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Mar 24, 2010

0 Kneading my Brain poem

It's evening
I'm inside the bathroom
looking into the mirror
opening up my head
taking out my brain like a washrag

The light flows in from down the hallway
bending into the mirror's depths
displaying my melancholy face
the faded surroundings that all seem gray

Wringing out my brain over the sink
draining all of my emotions and thoughts
swirling down the white ceramic sink
all my monstrous desires

I apply strawberry-colored soap to my brain
kneading it deep into my brain
trying to wash out the blood, the filth, the dull textures
the voices that repeat inside of my head
the torment of my present

0 Princess: Stepping back into your painting poem

oh princess, surrounded by mother nature
in your formal attire
outside of your element of social etiquette

Away from your castle
from your entourage
the props and elaborately constructed stage
artificial scripts and rules

Holding up your dress: you dance
trot through the trees, flowers, grass
going back to your carriage
stepping back into your panting

Mar 23, 2010

0 Inverted Eyes Poem

What defines my eyes
my deep brown puddles
images sinking into me like quicksand
burring me in this world of mine

Shadows and reflections
tearing thoughts into two mirrors
a mirror to my darkness, a mirror to my love
a whirlpool of ambivalent emotions

Why do they sink into me like the sun
betraying my internal dialogue
instilling into my slumbered self
all that I swept under the rug

wishing if I close my eyes, I could slip away
no longer know of this world
where my senses are inverted
exploring my reality of truths and lies

0 Difficulty quote

Difficulty brings out a person's bad character: Repeated hardships instills that character into you

0 Human Reflections Poem

There is a vent inside my prison
beside the right side of my bed
and through it I discuss my mind's reflections

It's a furnace for my emotions of coal
fueling the fire and rage bottled inside
whisking off my steam to some unknown land

It's a cup and string through space and dimension
connecting me to an ear that may care to listen
listen to the internal ramblings of a human soul

I talk to myself, to this imaginary friend that steals my problems away
carries them off to some alien world, where they will never find it's way back
And tell of my daily life just before bed

0 Sewer Soliloquy poem

Where has my mind gone...
dragged through the gutter
rotting in stagnated dreams

thinking into the storm drains
soliloquy of my voice echoing down the sewers
seeping into the underbelly of life

Hope seems another world away
where angels replaces flies
and thoughts didn't fit into how the world tick-talks by

Mar 21, 2010

0 Star dust in Obsidian

I'm just made of words
star dust in obsidian
looking from a far in each direction
in the direction of my heart
in the direction of the world
wondering if my life will just drip
one droplet at a time
down the abyss of time

0 Just Made of Words

I'm just made of words
living in a card board box
a comfortable, decorated, box of dreams

Inside I lay upon my bed
pondering, thinking, wondering inside of my head
dreaming, hoping, wishing for something more

Each night I go to sleep
each morning I awake from a world of depth
a world which I belong to more than this existence

I'm just made of words
without actions, verb, a life to call my own
and my life is just stored in my head, my heart, words on a piece of electronic paper

0 Quote on moral ambiguity

The world is full of moral grays and is more condensed on the darker spectrum.

0 Quote on defining poetry

What is poetry but the structure of the soul that constructs the human heart.

0 Quote on Inheritance

God gave us the world so everything good or bad in the world is made from our own doings.

0 Quote on Complicated

We complicate what's simple and simply what's complicated.

0 Quote on Individuality

A group of people want to be the same as an individual wants to be different. The irony and paradox of it all.

0 Quote on mistakes

The first major mistake of your life changes who you are

Mar 20, 2010

0 World in a Mirror

I stand before a world in a mirror
all of the people in my life are but reflections
reflecting back my emotions, my words, a darker version of myself

Their tears become my tears
their depression seeps into my earth
their words become words I don't want to hear
just as I try to block out my own inner voice
for the peace and quiet of silence

and when I stand before this mirror all alone
looking back at a darker version of myself
I try not to inhale the same breaths as him

0 Who is God

Who is God?
Is he anything like the version of Him that I created inside my chest
Will he love me the same as I wanted to be loved
Would he tell me the same words I wished to hear
Will we keep the same relationship that I hold inside
Or won't he know me at all: won't he be there for me

Will God cast me into the fires of hell
Will I live in this well of torment for eternity
Pondering to a demented self my lunacy
How hot will the fires be that engulfs me
What will remain of me: will there be anything left of me at all

Mar 17, 2010

0 I recall who I was, who I am...

As I look back upon my segmented past
viewing the profile line of all the versions of myself
I contemplate who I am

All of the versions that had died
to produce the man you see before you
was it worth so much lost?

