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Dec 31, 2011

0 Lingering Emotions, quote

Don't let lingering emotions affect your present.

0 God and Commonsense, quote

God gave us rules to live by, but I believe that God also wants us to have commonsense.

0 Full Sight, quote

Takes more than one look at something to have a full sight of it.

0 Knowledge is, quote

Knowledge is about assembling something complex from something simple.

0 Changing Morality, quote

People shouldn't change their morality when faced with public scrutiny.

Dec 29, 2011

0 Thoughts on breast feeding in public, quote

After careful consideration, I find that breast feeding openly in public is rude and vulgar when other means are available.

2 Emotional and Mental Abuse, quote

Emotional and Mental abuse takes time to recover from; simply because, we need to reconcile within ourselves who we are and believe in ourselves. It is much like building a relationship with ourselves all over again.

0 Trusting God, quote

Trusting God doesn't mean that you won't have hardships, and won't know pain...

0 Sometimes the best love is, quote

Sometimes not hating someone is the best love that you can give.

0 How reality Is, quote

My dad raised me in a way that doesn't correspond with how reality is. He raised me to be Godly, to make the right choices and to stand up for myself; but when you put that into practice, you live a life that is full of hardships, difficult choices, and confrontations...

0 Problems and Inaction, quote

A lot of problems happen because of inaction and allowing the detrimental actions of others to succeed.

0 Unseen Actions, quote

I do a lot of actions that can't be seen by anyone but me, and it doesn't make it any less important.

0 Hardships and Diversity, quote

True nature is revealed through hardships and diversity.

Dec 28, 2011

0 10 years, quote

10 years can turn strangers into enemies, enemies into friends, and friends into love ones.

0 Extreme Measures, quote

People blow things out of porportion where the only recourse is extreme measures.

0 Understanding Society and Family, quote

In order to understand society, you have to understand families.

0 Trivial Matters and Disasters, quote

Learn from trivial matters to prevent disasters from happening.

Dec 27, 2011

0 Be careful what you let be, quote

Be careful of what you let become the norm; because once it becomes the norm, it's going to be hard to change it.

Dec 26, 2011

0 Fantasy and Decisions, quote

The only thing real about fantasy is the decisions we choose.

0 Dreams, Nightmares, and reality, quote

I rather my dreams be nightmares than for my life to be the nightmare and not the dream.

Dec 25, 2011

0 God is like, quote

God is like flour and oil, a little goes a long way.

0 Families, quote

No matter how much you want, can one person be a whole family...

0 Words and Actions, quote

People destroy with words what actions could never accomplish.

0 Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone, that is all :)

0 Being Insync, quote

Love is being in-sync with someone when once you weren't.

Dec 23, 2011

0 Important Decisions, quote

To decide who we are is one of the most important decisions we have, and no matter what influences us, we decide who we are.

Dec 22, 2011

0 Faith in God, quote

You need to have faith in God; but also, you need to have faith in yourself in this life.

Dec 21, 2011

0 God turns darkness into Light, quote

God turns darkness into Light, and Light unto Glory; I need God to turn my darkness into Light.

0 Learning Your Lesson, quote

If you haven't learned from your lesson, than you haven't payed enough for it.

0 Our Difference, quote

We try to be so different that we end up being the same.

Dec 20, 2011

0 Some Questions, quote

Some questions you will spend your whole life answering and others you will just know...

Dec 19, 2011

0 Who Am I, quote

Who am I and Who are you? That is the question that defines/divides me and you.

0 Reverse Engineering Life, quote

Reverse engineering life is the best way to understand life.

Dec 18, 2011

0 Thinking along the same lines, quote

We all think along the same lines, but we don't all live the same lives.

Dec 17, 2011

0 Life is measured in, quote

Your life isn't measured in minutes but in moments.

0 Angel prayers, quote

An angel is just someone you don't know who prays for you.

