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Feb 29, 2012

0 Happiness Acrostic


Feb 19, 2012

0 Being true to ourselves, quote

People in this world tries to appease everyone and be accepted, thereby losing what made them unique and intriguing in the first place; just like art, we are creations of ourselves: would you ever change a work of art that you loved, to accommodate what other people wants it to be: I would think not, for our art is made for ourselves, foremost.

Feb 16, 2012

0 Prayer for Guidance and Strength

Mold my heart into a diamond, that I should be strong
mold my soul into a sun, that I should be Godly
mold my mind into a dream, that I should know faith
mold all these into one, that I should be love and light
that I should be greater than the sum of one

Let my heart sparkle, like diamond and light
let the sun reign down upon me and take away the darkness, I fight
let my dreams be faithful and pure like the Word of God
and let me be that which I am, throughout it all

Feb 15, 2012

0 Law is becoming artificial, quote

Our law is becoming artificial, without a human heart or soul: it's driven by power, anymore, instead of good intentions.

Feb 14, 2012

0 Valentine's Day Poem

One moment, one second, one hour, one day
One heart, one kiss, one touch, one word to say
This Valentine's Day

yet, this love of ours falls at the speed of cherry blossoms
this finite affinity of our hearts to display
candy-coated expressions filled with saccharine obsessions
concealed within the brevity and guise of selfishness and heartfelt lies

One lie, one tease, one look, one sexual kink to please
One laugh, one cry, one teardrop rolling down from the eye
This Valentine's Day

By Anthony Souls

Feb 13, 2012

1 Change for the good and bad, quote

Being resistant of good change is just as bad as being accepting of bad change.

Feb 12, 2012

0 Selfishness is, quote

People are quite willing to share their burdens, but aren't so inclined to share their rewards; this is selfishness at it's pinnacle.

0 Our Limp Flag, poem

Our limp flag
the heavens has forsaken it
the four winds has denied it
and even though it tries to flutter, it falls
and even though it cries out, there are no echoes in the calls

It is but a forgotten symbol, it is but an anarchism
it is but, silent sentimentalism
it represents a time where freedoms were free
and liberties were true

What have they degraded to:
they have become regulated, legalistic, luxuries granted to the select few
they have become lugubrious loquacity without works to do
they have become acquiescent compromises and justifications
They have become an artifact that our near future will never know...

Will never know of how strongly the wind once blew...

Feb 8, 2012

1 Destructions and Creations, insightful quote

 Sometimes when you destroy, you create; and sometimes when you create, you destroy.

0 Crossing Lines, insight quote

 Line-crossers are to be feared, they have no limits imposed upon themselves; they are capable of any degree and amount of evilness; there is nothing that they won't cross, they just need a reason to do it.  

0 I am who I am, spiritual quote

 You can't just be walked on, over and over and over, again and again and again, without doing something to defend yourself and protect yourself; sometimes we have to stand up when no one is on our side, when the whole world stands before you and say: enough is enough, I am who I am.  

0 Against the World, christian quote

People think that going against them is like going against God, but what they don't seem to fathom is: you are not evil for going against them, you are only evil for going against God's Word; they think that dissatisfying them in anyway is inherently evil, but that is not the case; you can tell them the truth, follow God's Word, do things which they don't like, and it won't make you evil for doing it: God's Word (Jesus' Word) is the only word you need to follow to determine if you are good or evil, no one else's.   

0 Difficulty with Morality, spiritual quote

The difficulty with morality is that it interweaves throughout every aspect of your life; it forces you to choose between enduring hardships or going against your rules and character; it teaches you lessons that define who you are, and makes it difficult to uphold those principles through every challenge in life; yet, it is worth it and will always be worth it.  

Feb 7, 2012

0 A Demoralized World, observative quote

Seeing society rapidly demoralize like a boiling pot of water is disturbing; it has become the norm to disregard morals in favor of freedoms and limitless, unfettered pleasure seeking philosophies; soon there will be no inhibitions and prohibitions, and the human soul will become amoral to good and evil: or it will interchange and good will become evil and evil will become good. What will this degrade to in the human heart?

Feb 3, 2012

0 Good People Verses Internet, observational quote

I'm hoping that all the good people out there don't have internet; because how sad would it be, if the accumulated internet's morality is all that our world has...

0 Right and Wrong Reasons, philiosophical quote

Doing something right for the wrong reasons is not better than doing something wrong for the right reasons.

0 Faults and Benefits, philosophical quote

A well thought out fault is far better then an ill-conceived benefit.

0 Revise Copyright Law to Respect Constitutional Provision, White House Petition

The Congress shall have Power…To promote the Progress of Science
and useful Arts, by securing for limited Tımes…
United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8

promote the Progress, I assert that the current copyright law is counterproductive and stifles progress through ill-advised regulations

limited Times, I adhere that limited times has grown in duration and magnitude, that it can no longer be classified as limited times, and is actually violating the Constitutional Provision

Copyright can extend up to 150+ years; This is outrageous and ill-conceived. It should be constrained to 50 years or lifespan: whichever is greater

Therefore, I petition the government to make revisions which are retroactive and respective of the original intent of the Constitution and is limited in scope

0 How I Would Change Copyright Law

To Revise Copyright Law to Respect the Context and Intent of The Constitutional Provisions Surrounding it.

