the hearts, Rocking to the light

From house to house, from soul to soul, connections without our mistletoe

Melody caught, harmony rows, on the sea of Van-Van Gogh

Girls spinning on the brushes of a starry night, feeling the blushes of gentle guys, caught up in innocent-sinful eyes


Sin a little: kiss, kiss, kiss; Take a little: risk, risk, risk

Know a little: one, one, one; Try a little: fun, fun, fun

Have a little: heart, heart, heart; Be not so: part, part, part

Get dressed for the evening, all you ugly ducklings, for the masquerade ballroom on swan lake

Sharpen your ice-skates , to dance on twinkling stars, for your Cinderella night

Drive your carriage, to meet your prince charming, at the gates of ever-after


Everyone's a prince, everyone's a beautiful princess

Everyone's rich, everyone's delicious

Everyone here to share in the atmosphere

Nov 15, 2009

0 I am a seedling Tanka Haiku by Anthony Souls

I am a seedling
sitting before such grander
a site I can't have
a world I can not partake
roots shallow upon such earth

Nov 14, 2009

0 Old dusty dreamers haiku by Anthony Souls

Old dusty dreamers
spinning cobwebs in their minds
wishing just to be