Dec 15, 2011

0 The Lessons we teach, quote

The good lessons we teach our children are overridden by our desire not to follow them: what does that say about our future...

Dec 14, 2011

0 Fictional Fears, quote

We use fictional fears to acclimate our children to life's hardships.

0 Intelligence is useless if, quote

Intelligence is useless if you don't implement it.

Dec 13, 2011

0 Growing with Love, quote

Sometimes you have to grow with what you love before you can do what you love.

Dec 12, 2011

0 Long and Short Journeys, quote

Almost always, the longer journey reveals more than a shorter one; therefore, let life be a long journey.

0 What do you gain?, quote

If you could help the world through your words, yet never be part of the world: what do you gain?

0 Observing Dark Nature, quote

Does observing our darkest nature provide more revelations about us than observing humanity's good nature

0 Gravest of all Ignorances, quote

The gravest of all ignorances is taking knowledge for granted.

0 Sometimes the cost is, quote

Sometimes the cost of life is death and sometimes the cost of death is life.

0 The Right Perspective, quote

With the right perspective, anything could be beautiful or turn into a destructive nightmare... To change someones perspective is to change the way they live.

0 Legitimize, Rationalize, Exceptionalize, quote

People try to legitimize, rationalize, and exceptionalize their logic to conform with the standards in which they are accustomed: even if those standards means diluting themselves with lies and hurting the people around them...

0 Rereading ourselves, quote

If we could reread ourselves, our past, in perfect clarity and detail, who would we be to ourselves?

0 Fighting for Yourself, quote

If you don't fight for yourself, then you might loose everything for no reason at all: just inaction...

0 The Fictional Characters We Create, quote

The fictional characters we create are more human than we are: what does that say about us? How much greatness we are capable of, or how much we squander ourselves.

0 Interconnected World and People, quote

We live in an ever connecting world full of interactions and it's those interactions that affects us: that we take concern with; Sometimes space is the only peaceful means that can solve the problems which arise.

Dec 11, 2011

0 People use Repetition, quote

People use repetition for evil purposes more than any other reason; to wear away at you to conform to their ways; to subject you to their unpleasant nature.

0 Our nature as humans, quote

To be human, we must fight against our natural instincts to digress into monsters.

Dec 10, 2011

0 Prospering Together, question

Would you want to prosper if it meant that your lover wouldn't, or would you rather prosper together?

0 Matter of thought, quote

It doesn't matter what others think, it matters what you think, it matters how you act, it matters what you say;

0 Humanity's Nature, quote

Have you ever lost complete faith in humanity's nature? I almost have...

Dec 9, 2011

0 A look at the world, quote

If you observe life, you'll realize that there are not enough proactive good-spirited people in it; there are far too many people this world proactively destroying and contaminating it with their philosophies. Stand up and speak out before it's too late.

0 Self destruction, quote

Sometimes we are self-destructive to ourselves and we push others away... Try not to be that way.

Dec 8, 2011

0 Question about happiness, ?

What do you do when nothing seems to make you happy, and everything you want to happen never becomes true...

0 What your enemies love, quote

What your enemies love shouldn't influence what you love.

0 Unfortunate Exceptions, quote

People always believe they are the exception to the rule, and they use that to legitimize their prosecution of others: how unfortunate that people's minds should work that way.

0 Loving your enemies, quote

The worst thing about loving your enemies isn't what they've done to you, it's knowing that they are capable of being good and choose not to.

0 What-ifs of life, quote

The What-ifs of life could haunt you if you let them...

1 Don't bury your emotions, quote

Don't bury your emotions too deep because one day you will have to deal with them.

Dec 7, 2011

0 Children and Discipline, quote

Children who lack discipline are more inclined to develop mental problems when they mature.

0 Be careful of what you add to the world, quote

Be careful of what you add to the world, and be careful of what you don't add to the world: the world might just need it...

