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Mar 31, 2011

0 Soul and World quote

A soul must slowly consume the world, or it will become lost to the spiraling choices that will deeper and deeper separate you from yourself. Without time to digest and process life, life will digest you.

0 Law and life quote

Perfect law can never achieve perfection; the reason behind this is: we are imperfect creatures. Subjecting us to live in a black and white world will never work; it will result in lost of our rights and freedoms. The censorship and close inspection of all our flaws and faults to be adequately accounted for will become the injustices. And morality can never be equated to an equation, just as the soul can't be reduced to genetics.
Take care,

0 Protesting Copyright Nonsense

If you haven't notice, individuals all over the net are getting their information released in mass (with only their Ip addresses as evidence) to corporations and businesses suing copyright infringement and demanding settlement letters before due process. This is outrageous and you should be concern too, that without any credible evidence- your name, address, and other information held by your internet provider are given out for the sole reason of treating you as an already convicted criminal and demanding alleged losses. These alleged losses are impractical and the system is being abused for commercial profiteering- all in the name of high principles and justice. This type of legality should not be allowed to continue and affects our freedom in numerous ways.

How does it affect us? All your activities can be monitored and made public: any alleged activities with circumstantial evidence will be treated as legitimate, and your information will be released for "credit collection" like endeavors. This precedence can have a trickling effect throughout internet law. What is next? Mass suit of avatar images "copyright infringements" in forums and social networks? Our internet provides censoring our data transmissions and other private information (which might already be in the works, seeing how they are already lobbying for similar restrictions by our ip). Will people realize their lost before it's too late? A judge, Judge Beryl Howell, is already allowing mass lawsuits against bit-torrent users of suspected copyright infringement, and basically states that the lost of our first amendment rights is negligible. How can any lost of our most sacred rights be considered negligible? This is due to the assumptions that bit-torrent users transmit files for the sole purpose of violating the law. This can not be speculated, at least by a judge, before due process of the evidence. It is, in essence, stereotyping.

Back to the matter at hand. Copyright enforcement is going too far by my standards. In a digital age where files can easily be replicated and transmitted, the only way to enforce those copyright laws is to rob us of our constitutional rights. An example would be: how would you enforce such laws if we were telepathic, our very thoughts would be closely monitored and rob us of our very essence. There is such a thing as going too far, and anyone who mass targets people without any care for the legitimacy of that enactment (no matter how justly sought), should be stopped.

I do not condone copyright infringement, but copyright laws need to adjust to the reality of today- they are becoming far too constrictive and no longer serving the purpose as they once did. They are now stifling our creativity and hindering our rights.

On another aspect, the money they are asking for the alleged infringement is outlandish. As I know the law, they are to be compensated for their losses; they are not to profit in an obscene way, which they are, indeed, doing. They are not just profiting, but they are subjecting charges on hypothetical lost- which shouldn't be possible. And people who allegedly committed one crime, are being subjected to the burden of all crimes; and every one accused is, also, subjected to the burden of all crimes. Is this really the america that our founding fathers dared to dream? Corporations and those with money dictating law and social standards? Where low-budget movies account for losses by inaccurately accruing them through false principles?

That is all I will say for now, just felt like throwing my thoughts out there. Take care,

P.s. Might proof-read this later...

Mar 28, 2011

0 Close and afar quote

Sometimes things seen from afar has more substance than something seen close up

Mar 27, 2011

0 Quiet moments and reflection poem

Gentle hands racking on top of the water's surface
small whirlpools develop and fade away
and my obsession to create them, ever more, stays

Ears under the water as it drains away
the sounds of uncountable pebbles tumbling like in a washing machine
eroding away my troubled heart

The quiet sound and forgetfulness of today, yesterday, and tomorrow
the small pleasures of not thinking about a thing
to exist as a pebble for a moment while the world beats away

These are the small pleasures I've discovered in one moment of one day

Mar 14, 2011

0 Japanese Crisis Commentary

Where to start, I am ashamed to be an American after seeing the appalling display online from our youth and adult community. I've read jokes at the expense of the Japanese dilemmas, read mockeries, and even statements hoping that they get nuked: a day before news about their nuclear power plant problems arise (Sigh).
Then I viewed twitter today, and #HelpJapan was the only trend for japan I saw, and that was promoted. Have people really stopped caring, already? Only worried about themselves and protesting amidst a crisis, using it is a disgraceful way to further their agendas.
I can't help but wonder, why aren't the Japanese getting food and resources as fast as they need them? With over 50 countries offering help, where are the news and organizations displaying this need? As a society (USA), we plaster the web and news with advertisements about the need for help, yet I barely see it this time. What I do see is: false headlines and misleading information, and other text not worthy to be read. Also, our reporters smirking at the misfortune of japan as they walk their streets and greet their people.
In conclusion, people need to stop focusing on such negativity and more on positive ways to help. They need to stop using this disaster as entertainment, as they sit back and watch from online and tv, and start participating in preventing even more deaths and misfortune. Where are the prayers? Where is the financial help? Where are the downtrodden heads? Where are the downtrodden faces? Really, just stop acting like monsters...

Take care,

Mar 6, 2011

0 Knowledge and Maturity, quote

Keep building your mind with new pathways, it helps you grow and become wiser as an adult

0 Thinking and Writing, quote

if you write too little, you're not thinking deep enough

0 Life and Death, quote

Life is fleeting like a dream, and we awake from this death into life

0 Age and Maturity, quote

Age, simply doesn't make you an adult, it is how you matured and defined your world

0 Death and Dreams, Quote and Simile

In the grand scheme of things, death deduces to an instant- like just waking up from a dream

0 What we see, quote

What we don't see is more interesting than what we do

0 Looking in and out, quote

Looking around on the inside is just as important as looking around from the outside

Mar 5, 2011

0 Future and Faith, quote

Fearing the future, is a lack of faith in the present

0 Belief, Faith, and Fantasy, quote

When you don't have any good memories to comfort you during hard times, all your left with is belief and faith, and fantasy

0 Resolute through chaos, quote

My life, my fate, is slowly falling apart like dominoes- cascading one after the next; and I can feel the puzzle pieces of my world dropping off the bottom of the picture frame, into chaos and despair- yet I sustain to preserve myself as I am

0 Now verses then and to be, quote

If you can take the moment for the moment, the worth of just now, without the past overflowing onto it, without the pending stench of the future, then, truly, you are a blessed soul

0 What would God do, Quote and Commentary

People say that God will punish their enemies whenever they are angry; but, when they are on the receiving end, they never think about what would God do