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Sep 5, 2011

0 Colliding Lullaby, poem

She looks at me with her gray and colored eyes
like a dog that is trying to recognize color
and she stares at me with those unknowing eyes
of why my heart is so asunder

And my eyes can't help but cry out to her
for her to repeat back my inner pain
reflect what's deep inside of my mind
and show me that she understands the emotions in my tear drop eyes, just the same

How deep the pain is
When you feel all alone
that those eyes that you love ever so, doesn't know why
know why your eyes aren't the same that she has known

Why your eyes aren't the same as old pictures have shown
why your mind doesn't see the same rain as hers does
how your eyes doesn't remember the sound of rainfall as hers does
how your blood just flows alcohol unlike hers does

Just want her to know how it feels to have lost control
just want her to comprehend how it feels to worry over and over again
just want her to understand and reflect back a song
A song turned into a colliding lullaby, where her life collides with mine