0 Dreams and Accomplishments, quote

The dreams people could accomplish if people would just let them accomplish them.

0 Lost parts of our past, quote

Just like life always does, the past gets lost in the present: how unfortunate; Let us keep the parts of our past that mattered...

Dec 6, 2011

0 Our Negative Nature, quote

Our negativity should be tromped by our positivity, or else we will be eaten alive by our pessimistic nature and become that which we don't wish to be.

0 Dreams and Hopes, quote

Dreams and hopes allows us to remain true to who we are.

0 Add your voice to the world, quote

If you don't add your voice in an ever changing world, your voice gets left behind: and your voice might be the only sane one out there...

Dec 5, 2011

0 Losing and Finding Yourself, quote

The only thing more difficult than losing oneself is trying to find oneself again; to regain what was once lost; to purge yourself of all of what you are not.

0 Ignorant people and learning, quote

Ignorant people are always learning the lesson after it's too late, and they never hold onto what they learned, or they learnt it all wrong to begin with.

0 25 Life in a Day Documentary Inspired Quotes

The power to form your own opinion is what it all comes down to in this world called life.

Do you need people to be apart of what you do to make it meaningful? Perhaps not now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but someday; do people need to be apart of you to give your life meaning...

What can restore faith in humanity and human nature once you loose it? That is the question... Can a single view of all of the good things in life do it...

When you look at all of the similarities in life and how similar we are, you start to realize: we really need more difference; we need difference because of how our world is and where it is heading; we need more difference considering how similar everyone is and how our world is very dim; Our world is like a flickering candle stick in urbanity; we need difference badly, change for the better; yet, we appalled the different and offer them no support...

Sometimes over thinking is good; other times over thinking is chaotic: you have to decide when is when.

Technology offers our society a facade to live beneath/overlay our lives with; it makes us look more civilized, intelligent, more proper and groomed, but what it all boils down to is: our human nature is still as dark as it always was, degrading to no return, with a few moments of sparkles and hopes.

We offer things up to get better things in return, what does that say about us? What happens when there is no redistribution of offerings and we are left only with what we have...

The world is a mess and the best representation of that is by how the world keeps it's rooms.

I always find it funny that people with rotting hearts always loves fictional characters with growing hearts: when all they have to do is nurture themselves; so the question then becomes: why do they love them so much if they don't want to be like them at all...

Are all of the good people dying off, or does dying off make you good...

I'm afraid to think when I've become inspired because of every thought that comes to mind needs to be written down and I'm lazy at heart...

What people consider a miracle one moment, they consider an abomination the next: that is just the nature of life...

How can something so beautiful turn so wretched so fast, that is the question we must ask ourselves before it can change...

What was once innocent is now tainted through my adult perspective.

Sometimes you ask a question and people answer it without ever knowing the question was asked: how similar we are and yet different.

The words we say to others without caring/considering the ramifications of those words. One of human beings gravest faults.

He earned 5 soles(souls) a day just for polishing shoes: awesome!

Drinking water out of a leaf one moment, throws it away the next: how something that once helped us live has become trash the next.

Funny how one moment can drown out all of the rest: that is the nature of life.

Seems how overly elaborate a wedding is, is oppositely proportional to how much love they have for one another.

Never get happy at the misfortune of others, learn from it so you know how to be.

All of the moments that happens in this world, make you think, makes you wonder about the nature of life; the nature of people.

My heart is a small hot air balloon, let it soar up into the abyss of heaven at night and find itself once again.

The things that we miss are the things that we should miss: for by missing them, we don't take them for granted; we don't eat away at them until nothing is left; we have them to appreciate when we have nothing else.

Everyone that gets me are either dying inside/outside or dead, sigh.

Dec 4, 2011

0 This is Our World, quote

You always want to grow up so you can be yourself and change the world; yet once you grow up, you realize: you are imprisoned by the same limitations imposed onto you as a child. It is because we live in a world that is based on power and control; we live in a world that is made up of people that never grew up and yet lost their child-like hearts; we live in a world that supports the few minority that lives like gods and the others just survive; this is our world.