I have lost so many parts of myself
trying to hold on to as many fragments as I can
to save the degradation of my soul

Trying to preserve my child-like heart inside
growing with wisdom and imagination
to not rot away into nothing

'Tho I perceive an ocean of lost dreams
bringing me into the undertow of life
I recall who I was, who I am...

0 Whale Watching: Whale Thoughts

Whale watching
beautiful creatures of dull gray
swimming just beneath the water's surface of sunlight rays
basking in a world beyond his world

Being followed by aliens in strange boats
“the universe is so blue,” are his whale thoughts

0 Midnight Acrostic

Inside a galaxy of stars
Insurrections of our
growing need to
hide our
tenacious appetites

0 Context Acrostic

Connotations associating
occurrences with

Mar 16, 2010

0 Subtext Acrostic

x-rays of
two stars

0 Acrostic Comet

Cosmic dust from
outer solar system
earth with
trails of light

1 Subtext of the Heart

Subtext of the heart
behind the curtain of my words
whispers the soliloquy of my intent
hidden in the depths of my sublime thoughts
An actor upon stage to a blank audience
Tells what he wishes he could say

Subtext of the body
connoisseur of human expression and pose
a ballerina dancing to opera in our minds eye
speaking with a thousand tongues
turning reality into a investigative puzzle
to slip into your mind

0 My Heart Chimes at Midnight

My heart chimes at midnight
like a church bell or a wall clock tower

It chimes inside my chest
echoing into my darkest dreams

My fantasies dress you in Gothic apparel
forces you into a world made of my desires
My subconscious writes a story for you
mixed with pain and pleasure

In the darkest shade of light we observe
what our characters are made of

0 The Context of Love

The context of my love
meaning colored in shades of rose
to the moments that surrounds us
my heart chimes unlike the next
different to each kiss that blows

Romance in a kiss depends upon the lips
depends upon the place
on the words spoken before
on the pace of our subtle knocks on the door
to each breath of words that will be nevermore

A moment's love is a calibration of life
to the stage that sets up scene
to the characters whose mind thinks twice
of events that weren't shared before
of body language swept under the floor

0 Withering Tiger by Ariabelle Souls

My tiger withering away
like a danilion flower
on a breezy day

Stuffing is vanishing by the minute
and his fur flatten and dulled
from all the years of love
that was given to him

He only wants to comfort his lover
to console her heart
that he has been loved
forever and ever even when he is gone

telling her that he will
live on in her heart.
and give love to another
unwanted tiger

give them that special love
you keep locked away
that you gave me when i
first came into your arms

and they will always be loyal
and protect you to the ever end.
I love you my dear,,dont cry for me.

Mar 15, 2010

0 Inside my heart are weeds

Inside my heart are weeds
growing through my beautiful garden
depriving me of beauty
destroying my garden of eve

How deep has the roots dug
into which parts of me do they disease
how strange my thinking has turn
festering upon worldly needs

0 My Heart is a Machine: Do not enter

My heart is a machine
it burns of earthly flames
the coal of my desires
furnishes my needs

My heart has a dark hemisphere
upon every hour of every day
inside me a part does conspire
to fester my mind with disease

As my heart turns
so does my dreams
splitting apart shadows from light
the pages of my thoughts read:

Do not Enter

0 Sneezed three times

I sneezed three times, what does it mean?
Then I heard 3 distinct whispers that all were the same
I heard a God bless you from Jesus himself
I heard a God bless you from the Almighty himself
I heard a God bless you from the Holy Ghost inside my chess
Still I don't know what escaped me, but I feel quite blessed all the same

0 Clone of my own design

My eyes are translucent like a one way window
looking out, I can perceive what others can only see as reflections
reflections without my connotations of the world within my own

