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Mar 25, 2016

0 Thankful For God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost's Gifts. Amen.

#thankful Thank you God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything. Thank you for the raise. Thank you for Ashley. Thank you for always communicating with me and never forsaking me. Hope today goes well. Thank you for restoring peace to our home for now. Thank you for protecting us from the Wiles of the Devil. We really couldn't do all these things or gone this far without you. I'm really appreciative. With Love, your Friend and Servant Anthony 

Mar 24, 2016

0 Praise and Glory to God ad Jesus and The Holy Ghost for extra money we needed.

Thank You God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything and Your wonderful Gifts and especially Love. I much appreciate all that you are doing for my wife and Me and foremost being God and allowing us to Worship You.
God and Jesus and The Holy One gave us extra money on my paycheck: not sure yet why we got 40 dollars more, but we might of got a raise. I really needed the extra money because we are short on food and I didn't know how I was going to get everything I needed this time again and last the two weeks.
But God heard my heart and The Holy Ghost sent my prayers and told me we would have enough money to get everything and make it. and Sure enough, we got a lot more than we ever expected...
I want to Glorify God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for helping us and always answering us and communicating with us and protecting us.
My wife had a horrible dream before waking to this wonderful news and I had a hard time at work with the demons and devils attacking.
Thank You God for everything and for always being there and being God foremost and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.
With Love, Anthony Souls Your Son and Servant and Friend. Amen.

Mar 11, 2016

0 Praise and Glory To God the Most High for our New Place we will be getting.

I want to thank God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost with more than all of my  Heart and Mind and Soul.
After confirmation from the rental application, we will finally have our own home for rent. More than we could of ever asked for.
We will be away from the apartment complex where the devil and demons are attacking us.
No more smoke and banging and bad neighbors to worry about. We will pay far far less than we are now which is a studio for a home which is on a awesome corner lot, 2 bedrooms: 2 baths, and all of the utilities included.
God is too Good.
We have been praying about having our own place and own home for a while now. And praying about all of the battles and delivering us from our enemies.
We had to battle pot and smoke and bronchitis and banging and bad neighbors not willing to work with us and cussing at my wife and the whole 10 yards of evilness; however, God is turning all of the pain and suffering into something new and Beautiful just like God's Word says: That God will not allow pain without something new being born.

Isaiah 66:9Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

9 Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth?
saith the Lord:
shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb?
saith thy God.

I really am extremely grateful and happy and thankful to God and Jesus my Lord and Savior and The Holy Ghost for guiding us.
I am very thankful that God allows me to deliver the Blessings to my Wife.

I can't wait and still in some shock until we are actually in our new Home.

When Jesus says to Ask and Pray and Believe that you have what you ask for of God and it will be yours, and to see it in your life is very beautiful and joyful.

Matthew 21:22Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Never give up. You may not know what Jesus is up to but it will all make sense later. Just like Jesus says:
John 13:7Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

7 Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.

All Glory belongs to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, With Love with all of my Heart and Mind and Soul, Your Servant and Friend, Anthony.

Mar 1, 2016

0 Thank You Note For God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for Helping My Wife and Myself.

I want to Thank God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for protecting my Wife and myself from the devils plans and demons and from enemies that attacks us here at our apartment and work.
God has and is helping us with our apartment complex and our neighbors. We have been having problems with pot and incense coming into our house through our windows all of the time.
My wife is allergic to pot and I have bronchitis problems and she does too. It doesn't help when we been sick for the last couple weeks to 3 weeks and couldn't breathe very well.
We have been over there so many times and nothing gets resolved and putting the matter in the hands of God has helped tremendously when you have Faith.
The pot hasn't been as bad through the windows, the incense is messing with us still at times but not as bad as before and God showing us to open the windows and ventilate is helping.
We were both really sick and I lost about 11 days of work. I was able to pay the rent still. We still have food. We still have a place to live. I still have a job. I am very appreciative and thankful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.
Everything God has guided us in has turned out good. God is growing us spiritually very well.
I was able to get the medicines we needed for our bronchitis. Was able to have enough sick days for 6 of the 11 days. I'm are getting days off on days which helps us recover together.
God is taking the brunt of the burdens and worries. Whenever I ask God for help and to talk to me, God always shows me His Beautiful Voice through various forms.
I am very Thankful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, and I am growing more intelligent and Spiritual every day. Thank You for making me the man that I am and better than I was like I asked from the very Beginning in Prayer.
With Love With all of my Heart and Mind and Soul, Your Servent and Friend, Anthony, 

Feb 19, 2016

0 Suffering and Helplessness Quote and Commentary

It's that sense of helplessness and suffering unproductively at the hands of others that gives a feeling of anger and resentment.
When you feel like all you are doing is for naught.
That nothing will come from all of your labor.
That others are hurting you and bringing chaos into your life and not caring or doing anything about it every time you come to them.
Feeling like you can't resolve a problem no matter how good you try opens up the path for bad thinking.
I think that knowing God will help no matter what and nothing you do for God is for naught helps tremendously.
Knowing that your suffering is or a good purpose and productive helps a lot.
People push others to the edge often and wonder why bad events happens that are 10 times worse then what set it off. And I think people need to be aware of how their bad persistent choices will just destroy their own lives and those around them.
Take care, With Love

Feb 7, 2016

0 Thank you Note to God for our Blessings.

I want to thank God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything that God does for me. I was having problems with my neighbors being noisy and banging around too much and it was getting out of control and pot use going through the connected vents I believe. And I was really scared to go over and confront them about it so many times in a row because every time you go over there through repetition escalates the matter a lot of times. But by going over there and confronting them about problems might of been hard, but God told me it was the right thing to do in my Holy Ghost and heart. And Jesus told me as well. And all Three are One. And I did what God wanted and God helped calm down a lot of the noise and take away the pot smell except for a few flare ups here and there and the continuous toilet flushing next door that we here is going to be fixed Tuesday. So everything is getting resolved. On top of that, I needed to call out and was worried I wouldn't get the doctors note and God communicated with me through a Raven/Crow and told me everything will work out and I got the note and everything worked out and got the days off I needed. And God continuously shows me He is there for me and my wife. Talks with us. And always helps us when we need help. He helped a friend of my wife's get enough money to prevent her water from being disconnected. I'm thankful to God for helping us (My wife and I) with all of our problems. There is still things we have to do and overcome which is hard, but God helps us and uses it to build us and it doesn't mean that we don't have to face things still when God is taking over. And I Love God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything with more than all of my Heart and Mind and Soul. For the new phone I got when my other one broke. The New computer I'll get later this week when this one is falling apart. And I know things will work out always with God in control and with me. And I love you God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost with more than all of Heart and Mind and Soul; for You God are my God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my Holy Ghost and Spirit and Friend. With Love Anthony

Feb 5, 2016

0 Fear and Rainbows Haiku Poem

Flowers and fear grows
Hope glimmers in the shadows
Waiting for Rainbows

Jan 30, 2016

0 Commentary about Hell, quote

The Glory and Power of God also lies in the Talent and Power that ONLY GOD can create something new and something from nothing.
And no one ever really considers that besides the torments and fires of Hell. Forever doing the same things in hell with nothing new because only God can create something New, will get incredibly dull and monotonous over the course of ever.
So those who thinks hell will be all fun and games should consider on a secondary note, that they shouldn't want to go to hell simply because they think having sex is fun or doing what you want is fun when it won't be fun forever without something different to do.
Of course, you need to Love God and want to go to Heaven and not just for having fun or not wanting to burn or to have dullness, but still something to consider.
Take care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,