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Aug 8, 2017

0 Praise for God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost as of Recently

My praises for God as of recent:
God has really been helping us considerably lately and I am very appreciative and grateful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for all the Good Work God does in my life and my wife's.
We still have a place to live even though we have been out of work since March. I lost my job due to discrimination and have been looking for work ever since. We were on unemployment but lost it due to my works protest and lack of medical evidence at appeals. The Legal system is geared to help the bad people.
Yet, my Wife and I still survive thanks to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost. Since then God has given us food resources and we haven't gone hungry. God has helped with rental assistance and Gofundme help to pay the rent. God has helped us with medical at just the perfect time: my wife's eyes has cataracts and she is slowly going blind but it's treatable and our medical will pay for it all.
God has also helped us profoundly with our mental and physical health and preventing pot and smoke to come into our place as often through the windows by the neighbors.
God has blessed us more than we deserve and we are really Thankful. When you trust in God, God helps; God might not do it the way you planned or on your timetable, but God does it in His Perfect Will which may not make sense to us right off.
We have been getting job interviews but no job: But still, we are getting interviews. We need some sort of income by the end of this month, but God will provide.
God will take care of us and give us the justice we seek and the needs we need: Just like God gave my wife her state id finally which is needed for all of the medical treatments: we didn't have money for the Id but then God gave us it.
Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,