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Nov 27, 2015

0 Giving Thanks to God on Thanks Giving.

Last night I prayed to God through Jesus' Glorious Name for a ride home. I usually walk. But the weather was -7 out and I didn't want to walk this night. And I felt like all day God was telling me that I would get a ride home from someone there. Well, work ended and he never offered a ride. But then while I was walking in the cold, thinking it happened for a reason, one of the managers helped me with a ride and I got home within 10 minutes instead of an hour of in the cold.
And earlier that day, God helped me with some extra money so I could get my wife a pepsi because she was asking God for a pop and we didn't have the money. And on Thanksgiving I was able to buy her the pop thanks to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.
God always answers our prayers and loves us. Maybe not in the way we want or it might be different than expected but God always hears us.
Take care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

0 Humble and patience quote

Humbleness and Patience is the key to Understanding and Wisdom. Patience allows you to get all of the facts that you need and Humbleness allows you to lower yourself to accept the truth and see everything from a new perspective. 

Nov 13, 2015

0 To Where, To Where poem

Self-DestructThoughts overloaded
Perplexed influx drive imploded
Emotions fueled on chaos and disorder
My spaceship entangled in a spider web of fear
and where am I to go?
Darkness and light
Filled stars and black holes and the space in between
known and unknown
Not everything what it seems
and on board I am alone in a matter of speaking
with my imagination and ever lasting seeking
What is true? What is a lie?
and Who the hell am I?
So engage and so long
Space bound and turn right or wrong
Particles infusion
sunlight gone
in a blink of an eye, I have to find out where I am...