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May 18, 2010

0 A bird's shadow

A bird's shadow
fly's across the panting, white cement
an oriental painting in motion: swallowed by passing clouds

May 12, 2010

0 Nostalgia of what to be

Nostalgia of tomorrow instead of yesterday
a reverse metamorphosis cascading from beauty to cocoon
my graveyard of possibilities never to bloom
I remain nestled in these choices of today

0 Outside of my world

Sitting outside on the lip of my home's porch
perched like a homeless man with no where else to go
gazing out into suburbia towards the street lights

My mind like a moth drawn to the alien, angelic lights
stretching out and dispersing from fantasy into reality
like the cut of a diamond, spreading their wings out into the gritty city

Outside my world and left untamed, the underworld of my dreams
where sight, touch, smell are all amplified and too real
for where without my world do I belong?