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Mar 20, 2018

0 Thank you God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for your Sacrifices and Help

God has really blessed our lives, lately: My wife's life and mine.
Our landlord is trying to evict us from our residence. We didn't have income coming in for a while and we are finally stabilizing now because of God. We have a court date tomorrow regarding the eviction and to see if we will have to be forced to leave; however, whatever happens will be for our good/betterment; I know that is true.
God has really blessed us with getting my wife's health back in order: she is peripherally blind and has other health problems; she is finally getting answers to medical problems that she has been having for a while now. A lot of her problems are being treated now, and I am really grateful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for helping us.
We've prayed to God for financially stability, good health, a home of our own, and to know God better, and God is answering our prayers in His Good Time. Things are starting to look a lot better than they were just a year ago.
Just a year ago, I was in a job that I hated; I was being discriminate against there, and it was a great deal of stress; my injuries were acting up from the work; my wife was having stomach problems and pain; we had no medical; my wife's eyes were deteriorating and not stabilizing; and we were facing homelessness: we are still facing homelessness, but we still aren't homeless and had a home all of this time thanks to God.
Another big prayer answered is us improving and becoming better people with God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost; we are more emotionally stable, have more wisdom now, know God a lot more now, and growing more and more each day with ourselves (my wife and I) and God.
God has helped my wife get a lot of the medical tests that she has needed; so far, some problems are still hiding and unknown, but God is slowly revealing what needs to be done and what problems need to be fixed and addressed. We could never do it without God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.
We are really thankful that God has helped us manage our stress, lately and always. We've been under a great deal with facing everything that is going on: the eviction, not having another place to go to, having enough food for the month, my wife's health problems trying to get sorted out as this is all going on, and so on.
We know God will continue to help us and that we need not fear: I thank God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for taking on so much of our burdens and Sacrificing so much for us: we could never have done it without God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.
Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, Your Son and Daughter: Friends, and Servants, Anthony and Ash,

Feb 17, 2018

0 Commentary on the deconstruction of Social Programs under Trump's Administration

Society is operating on the premise/assumption that the poor that uses public assistance problems like medicaid and food stamps and section 8 are abusing the program and don't need it and/or being lazy and not working when they can work; however, when this proves to be not the case for a lot of individuals, the outcome will be disastrous. A lot of people will be hurt by these new effects and suffer deadly consequences (Medicaid recipients, especially).

The work requirement exemptions, or the new ones that will be formed, are already too restrictive forcing disabled people that can't get unto SSI or SSDI off of programs.
People who have never been through the system shouldn't be involved in creating a new system that has never been tested and will harm an numerous amount of individuals.

Also, society shouldn't be happy with the idea of the White House administration deconstructing programs and taking away their ability to help people win they can't discard it all together. This type of mentality is unethical and destructive to our country as a whole.

Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

0 Thoughts about the current political/social landscape under Trumps Administration

Has our society become temporary thinkers, at the cost of long term improvements? Yes, yes it has.
People are willing to support drastic cuts to medicaid, food stamps, section 8, and so forth which will create unstable ripples throughout our society and economy.
No only will people who need medicaid lose coverage which can have consequences such as death and life threatening problems/complications, restricting Food Stamps, even more so than it already is, will threaten food for families and individuals and create hunger problems in a so-called "First World" country.
The more unstable society becomes, the more crime will escalate. More violence will occur, thievery, and domestic problems.
So, we might save millions upon millions temporarily, at the cost of violence, crime, unnecessary deaths, hunger, and medical problems that could of been prevented.
What is the price tag you are willing to put on a person's life? I know this will not progress well.
The local programs don't have enough resources to support a huge change like this. Already, the shelter in my city is experiencing crowding problems and funding problems, which leaves homeless on the streets in winter; the food bank is experiencing food shortages and less proteins than it use to have while still becoming stricter on the requirements to weed out people that needs the food.
So, what have we become? A society of heartless individuals that allows it's own citizens to suffer from hunger, homelessness without shelter, and creating a situation where people will needlessly die, all at the cause of gaining temporary wealth which mostly benefits the wealthy through tax deductions?
Is this the America you wish to live in; and do you think God will support a country which operates like this with so much power in the world and is weeding Him out of everything daily? No, God will not. And God will turn away his face from those that turn their faces away from Him.
It boggles my mind that people have become so callous and heartless and without empathy. A Society that wants to legalize drugs which is more abused than used correctly; flood the economy with drug addicts from the past that willingly cause countless deaths by lessening sentencing to save money; have tax deductions for the rich that is proportionally taken away and offset by the poor; and so forth.
When this country goes to hell, I will be blaming those deaths on the people that supported this madness; And when people act like they could of never known, I will place the blame solely at their feet and proclaim that is what they deserve.
Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