The Constitutional Provision Respecting Copyright
The Congress shall have Power…To promote the Progress of Science
and useful Arts, by securing for limited Tımes to Authors and Inventors
the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.
United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8

  • promote the Progress, I assert that the current copyright law is counterproductive to the original intent and purpose of The Constitutional Provisions set fourth, and that it behaves the exact opposite in practice and intent: to stifle and limit the freedoms of ingenuity and creativity that it was set in place to promote and help flourish.
  • limited Times, I adhere that limited times has grown in duration and magnitude, so much so, that it can no longer be classified as limited times, and is actually violating the Constitutional Provisions set fourth. I declare that limited times, as it's context and definition implies to the intent of The Constitution, is directly proportional to the time it was created, and the live spans of the owners involved. I exclaim that it is a limited time of when it was first created and the life spans of the owners concerned that it applies to, and that limited is a correlation of those durations.
  • In conclusion, the copyright as it stands doesn't promote further progress of useful arts and, in actuality, actually prohibits progress. It is at odds with the people's freedoms and must be changed accordingly.

§302 · Duration of copyright:
Works created on or after January 1, 1978
(a) In General.—Copyright in a work created on or after January 1, 1978,
subsists from its creation and, except as provided by the following subsections,
endures for a term consisting of the life of the author and 70 years after the
author’s death.

  • If a copyright owner lives to be 80, which is not unreasonable, and then dies, as it stands, the copyrighted work would extend another 70 years: making it 150 years before society can produce anything of merit from it. This is outrageous and ill-conceived. This is hardly classified as limited, and is outside the context and intent of the Constitution. These restrictions of current copyright law doesn't promote progress nor are contained within a limited time frame. All it encourages is stagnation and rot of innovations and manifestations of thought: allowing perpetual gain and monetization beyond copyright's intended scope; all it succeeds at doing is limiting the freedoms of the People to promote the welfare of money and exploitations of intellectual constructs. It gives a perpetual ownership to intangible ideas that is at the very basis of our freedoms as a People. This can't be allowed to continue and grow exponentially until our every, very thought and action are denied and outlawed because of ownerships and stipulations of copyright law.
  • Therefore, I petition the government to make revisions which are retroactive and respective of the original intent of the Constitutional Provisions concerning copyright law. These new revisions should promote progress and respect the rights of owners to contribute to society; they should also be limited in scope and not interfere with related concepts or overlapping ideas. The new provisions set fourth should be limited in temporal duration as well as affecting scope in this interconnected world in which we now live in. I propose that copyright extends no less than 50 years and no more than the lifespan of the individual that created it; I further propose that derivatives be just as limited in scope and context: to allow for new, inspired innovations without fear of reprisal, with regard to it being unique in it's own right. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this proposal.   

0 Evil and Good, behavioral quote

A man that knowingly does evil is worst than a man that is ignorant of it; and a man that knows good yet chooses evil is worst then a man that has only known evil.

Feb 2, 2012

0 What Truth Is, introspective quote

Indeed: our souls/minds/hearts needs the ability to distinguish information from propaganda, but I don't think truths should be repetitious in that regard: to be spouted out over and over and over again: to instill and dilute another's worth; truths should be shown through differentiating examples and viewpoints; truths should not mirror their brainwashing/conditioning counterparts, and be different in context and degree each time it's presented: this is to give an accurate representation that others can use to formulate their own thoughts and opinions upon; this is the way truths should be shown: with light instead of darkness, with ofference instead of forced regurgitation; truths should adhere to their own guiding principles and morality, and be subjected to its rules and testaments, without digressing away from such values; this is what truth means to me.

0 Instincts and Nature, introspective quote

Instincts allows us to react when we don't know the answers, and to safeguard who we are without knowing the reasons why. Sometimes they are wrong, other times they are right, but their guiding principles are adhering to who we are, our nature.

0 Concessions and Evils, observational quote

Making concessions to prevent evil's backlashes creates a deeper rooted evil; it steals from us our choices, our freedoms, and more importantly, it steals away from us, who we are... Who we are shouldn't be traded away because of being non-confrontational or to avoid consequences that are difficult; it shouldn't be given away so cheaply.

0 Our Better Nature, inspiring quote

Some of the most precious lessons are the lessons that we choose not to hear, simply because, they are uttered and devised by our own making; they are the lessons that are the hardest for us to follow, they are the lessons that changes us the most, they are the lessons that adds and takes away; they are the mathematics and equations of the human mind, heart, and soul... Therefore, let us hear that which we do not, and implement that which we already know: for such is our better nature.

Feb 1, 2012

3 Information and Knowing, introspective quote

In a world in which information is thrown at you, you sometimes need to choose which information you know.