0 Don't Sacrifice your Memories, quote

Don't sacrifice your memories at the expense of money.

0 Don't Have to be the Best, quote

You don't have to be the best, just have to inspire the best in others.

0 Knowledge of Today, quote

Knowledge today is forthwith; therefore, it becomes what knowledge do you choose to uphold and make apart of you.

0 The Price of Thinking, quote

The price of thinking and learning is knowing things you never wanted to know.

0 Privacy and Individualism, quote

Life has gotten too open; what it needs now is privacy and individualism.

Dec 2, 2011

0 You Can't Buy Love, quote

You can't buy love, that's why anything that you give should come from your heart.

0 The Heart and Baggage, quote

The heart should not have any more baggage than a feather, and the eyes should be no less peaceful than a light breeze in September.

Dec 1, 2011

0 Brands and Brainwashing, quote

Don't let brands brainwash you into their thinking through repetition and mass media saturation; trust doesn't come that cheap. Think for yourself and speak out against injustice.

0 Join My Blog's Literature Group

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0 Destruction and Resolution, quote

When two worlds can no longer exist together and cannot separate, the only resolution becomes destruction.

Nov 30, 2011

0 Spontaneity and the Future, quote

I need to be more spontaneous with my thinking about the future; I just need to let it happen and not think about the outcome. When you ponder too much on all of the bad, you lose confidence in the good and you're ability to handle life. Afterwards, all that you are left with are worries, doubts, stress, and depression.

0 Deprivation and Diversity, quote

Catering to the wants of the masses deprives us of the enrichment of diversity.

0 Some People's Nature, quote

Some people you know how their nature and you never wanted to in the first place.

0 Problems and Situations, quote

People think that just because they would never get themselves into a situation/be in a certain situation, that you should have no right to voice yourself while your in it/that it's your fault; but that isn't how life works, people are human beings and should be treated as such no matter what.

0 The things we avoid, quote

It's funny all of the things you ignore just to avoid problems. And then your eyes opens, and all you can see are the problems. Why do we let ourselves get this way? Because people are too emotionally/psychologically fragile to work out their problems and handle the truths of this world.

Nov 29, 2011

0 What I like most about writing quotes, quote

I think what I like most about writing quotes is that I can do it everyday and it adds up and it shows a single thought I had that I thought was worth writing down. and at the end of it, after 50 years or so, it will show who I am. and if I ever died, my children will know what I thought about.

0 Biggest decisions an adult must make, quote

One of the biggest decisions an adult must make is: Weighting the weight of doing the right thing and losing everything in the process against the weight of going against oneself and being safe. What price would you pay and what you pay it for. These are very mature questions that everyone must face. Lots of times we simply ignore it, hope it will go away, and our choices are made for us.

0 What affects you the most, quote

It's not what happens right away that affects you the most, it's after the incident settles and lingers and festers that does it. It's when all of the dust has settled, all the effects has deminished, and you are left questioning yourself.

0 Where home is not, quote

When a house feels like a cage, it's not a home anymore.

0 Bad Day but Good For, quote

Today is a bad day, but a good quote day.

0 What Life's All About, quote

I'm happy that I did what I did even if I was wrong, which Im not, because you don't have to be perfect to be yourself. Being yourself doesn't mean perfection; you can make mistakes and live life; that is what life is all about; how else are you suppose to learn and grow.

0 Logic of People, quote

You can't tell them what you can't do; you should do what you shouldn't do. Nonsensical madness.

0 The Greatest Gift for your Children, quote

The greatest gift you can give your children is the knowledge you've collected throughout your life.

0 Becoming Accustomed, quote

Don't accustom yourselves to what you shouldn't be enduring; all it does is get you used to being a way you shouldn't be in the first place.

