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Apr 19, 2011

0 Her heart tumbles poem

Her heart tumbles like tumble weeds
blowing across landscapes under siege
and whether the scenery is more beautiful than compare
or a ghetto filled with despair
she beseeches wishes from trampled, starlight puddles

her heart tugs at her to be complete within herself
inside, where the rainforests are always crying
and the desserts always feel like hell and plants are always sighing
where the prosperity of others is always growing, like an endless wave that swells
she, still, searches the depths of herself for a life like fairy-tales

She tumbles and slips, trips and falls
in the morning breath, or as twilight falls
she is caught up within herself like a twisted weed
trying to untangle herself like strands of life within a seed
she feels like a marionette doll, unable to not stare
at all the flaws that dresses her throughout the day

Her heart burns like a cup of morning coffee
and it is only that sting, that can bring her to life
make her stand, endure all the strife
and she bleeds espresso, red, crimson espresso
where the taste runs sweet as honey

She is a tumbling weed, blowing without purpose, without end
strolling through the urban cities, tainted with the garbage, with sin
and she can't stop the earth from blowing, whirlwinds from coming
all that can stop her is, when she comes crashing into life
then her world starts to spin out of control
and the damn within her heart, can't handle the overflow

Eyes gray as hints in hay; she resembles a country farm in the cold sun-rays
where you can hear a cock-a-doo-a-doo steaming inside the shades of blue
mixed into her eyes is a song, that carries souls to heaven and through
and her song, seemingly, steals the shine from my eyes
and I hope that, she can believe in all of her lies

The night beats differently than day
when her heart sleeps, i can no longer sense the dismay
and as the stars weep, wishes are at play
for words to be whispered from afar, then go upon their way