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Sep 16, 2013

0 Quote about being remembered after death

After your death it's not love of fame which fuels it's power but the power of the life you lived to affect others.

Sep 6, 2013

0 Creation and destruction quote

There are those which take pleasure in destruction and those that take pleasure in creation: the latter is what we should strive for.

0 Sin and Sin quote

Sins are deepest when they are apart of your nature... When you need to change who you are to overcome them. When you are capable of doing them but know you can't do them at the same time.

Sep 2, 2013

0 Persistence quote

Good people should be more persistent that evil ones, or else evilness increases instead of the other way around.

Something to think about, take care,

Jul 23, 2013

0 Maturing and Growing, quote

Maturity and growing up aren't obtained by simply turning to an age, it's obtained through development and growth.

Jun 5, 2013

0 Ignorant people quote

People are pretty ignorant and ignorant people that believes they are the most intelligent people are the worse...

May 8, 2013

0 Myself and Human Nature quote

I enjoy understanding the human nature of others more: it helps me to understand my own nature.

May 6, 2013

0 To Truly Know Someone Quote

In order to truly know someone, you have to risk yourself for them.

0 Imperfection and Human Nature quote

How we handle our imperfection defines our human nature

May 2, 2013

0 People need to look forward to something, quote

People need something to look forward to in their day. I try to create things to look forward to, to give me hope in my day.

0 My thoughts on people and change

I think people change when they want to change and remain the same when they wish to remain the same; I don't think it's really more complicated than that: I think regardless of whether people have knowledge or not to change themselves from a previous state, they have to have some drive and motivation to use it or else they just go on with how they were living.

Apr 14, 2013

0 Cracks and Sin quote

When you sin, you create a crack in your soul/character; afterwards, you must reconfirm who you were into who you are again: a very strenuous process...

Apr 12, 2013

0 Obsession and Destruction quote

Obsession leads to destruction. When you fixate on one objective, you lose site of all the other perspectives that make up life.

Apr 7, 2013

0 Human Dreams quote

A human being should be the master of his own dreams, not a slave to someone else's.

Apr 3, 2013

0 Evil Rewards Quote

The substance of evilness is hallow and its rewards are one of illusions. Instead of adding growth to a person's soul, it takes away what little the person already has. It replaces what's real with a siren's song encased within an idea.

Mar 26, 2013

0 Innocence and power

It requires power to preserve innocence

Feb 5, 2013

0 What is fear? Quote

What is fear but the realization that something precious can be taken away from you and replaced with the opposite: something detrimental. What drives fear? It's but the unknown possibility that a nightmare may become true; That around the corner is devastation.

0 Nothing is worst: Realization, Quote

Nothing is worst than having a good heart be slowly swallowed up by darkness: knowing that you lost who you were and everything promised/gained was but a shallow, hallow, and void representation

Jan 31, 2013

0 Why I write, quote

Why I write, in the plainest terms, is to add substance to the world and myself

Jan 30, 2013

0 Why I write Quotes

I enjoy writing quotes to preserve the simple/complex truths about life and the world. It allows me to preserve parts of myself that I might otherwise forget. It allows me to dig deeper and ponder and grow in the present as well as the future versions of myself. This is why I write down my quotes: To learn and grow and preserve throughout time the world through who I am.

Jan 29, 2013

0 Want to hear the truth?

Would you rather hear the truth or a lie? Seems people want a mixture in-between, something somewhat true and somewhat fiction. People want to live in a delusion which they can live with and which they can believe in. I guess if you don't have the perfect life, people rather just manufacturer one than hope and dream. Just a thought.

0 For those that think their ugly

You would probably feel more beautiful about yourself if you treated yourself as something precious and beautiful from the inside out. For instance, valuing yourself and others around you.

Jan 28, 2013

0 Similarity and Difference, quote

Similarity begets similarity; therefore, dare to second-think and be different.