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Jul 8, 2015

0 Thank you God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost. Here is to Us and Our Future.

I want to thank God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost and to Glorify His name.

I've been going through a lot lately. I been having trails and tribulations. And throughout all of the worries and fears and sufferings, God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost has always been there.

When I prayed to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, God answered. Not because of anything I did. But because God Loves us. Jesus Loves us. The Holy Ghost Loves us. and sometimes the prayers weren't answered right away or in the manner that I wanted, but they were answered in far better ways.

Just yesterday, God showed my fiancee and me a Rainbow when we needed a sign from Him right outside our window.

Today, God used a raven to prevent us from going down a bad path and line of thinking when my Fiancee asked Him to help us inside her heart.

God is there. Jesus is there. The Holy Ghost is there. and sometimes we aren't suppose to see evidence that They are. Sometimes we are suppose to go through what we are to be stronger.

When I needed comforting verses and quotes and messages to keep me going, God gave them at the right times and right when I needed them.

I want to Thank God for helping us always. For comforting us. For guiding us. Sometimes I backdrop. Sometimes it feels like I will never get better. But God has shown me time and time again that He is always there to carry us through. And eventually everything will be far better than it was.

All we need to do is Trust God.

Thank you so much from all of my heart and mind and soul from Ashley and Myself.

Thank you so much for always being there. For giving us Grace and Mercy when we don't deserve it. Thank you and please keep guiding us even when we falter and am not perfect.

Hope you always have more Joy than sorrow from me. With Love Anthony and Ashley.