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Feb 15, 2012

0 Law is becoming artificial, quote

Our law is becoming artificial, without a human heart or soul: it's driven by power, anymore, instead of good intentions.

Feb 8, 2012

0 I am who I am, spiritual quote

 You can't just be walked on, over and over and over, again and again and again, without doing something to defend yourself and protect yourself; sometimes we have to stand up when no one is on our side, when the whole world stands before you and say: enough is enough, I am who I am.  

0 Against the World, christian quote

People think that going against them is like going against God, but what they don't seem to fathom is: you are not evil for going against them, you are only evil for going against God's Word; they think that dissatisfying them in anyway is inherently evil, but that is not the case; you can tell them the truth, follow God's Word, do things which they don't like, and it won't make you evil for doing it: God's Word (Jesus' Word) is the only word you need to follow to determine if you are good or evil, no one else's.   

Feb 7, 2012

0 A Demoralized World, observative quote

Seeing society rapidly demoralize like a boiling pot of water is disturbing; it has become the norm to disregard morals in favor of freedoms and limitless, unfettered pleasure seeking philosophies; soon there will be no inhibitions and prohibitions, and the human soul will become amoral to good and evil: or it will interchange and good will become evil and evil will become good. What will this degrade to in the human heart?

Jan 29, 2012

0 Today's Intellectual Property, observational quote

Today's intellectual property has become the new frontier for people to stake and own; what will it become once it's been plundered and salvaged for every scrape and morsel of knowledge and ideas out there; we will become limited to possibilities and controlled in how we think and breath in this world.

0 Cracks of Life, world quote

When light is shown into the cracks of life, we see the world for what it is: full of selfish, manipulative, power hungry individuals preying on weaknesses: weaknesses that are also contributing to the decaying lifestyles of life.

Jan 21, 2012

0 Thoughts and the World, society quote

My thoughts are not out of sync with the world, just my actions of which thoughts to follow.

Jan 20, 2012

0 The World through my Eyes, introspective quote

The more I see of our society, the more disheartened I become: exponentially so; to know that difference has all but been weeded out is a regretful thing, indeed. Has our world really become this, a society full of puppets, of clones, of indifference...

Jan 17, 2012

0 Adding to the World, quote

Be careful of what you add to the world, it could be to your own detriment and destruction...

0 Differentiating Myself, quote

If I can't differentiate myself from the world, then who do I become?

Jan 13, 2012

0 Voicing Your Voice, quote

The most powerful thing that you can do is voicing your voice for the world to see.

Dec 12, 2011

0 What do you gain?, quote

If you could help the world through your words, yet never be part of the world: what do you gain?

0 Interconnected World and People, quote

We live in an ever connecting world full of interactions and it's those interactions that affects us: that we take concern with; Sometimes space is the only peaceful means that can solve the problems which arise.

Dec 10, 2011

0 Humanity's Nature, quote

Have you ever lost complete faith in humanity's nature? I almost have...

Dec 9, 2011

0 A look at the world, quote

If you observe life, you'll realize that there are not enough proactive good-spirited people in it; there are far too many people this world proactively destroying and contaminating it with their philosophies. Stand up and speak out before it's too late.

Dec 7, 2011

0 Be careful of what you add to the world, quote

Be careful of what you add to the world, and be careful of what you don't add to the world: the world might just need it...

Dec 6, 2011

0 Add your voice to the world, quote

If you don't add your voice in an ever changing world, your voice gets left behind: and your voice might be the only sane one out there...

Dec 4, 2011

0 This is Our World, quote

You always want to grow up so you can be yourself and change the world; yet once you grow up, you realize: you are imprisoned by the same limitations imposed onto you as a child. It is because we live in a world that is based on power and control; we live in a world that is made up of people that never grew up and yet lost their child-like hearts; we live in a world that supports the few minority that lives like gods and the others just survive; this is our world.

Dec 1, 2011

0 Destruction and Resolution, quote

When two worlds can no longer exist together and cannot separate, the only resolution becomes destruction.

Nov 26, 2011

0 Power and Words, quote

Just because you hear something doesn't mean it has power over you; you are what you are and you dictate your reality