0 Ignoring Life, quote

When you ignore life long enough, you become diluted to it.

0 Living Life, quote

You have to handle life in order to live life.

Nov 27, 2011

0 Between Memories and Money, quote

Memories are more precious than flawless diamonds; it's what we fall back on through life's testaments. Therefore, if you ever had to choose between money or making memories, choose memories.

0 Connections and Diversity, quote

Life is all connected, and the only way to understand life is to have diversity.

0 Questions every person should ask themselves

Questions every person should ask themselves

Question 1.

Who are they?

Question 2.

Who are they not?

Question 3.

What rules do they live by?

Question 4.

What do they want from life?

Question 5.

What will cause them to act upon something?

Question 6.

What makes them content?

Question 7.

How do they handle themselves?

0 Control and Release, quote

We all need to control our emotions; we, also, all need to learn how to release our emotions in a positive way.

0 Needs and Wants, quote

What people need is not what they want and what they want is not what they need.

Nov 26, 2011

0 Power and Words, quote

Just because you hear something doesn't mean it has power over you; you are what you are and you dictate your reality

0 Love you with all my heart, poem

Finding you was a gift from God
that answered the stream of prayers that made up my past
and now I can talk with you at long last
and be at one with your heart and soul

Instead of my prayers piled up and stuck on my bedroom's sky
instead of my whispers into my pillowcase becoming a lullaby
instead of dreams escaping through my window's lip
instead of time slipping through all of my hope's grip
I can look into your eyes and kiss your lips

Truly, truly our song is strung together
you're the lightening to my thunder
and our emotions are mixed up like the rain
and I know that there could be no other that could ever share my name

Let our cherished moments christen the bad
let us learn to drown out all of our worries with all that we ever had
and take a moment to say those special words that we've always known
and let us replay those special moments that we've grown

"Love you with all my heart and soul,"

Your Fiancee, Anthony

Nov 25, 2011

0 5 Good Quotes from 2010

Here are 5 good quotes of mine from 2010:

Quote 1:

Art is neither masculine nor feminine- it is just art

Quote 2:

A problem is like a loan: it incurs interest the longer it sits

Quote 3:

Why do I write? I write because it's the counter-stone of intelligence; and, I wish to improve and polish my counter-stone until it shines brighter than before

Quote 4:

Thought should have reason, and reason have discourse, and discourse should have creativity and intelligence

Quote 5:

It's always interesting finding out who you are- and is who you find, really who you are

Hope you enjoyed my: 5 Good Quotes from 2010. Take care,

Nov 23, 2011

0 Our Perceptions, quote

How our perception is suppose to be defies us of how it is.

0 Offering Strengths, quote

One of human being's greatest strengths is the ability to give strength to one another.

0 Understanding, quote

Understanding shouldn't just come from own's personal experience, it should come from more than that; it should come from observation, transition, and knowledge.

0 Understanding your Child, quote

Embrace your inner child to understand your child, to help your child through life's problems.

0 Bad Dreams, Bad Night

Had horrible dreams, was being operated on in one of my dreams; woke up with a head ache, a weird heart gurgle, and feeling like not myself. Another dream I had tonight felt real like it wasn't a dream: got a parking ticket in that dream. And I think there was one more dream that I don't remember as well... Sigh.

Now I feel disoriented, and I hate that feeling. What can you do? Lately, I've been having bad, distressing dreams and don't know why. I would like to get back to the normal dreams that I have at night, though. Action pack dreams, dreams of sunshine and merriment and so fourth :) Hate not feeling like myself.

Keep me in your prayers, take care

Nov 22, 2011

0 Just Representing with my Scarf, hehe

0 The Majority and Minority, quote

If you want to make money, you appeal to the majority; if you want to do something meaningful, you appeal to the minority.

0 Reverse Engineering Yourself, quote

When you loose touch with who you are, define who you are not.

