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Jun 18, 2012

0 My Thoughts on RIAA/MPAA Activities and Copyright Law

People give the RIAA/MPAA power through financial means: purchases and so forth. This money is then used against the people in order to dictate law and etc... Therefore, unless people are willing to boycott movies at theaters and purchases of movies, they need to stop complaining.

Complaining without any action isn't going to accomplish anything. If you really want to hurt the RIAA/MPAA, get all your friends/relatives to boycott the movies being released in the theaters and from purchases through online/stores. If they continuously lost millions upon millions of actual dollars through alienating their viewers, they would be forced to change, or go out of business.

However, we all know that people aren't motivated enough, impassioned enough to stand up against injustice until it becomes intolerable, and by then, it will be too late. People lack the mentality to deprive themselves of something that they crave; they lack the resoluteness to engage and work as a group for a common good, lest it be something blown out of control.

Therefore, until people try to change the copyright laws on the books: Copyright laws being unconstitutional as it is as it violates the limited time clause in my book; copyright laws being unconstitutional as it is as it hinders progress of society for personal gains and halters growth; copyright laws being unconstitutional in the sense that they don't adhere to the original intent and purpose. Until the laws change, they will just escalate with new stipulations until it becomes a dictatorship law.

Moreover, unless people are willing to do more than talk, we are doomed to suffering the motivations of those that are willing to act upon their agendas. The RIAA/MPAA are acting upon theirs through money and trying to dictate law. What real actions is anyone doing to stop their beliefs from coming to fruition? Indeed.

People must not really have a concrete basis for their beliefs, if they aren't willing to do anything productive towards that end, besides complaining about it on online forums and hoping someone else does something to stop it.

Something to think about, Take care,