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May 19, 2017

0 Prayer Request and Praise towards God

Recently, I had to go to court and defend myself before a judge. Even though, I am unsure how she viewed my case, all of the signs from God are showing that Good Things are coming.
I really do thank God for all He has done for me in my life. Life without God would not be a good one. Yet this is not why I follow God, I follow God out of Love and out of Worship and out of a True Desire to be closer to God and Serve Him for God is truly Good.
When there are difficult moments in life, we must always hope and have faith and trust that God will lead us to a better life and that all things will work for the good of those that Love God and Follow Him.
Please pray that my wife and I can get through this without worrying too much and being stress too much and remain faithful to God's Plan.

Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

May 7, 2017

0 Commentary on Fake Relationships

People of the world needs fake relationships because obtaining money and fulfilling their dreams require social resources: people to buy the products, people to support their efforts, word of month, people to protect themselves with, and so fourth.

This is an anger zone for me: I hate the concept of recycling people for your own gain and fake love to gain what you want. Sure, this isn't the case always, but I'm sure it's the case a lot of times. This is why people find out that they surrounded themselves with fake friends, business partners that turns on them when they no longer benefit them, families that fall apart because they cared more about greed or something else than loving each other, and so fourth.

It is really annoying/aggravating the more you think about it which is why it's best not to dwell so much on what you can't control and focus too much on what you can't change.

The more I experience of life, the more that I wonder "Are people consciously aware of how they behave or is it inherited like a curse from generation to generation: no one wishing to change"; I think it's the former.

People are becoming ingenue and lovers of themselves like the Bible/Word of God states. People really need to start truly loving one another and supporting that which is good and what they want to exist and progress further in this world.

Nothing Good will come from the current status quo.

Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

May 2, 2017

0 Thoughts about Trump's administration changing everything.

I find it disconcerting that a newly appointed President can effectively halt/suspend/change a previous Presidents progress so easily.
I was browsing through the Google News when I came across a heading of an appointed member of Trump suspending Michelle Obama's Healthier Lunch initiative. Moreover, ever since Trump took office, I've noticed that there is a lot of degradation instead of progression: that he is able to use executive orders and newly appointed members to change progression in our society.
I got thinking: Even though a President should have power to shape the country, where is the check and balances to prevent such detrimental changes at the whim of a President and his appointees.
Trying to build a wall that will cost a significant amount, trying to change environmental progress, trying to change progress in the school lunch system, health care, and so forth.
Does the public really support these 180 degree changes? If not, where is a public forum to protest and stand against such changes since the President should be acting by the will of the people?

Just some thoughts, Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,