Oct 10, 2017

0 Thank You God for Everything Again

I want to Thank God for everything God has given us and everything God has gotten us and getting us through. My wife and I have been through an enormous amount of trails and tribulations these last couple years. Right now, we are facing Eviction; We have another 10 days to leave the apartment or police will; My wife had surgery just yesterday to remove her gallbladder; We have no jobs or family that wants to help nor friends; However, We know that God will provide for us and God will Help us as God has always Helped us. 
What's really important to remember is to do God's Will no matter what the cost because God is the most important. It's hard to trust in God's Timing at times and to make sense of God's Will. To go through hardships and pain and discomfort that you rather not experience. But in the end, God will always do Good for you and turn everything you have gone through into something AWESOME for God.
Please pray for my wife and I that we get rent up before the 20th and a job and everything else that we need.
Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

Aug 8, 2017

0 Praise for God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost as of Recently

My praises for God as of recent:
God has really been helping us considerably lately and I am very appreciative and grateful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for all the Good Work God does in my life and my wife's.
We still have a place to live even though we have been out of work since March. I lost my job due to discrimination and have been looking for work ever since. We were on unemployment but lost it due to my works protest and lack of medical evidence at appeals. The Legal system is geared to help the bad people.
Yet, my Wife and I still survive thanks to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost. Since then God has given us food resources and we haven't gone hungry. God has helped with rental assistance and Gofundme help to pay the rent. God has helped us with medical at just the perfect time: my wife's eyes has cataracts and she is slowly going blind but it's treatable and our medical will pay for it all.
God has also helped us profoundly with our mental and physical health and preventing pot and smoke to come into our place as often through the windows by the neighbors.
God has blessed us more than we deserve and we are really Thankful. When you trust in God, God helps; God might not do it the way you planned or on your timetable, but God does it in His Perfect Will which may not make sense to us right off.
We have been getting job interviews but no job: But still, we are getting interviews. We need some sort of income by the end of this month, but God will provide.
God will take care of us and give us the justice we seek and the needs we need: Just like God gave my wife her state id finally which is needed for all of the medical treatments: we didn't have money for the Id but then God gave us it.
Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

Jul 12, 2017

0 GoFundMe Rental Help Update

The eviction notice has elapsed and the landlord can now go before a judge to get me evicted. Waiting to see if he will serve me this month or not. Since he accepted partial payment, I don't think he can do anything this month, even if he takes me to court. I have a number to call for free legal advise it comes to that. Hopefully, I can get find a job before the eviction happens if the judge authorizes it. It seems that he has to go to court, serve me, then I have 10 days afterward to respond, then the judge decides if I can be evicted and gives me a date if I can. Take Care, God Will Provide for us. Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

Jun 28, 2017

0 My GOFUNDME Link: Need Rent and Utility Assistance
Got another donation through GoFundMe for $100. We are making progress with God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost. Rent is coming up fast: Hopefully others can help.

Take care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

Jun 18, 2017

0 Pray for us, Thanks

Pray for us. Thanks. God will help. Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, Anthony and Ashley