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Jul 21, 2010

0 The Life-line of rain poem

The thunder pounds like a god's heartbeat
shattering all other noise
wrenching the rain from the clouds
and taking away the world's poise

And the streets become shallow rivers
full of reflections and shimmers
displaying a darkly broken world
falling off the edge of life

Into the gutter
deep down the oil covered walls
beats the patter of toxic waterfalls
and lies the dark catacombs of pipes

Jul 13, 2010

1 Her heart spilling over, poem

Forever one second til,
one heartbeat from, stuck in time,
an eternity of moments undone.

In lyrical footsteps or shattered glass,
slithered pieces of a blue moon reflecting fractured paths,
falling off of moments gone by.

His heart tipping over,
upon glass, teeter-tottering choices,
one soul traveling one path, one page half mast.

How many angles in the ocean,
angels numbered on the sand, seashells crushed,
until a dream makes it unto land.

0 Like a painting, poem

She's lying inside her own world,
on the floor of an earthy ocean,
hidden in the antique wheat fields,
dazing into the storm brewing overhead.

Waves of wind gallops through the golden rows.
Loco-motions of fury and rage grows and grows,
screaming songs to the daydreaming maiden.

Her reality drifting away,
slipping away from her like the string tied to a balloon,
traveling upward like a moth to a flame,
carrying away with it her soul.

She wears a Victorian-style dress,
thinking of how she would look from the angle of a treetop;
Perhaps like a painting, drying on an easel,
In the blurry distance, on an impressionistic hill,
no longer interested in what happens next.

Oh! how she's like a painting, waiting for the rain to fall...