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Jun 27, 2016

0 Thoughts on controversial topics that are changing in society.

I want to lightly gloss over some controversial topics that shows that our society is losing perception on reality.

Abortion is ending a life and that is the purpose of it. That is a fact.
That is what abortion is and why people do it. And ending a life is murder when you kill it. Abortion is killing because killing is motivated by the desire to end a life on purpose which is what the purpose of abortion is.

We are born of a specific gender. Unless you are a rare birth that is both male and female, you are either male or female with the genetics associated with it when born.
You have people who want to be considered female or what to modify or transform themselves into females through hormone therapy and such. And that is up to them. I have no hate towards them. That's their choice.
But the fact is that even if you feel like you have a female or male soul and the wrong body, doesn't mean you weren't born male or female to begin with.
The problem that I am having is that they are transformed people, but voicing that they were born a certain gender has become politically incorrect and there is a forced perception put onto others. Like you are hateful if you recognize their previous gender at all.

Drugs being labeled as natural and medical and good for you. I have been around people who use pot; from my experience, the drug can bring out their destructive personality traits and they suffer from addiction problems like you would expect.
While weed helps cancer patients with pain and other severe cases that other medications can't help with, it's being promoted under that disguise while being used recreationally or for it's addictive properties.

Girls thinking that women can be naked or dress sexually without a sexual response. Girls have this idea that men are immoral for being sexually attracted to nudity of a woman's body and short clothing. They claim that boys need to be geared to not respond sexually to a woman's body and that it's the guys fault.
Basically, girls want to go topless/naked because men can go topless when it gets hot.

Girls want to be naked if they want to be naked.
Girls want to wear short shorts and not be noticed sexually.
Girls want all of this based on the premise of equality or freedom.

But, in reality, Society has created a whole culture based on woman's sexuality which even women exploit and promote. The clothing is geared to heighten the sexuality. And women even loves women's sexuality. Yet, the purpose of being naked and wearing anything is for freedom and comfort and equality and men shouldn't have any sexual problem with it? Or society at large?

What I don't like is perception being skewed and ideals being promoted under one reason but being used under another. Or ideas being slowly skipped away at for a main purpose or motive other than the one initially stated. It makes me infuriated at times like with abortion.

In conclusion,
You have people promoting addictive marijuana for medical use and escalating it to good for recreational use.
You have women promoting nudity and provocative clothing as equality and freedom but being used for sexuality and power.
You have people promoting abortion as a woman's right and choice and health but being used as a bypass of realizing that they are ending a life from existing on purpose.
You have Transgenders who want you to go by their preferred gender preference and be called by it but seems insulted when you reference their birth gender.

It just seems to me that people are allowing their desires and mental image to shape their reality more than reality itself. They are losing perception which isn't a good thing. They are allowing themselves to loose self control in the process which is definitely not good.
On top of that, I was born in the age when all of this was just forming and developing and seen all of the reasons for a cause in the beginning yet being transformed later into a completely different reason and desire.
I really don't like when people chip away at things for reasons that are no longer relevant later when they get what they want.

For instance, abortion being promoted under the guise that rape victims shouldn't be forced to give birth but later saying abortion is fine and alright. Or that a life doesn't begin at conception but then aborting babies with formed brains and organs.
Or that women want the freedom to wear next to nothing for freedom and equality but being used for sexuality and reversing roles.
Marijuana being supported under the cause of helping cancer patients with pain but being used now as recreational and for any purpose because it's natural.

Not being hateful or narrow-minded or any other negative association, just voicing my thoughts just like I heard everyone else thoughts which I disagreed with.

I guess I get angry also that the LGBT group came out of the closet and posted YouTube videos when they were first emerging wanting acceptance from family and friends and a lot of times having their families disagree with their life choices but still accept and love them; yet, now, any opposition to that group gets called bigoted, hateful, and gets persecuted just as they were.

I don't support the initial or post hate towards anyone, I just don't like hypocrisy and misrepresentations. If you are wanting support for your views and your ways and your thoughts, you can't then go around labeling and persecuting others when you disagree with their thoughts and ways and views.

Not everyone does this, but it's common enough where general terminology would suffice.

With Love, Take care, Anthony

Jun 13, 2016

0 All Glory belongs to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost: Here is Praise to our Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost and Comforter, Amen.

I want to Praise and Glorify God for all that He has done for me. We were short on funds and needed toilet paper, my wife needed coke, and we needed the chaotic and disrespectful apartment resident in the room up and to the right of us to move out and stop keeping us up in the middle of the night while he partied.
My wife and I have been praying for a while now for every chaotic person in our building that has been tormenting us and full of demons and devils to move out so we can have peace.
On top of that, there was a neighbor that moved in to the building next door that God got out of right away that would cuss and use profanity all night long. So I called the cops when he started throwing rocks at our apartment complex and another resident here did as well and he is finally not there anymore.
The neighbor that was plaguing us all night and left a bad putrid smelling garbage bag at our hall the night she moved out is gone. The pot smoker to the other side that would blow pot all of the time throughout day and night is gone. My Wife is allergic to it and they still did it.
Well, God gave us wisdom that we had vitamins in the cupboard that we didn't open that we could return and get money back for other items.
So we were able to get toilet paper that we ran out of.
we were able to get my wife coke because it helps her somehow get through the day, not be so drained and fatigued, and other ways as well.
We were also able to get a loaf of bread which helped since i really wanted an extra food item and God answered that. Amen.
On top of all of that, someone else called out the weekend I did for work while I needed to do to take care of things. So God worked it out that no one got upset, had a talk, or treated me badly at work. Yay. The whole day at work went very well.
God is too Good and Merciful and Gracious to us. I really mean it.
Praying really does help and God listens and Hears even your unspoken thoughts of your heart.
Hope this Glorifies God which belongs All of the Glorify forever and ever and Ever.
And Thank you for reading, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, Anthony Your Son and Friend. Amen.