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Apr 19, 2011

0 Raft dreams, poem

I am depressed and sad, and I lay here upon this raft, miserable and mad
that I'm drifting further and afar, towards a twinkling and glimmering star
reflected in the ocean at the end of the world

Deep down within an abyss of layers and shades, of unseen waves
still falling towards the ocean's floor, something... that may just be nothing but folklore
I imagine a fallen star, that can grant anything that I could ask for

even my humanity, even for my soul, even for my life to be pushed back
towards the golden sand of shore

0 Her heart tumbles poem

Her heart tumbles like tumble weeds
blowing across landscapes under siege
and whether the scenery is more beautiful than compare
or a ghetto filled with despair
she beseeches wishes from trampled, starlight puddles

her heart tugs at her to be complete within herself
inside, where the rainforests are always crying
and the desserts always feel like hell and plants are always sighing
where the prosperity of others is always growing, like an endless wave that swells
she, still, searches the depths of herself for a life like fairy-tales

She tumbles and slips, trips and falls
in the morning breath, or as twilight falls
she is caught up within herself like a twisted weed
trying to untangle herself like strands of life within a seed
she feels like a marionette doll, unable to not stare
at all the flaws that dresses her throughout the day

Her heart burns like a cup of morning coffee
and it is only that sting, that can bring her to life
make her stand, endure all the strife
and she bleeds espresso, red, crimson espresso
where the taste runs sweet as honey

She is a tumbling weed, blowing without purpose, without end
strolling through the urban cities, tainted with the garbage, with sin
and she can't stop the earth from blowing, whirlwinds from coming
all that can stop her is, when she comes crashing into life
then her world starts to spin out of control
and the damn within her heart, can't handle the overflow

Eyes gray as hints in hay; she resembles a country farm in the cold sun-rays
where you can hear a cock-a-doo-a-doo steaming inside the shades of blue
mixed into her eyes is a song, that carries souls to heaven and through
and her song, seemingly, steals the shine from my eyes
and I hope that, she can believe in all of her lies

The night beats differently than day
when her heart sleeps, i can no longer sense the dismay
and as the stars weep, wishes are at play
for words to be whispered from afar, then go upon their way

Apr 17, 2011

0 Change the world, quote

Sometimes, all it takes to change the world is for your words to be heard by the right person; the right voice.

Apr 15, 2011

0 YouTube minor dangers, updated response

Response to a YouTube forum user, who basically stated it wasn't YouTube's responsibility and solely the parents to fix the problem of minors (below 13) uploading videos
I have to disagree with you, (A You Tube Forum User) , that YouTube is not obligated to enforce their own TOS, and that it is only the parents job to protect children.
For one, YouTube states that a person under 13 can't consent to the TOS of the site; therefore, they can't legally join the site. They acknowledge that children under 13 are using the site (or will use the site) by stating in their TOS: that children should ask their parents for sites they can join. They are aware of a problem with children using their site, yet they provide no reporting mechanism for battling the problem. YouTube, not providing any internal system to combat the problem, and not employing any communal solution- makes them legally responsible for not reasonably combating it. This is shown in many cases, the current copyright issues that pledges internet sites- sites are found at fault when they make no effort to rectify the issues.
YouTube is a service which has to adhere to rules govern by themselves and outside forces, it is a business which profits and employs ads- we (the viewers) are not the sole benefactors of their website. And if they don't want to adhere to rules and regulations- they don't need to offer the service. Therefore, I don't know what point you were trying to make here...
Also, stating that there is no real proof that users are under 13, therefore no way to enforce a rule is silly. That is like liqueur stores selling liqueur to minors, and putting the blame on just the parents for the violation of the law. Just like liqueur stores use visualization to determine possible age (that will later need further verification), so can YouTube employ such a system in determination of age.
Moreover, if not legally responsible, people should be morally responsible to protect children when a problem exists.
Take care, Just my opinions- Perhaps it will change something...

0 Children posting on YouTube, dangers

Commentary and forum post to YouTube by me on dangerous activities by children under 13

I, recently, started using YouTube more often for entertainment and curiosity. And I noticed something quite disturbing on YouTube. A lot of the videos show girls younger than 13, posting themselves online where predators can easily access them. One such girl, obviously younger than 13, recently posted a video stating she would sell stuff to people for a dollar, and give out her address- I flagged this video and wrote her a comment about her dangerous behavior. Then afterwards, I tried to find a way to contact YouTube to help protect her from any immediate harm, and found not a single direct contact that would address this concern. Thus, I am here in the forums displaying my thoughts on the matter. As I know it, kids 13 and up can post videos on the site- what enforcements are being undertook to protect children below 13, or 13 and over for that matter. The material they post are sexually suggestive at times. So, I must suggest some feedbacks.

Create a reporting category especially for children uploading videos.
Have a direct email address to address this concerns immediately.
And have more policing to eliminate the problems as they occur.

I am very surprise that there isn't any news about girls on YouTube getting raped, kidnapped, or murdered yet...

Where is the accountability these days, in such a dangerous age of online predators- nothing is done until it has happened numerous times...

Can I flag any post for suspected users under 13, regardless of content that I come across?

In any event, that is my comments, unsure if it will change anything or matters- but I threw it out there

Take care,

Apr 13, 2011

0 Indifference quote

Indifferent choices separates you from life.

0 Expectations quote

When our reality crashes with our mentalizations- creates insanity.

Apr 12, 2011

0 Nightmares and Dreams quote

All dreams requires nightmares too.

0 Don't fit in poem

The sadness inside my heart is like layers of waves
that takes the vibrant colors of a sunset, and sweeps it away shade by shade
into the abyss of my soul, where there is no day

I am consumed by starlight, as I gaze up into the heavens
millions of wishes seemingly remain untouched
and my heart hungers to pluck them from the blackness
and have them tumble from the skies in fiery awe

Why do I crave this sweet satisfaction of chaos
to destroy- seems but beauty and art to me
and I know not how to classify the emotions that begins to expound within
or how deep the heartache is which collides with this forbidden sin

how sweet is the taste of destruction, when you just don't fit in

Apr 9, 2011

0 Commentary on death

It's great when people turn grief into a positive message for others. Everyone handles death differently- I for one see it as a transition rather than a finality: Like someone just went somewhere else for a while. My dad died at a young age- when I was about 17, and I don't think I ever considered it a lost for eternity (more of a departure). Depending on your religious views, I consider it a slumber; and i agree that it's also a relief for those who die that are in constant pain. Regardless, Take care everyone with death- perhaps even celebrate your lost.

Apr 7, 2011

0 Another life poem

Another life ago
memories faded and obscure
down ill-lighted alley-ways of shadows and facades
beats a heart, I have long lost

that still beats for a dream long forgotten
passed by in the choices of others, I'm haunted
by the sweet possibilities of yesterday
before my flowers turned to decay

and tears didn't know of emotions and lips of words to say

Where am I heading, I've waited here for so long
sitting on this old, wooden bench, watching the streaming imagery like a song
losing myself in, not death, but inaction

the world's I have known, streaming by like shooting stars
and they are too fast to make a wish upon
so instead, I send prayers upon birds, tweeting to heaven

My purpose falls like leaves upon a tree
leaving me for hell's earth, the sweet birth of fire, my lullaby
the crackling sparks, the noise, turn to ash without any more poise

no longer hanging there in the sunlight, dreaming of starlight, growing old and brittle

What if I get up, what happens if I stand up
Where would I have to go, with eyes unaccustomed to the light
that finds more beauty in the shadows, looking from afar

How young will I be, when the cold is all I'm near