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Nov 13, 2010

2 The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure ebook Commentary

About: The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure ebook (previously on taken off now due to social pressure.)

Josh Ogle (commenter on link):
I did what this author and 99.9% of the other people jabbering off about this topic did NOT do: actually read the "book." It took me a grand total of literally fifteen minutes.

What it IS about:
-the difference in terms (pedophile, pederast, child molester, etc.) and how they're used/confused in society
-how, if one is in a sexual relationship with a young person, to be safe and respectful to that other person
-a poorly-written rant about lexicon and usage of terms
-two anecdotal stories that put a positive light on these kinds of relationships
-a brief history of man/boy love in Greek society, and possible evolutionary reasons for such relationships
-***how one should never under any circumstances engage in sexual intercourse, including fellatio, with anyone under 16

What is NOT found in it:
-a literal 'how to rape a child' or anything even similar

Come on folks, if you're gonna have such strong reactions and threaten protesting/boycotting and all sorts of other mess, at least know what in the world you're angry about. This whole outrage reminds me of the Salem witch trials.

Anthony Souls (me):
As one who has a fiancée who was raped as a child, I have to say that the topic of child safety shouldn't be taken lightly. In various states, it is illegal to engage in sexual intercourse with a minor (under 18 years of age), thusly making that statement illegal in certain states. seemed to unintentionally or intentionally fuel the fire for the promotion of this book; Although, people would of found it in the end either way.
Going by the post of Josh Ogle- seeing how I never seen the book- it seems like it isn't as outright as the title suggests. Even-so, where do you draw the line at freedom of speech- I can't yell illegal threats at people without consequences- should you be-able to write illegal how-tos without consequences as well- or would it only matter if there is an escalated crime rate caused from such material.
The question is- is the content immoral (which people say is objective)- should it be allowed to exist, if so- where to draw the line if at all?
Should rapist and child molesters be allowed to show pornographic material online, should serial killers be allowed to stream their killings, should anything be censored. The internet stance on visual aids is clear- they are treated as criminal but the textual versions seem to be treated as a grey area since it doesn't outright show a crime taking place. If you detailed a crime, textually, would that be as criminal as photos?
In my own view, it is hard for me to believe that this isn't a pedophile how-to book because of the title. Isn't he trying to encourage sexual relations with a young person indirectly or directly as it were, is his disclaimer about age just a legal tactic? Isn't the book inciting criminal behavior which is a crime?
Censorship of speech is very dangerous- but there are always exceptions to the rule. And I think a commentary about ones views and how-tos which encourages criminal conduct are two separate things.
Well, those are my opinions- take care everyone.