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May 8, 2013

0 Myself and Human Nature quote

I enjoy understanding the human nature of others more: it helps me to understand my own nature.

May 6, 2013

0 To Truly Know Someone Quote

In order to truly know someone, you have to risk yourself for them.

0 Imperfection and Human Nature quote

How we handle our imperfection defines our human nature

May 2, 2013

0 People need to look forward to something, quote

People need something to look forward to in their day. I try to create things to look forward to, to give me hope in my day.

0 My thoughts on people and change

I think people change when they want to change and remain the same when they wish to remain the same; I don't think it's really more complicated than that: I think regardless of whether people have knowledge or not to change themselves from a previous state, they have to have some drive and motivation to use it or else they just go on with how they were living.