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Oct 30, 2011

2 Halloween Candy Voucher Idea

Happy Halloween everyone! I have a new idea for the Trick or Treating process :) Halloween is suppose to be a social event; but now days, Halloween is losing it's social origins in favor of private parties, home events, churches, and so on (safer methods). This is because there are evil people out there that poisons/sabotages the candies, puts razor blades into apples, and so fourth to destroy the community spirit. Therefore, I came up with an idea that would make door to door treating a safer event without the risk of candy hell.

This is how it will work: The grocery stores sell vouchers for candy, instead of the candy themselves for trick or treating at a discounted rate. When a kid treat or treats at your doorstep, instead of handing out candy, you hand them one or two vouchers for the candy that they can redeem at the stores (and the stores could sell the vouchers in rolls at discounted rates.) The stores can set the value of a bag of candy to a certain amount of vouchers (25, 50, or so), at which they can redeem them with. I thought this would be a wonderful way to spark the old Halloween spirit and Trick or Treating door to door.

Oh yea, the original idea I had was basically the same but more prone to abuse. The original idea was giving each kid a dime, nickel, or quarter instead of candy, and by the time they go to 50 houses or so, they would have enough for a big bag of candy. There is less hassle with that method but it would lead to problems. For example: Parents using their kids to earn money for themselves, kids getting their money stolen, buying items that they shouldn't be getting, and so fourth. That is why I fine tuned the idea to implement vouchers: it would due away with a lot of the problems that a money method would bring.

Hope you enjoyed the theoretical idea that I came up with,

Have a safe, enjoyable, Halloween everyone!


  1. This is seriously a brilliant idea Mr. Souls!!!!

  2. Thanks, I thought it was a good idea as well; although, I doubt anyone would ever do it- lol.
    Sorry that it took me this long to reply back to your messages, I get lazy at times :)
    Thanks for reading my blog,
    Take care, :)