If you could take apart my eyes, my brain, my heart
can you see as I do, think as I do, feel as I do?
would a raindrop feel as lonely amongst the storm
would a thought be like lighting hitting the the same spot a billion times
would a emotion not hold a thousand words like a painting
could you ever comprehend with the same measure as me?
this clone of my own design

Mar 14, 2010

0 Why do you hate me?

Why do you hate me?
keep me locked out standing in the rain
why will you never forget that past that's no longer the same

Where is your forgiveness?
where is your heart that use to spark my flame
it's dark and I'm starting to forget your name

Who are you now?
That you don't listen to God whispering in your ear
how can you just let me completely disappear

my footsteps are knocking as I walk away
talking words that I don't know how to say
is this what it came to... night over day?

And you didn't even peak out the window to see me go
didn't even care that I was all alone
didn't even know how much hate you have grown

Mar 13, 2010

2 Scrapmetal stars

You didn't want me back until
I saw that falling star
shoot down next door
crashing through your window
impacting like scrap metal into your heart

That one night by a billionth chance
your heart reverted back to that first night
that first night of our love

0 You Didn't Want Me Until...

You didn't want me back until
I started to live my own life
Follow my own dreams
disregard all of the obsolete trash inside

Until I found myself inside...

0 Pent up emotions

Pent of emotions
sexual aggression digging around
the attic of my dreams

Inside this flesh house of my mind
in the basement of my dreams
rests my slave girl of my dreams
with her many videos of fictitious memories

In this world of my own making
where nothing exists but from me
I belong here with my soul my only company

0 This is my mind's desire

In writing, the perfection of thoughts made manifest
drafts and drafts of architectural blueprints to meaning
assembling and reassembling word structures deep as oceans
pondering and forming elaborate technologies from our soul
My only wish is that it came as naturally as I talk
In seconds rather than hours
in rainstorms rather than sprinkles
this is my mind's desire

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Mar 12, 2010

0 Static of night

The static in absence of light covers my body
I perceive myself as a darker version of a television channel's white noise
On the other end of the spectrum from shades of white and grays

0 Thoughts wandering like vines

Thoughts wandering like vines
spiraling around the architecture of life
leaving the world behind like an ancient ruine

0 Broken Pieces of a Song

One moment we were strangers
one moment we were falling in love
one moment now departed, erasing who I was

How can what was ever become separated from who I am
surgically removed from a future that already begun
How can I go on living in fragmentation from that moment on
trying to construct a version of myself from all of the broken pieces of a song

Now I stroll through this life of mine
half empty, half alive: trying to find with who I belong
What will fill this heart cup of mine

In bed I sleep, in bed I dream
of another man, of another life
Another set of memories, another set of possibilities
And this dimension ends just as I perceive this strange woman that connects with both of our eyes

0 Sprouts of Imagination

Sprouts of imagination
a growing green forest inside my eyes
an Eden to oneself

Mar 11, 2010

0 Ode to memory poem

Living in a memory
with the future blank as her porcelain painted skin
cheers to the memories

Mar 10, 2010

1 Rare as a black penguin

Rare as an all black penguin
is the soul tapped inside of your pupils
Dearest love of mine

0 Perfect the hatred

Letting the hatred stew and fester
To perfect the recipe of hatred
That it could become pure hatred

Mar 7, 2010

0 Audio Sprouts Poetry Channel: What do I ponder?

0 Audio Sprouts Poetry Channel: Our Amazon of Love Podcast

Hope you enjoy!

Mar 6, 2010

0 Deprived of beauty haiku

Deprived of beauty
I sit inside a torched world
transforming the pain

0 Our amazon of love mini poem

I whispered I love you that only birds can hear
Robins and canaries tweeted I love you into the atmosphere
our amazon of love

Mar 5, 2010

0 What do I ponder? poem, haiku/tanka chain

From the cracks of life
I look up into the world
what do I ponder?

Do I ponder myself here;
Or, do I ponder life there?

Ponder the difference
that pain that seeps into cracks
en-caging myself

Limiting me from striving
from climbing out of mud walls

0 Lobotomized heart haiku

Lobotomized heart
damaged emotions can't feel
the same as before

Mar 4, 2010

0 Haiku : Just thinking of you

Just thinking of you
Falling apart at my heart
waiting for our lives