Nov 21, 2011

0 Who we Support, quote

We should put more thought into what we support, because what we support becomes how our life is; and it also becomes, who in life has the power; and who in life has the power should at least be considered upon.

0 To Think, quote

How you think is just as important as what you think.

0 Spiritual and Physical Sicknesses, quote

A spiritual sickness is a lot like a physical one: it torments you and wears away at you, it causes you to behave differently and unlike yourself, it requires healing and recovery to get better; one of the ways they differ is: a physical one has tangible symptoms, ones that you can see, feel, and touch, while a spiritual sickness can't be touch with anything but your heart and mind and soul; this is what makes a spiritual one so much harder; that and a spiritual one is an internal battle that you do on your own, while a physical one you can have external help that can fix it on your behalf.

Nov 20, 2011

0 Degradation of our Society, quote

Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.. Are all contributing to the degradation of our society. Our actions, mannerisms, conduct online is bleeding into our interactions through reality. The conduits that we have created for mass communication has become a breeding ground for spreading infectious words and ideas. Not only that, but mass communication is turning our society into clones and robbing our world of diversity and culture. These are things you should consider.

Nov 19, 2011

0 How we Handle Ourselves, quote

How we handle ourselves in good moments is equally as important as how we handle ourselves in bad. What I mean by this is: do you still appreciate the people around you when you are having your good moments, or take them for granted; do you still do what's right, when your life is going so perfectly; Are you still true to who you are, or do you change to fit the moment; these are questions you should ask yourself.

2 One of those Dreams, quote

Had a horrible dream. one of those dreams that you loose yourself in; one of those dreams that feels so real, yet you know it's not; one of those dreams that disorients you and you have to wake up from. A dream that leaves you feeling like reality isn't real, like you aren't real once you wake. A dream that numbs you and tricks you and worries you. Yes, one of those dreams.

Nov 18, 2011

0 Boulders and Pebbles, quote

Can a boulder be stopped by a pebble? This is how I feel about many aspects of life. For instance, can a small good moment change a mountain worth of pain; Can a small wave turn back all the tides that bind us with chains. Can one piece fix all the broken pieces of a shattered glass frame. These are questions worth asking.

0 Fear and Uncertainty, quote

Fear flourishes in uncertainty and the unknown. It creates panic and overwhelms all other senses and emotions into a chaotic state. Therefore, drown out the negative emotions with logic, positivity, and balance. Teach yourself not to become engulfed by the monster in all of us.

0 Learning and Knowledge, quote

Learning is not about memorization but implementation; it is about integration and making the knowledge your own; It is about adding to it what didn't exist before.

0 The Symbols we Bear, image quote

0 Collared For Life, image quote

0 Love and Responsibility, quote

With Love Comes... Responsibility

Nov 17, 2011

0 Who we could be, quote

Sometimes we cover our eyes with illusions and lies; we paint ourselves on the inside; we masquerade as someone we are not; And we do this because our reflection is too dark to see; And we do this because of how we learned to be; And all these misinterpretations causes us not to see, who we could be.

0 Child-like Heart, quote

A child-like heart is a precious thing; our innocence is a precious thing; sometimes, we dare not loose grasp of what makes And if we ever do loose grasp of such precious things, we may never ever be able to get it back. That is why I hold onto my child-like ways when the world looks away; That I don't loose hold of myself in all the disarray.

0 Growing Up, quote

Sometimes we are only victims of what we learned before we grew up. And sometimes we are only victims of holding onto too much.

Nov 16, 2011

0 Tragic Life, quote

What is more tragic than a life that could of been so much, yet ended up being so little.

1 What life is all about, quote

Going above and beyond is what life is all about, having passion to do the unexpected and live life.

Nov 15, 2011

0 Cost of Living, quote

People do good deeds during really bad circumstances, but people should do good deeds during good circumstances; people should do good deeds during mildly bad circumstances; people should do good deeds during the gray areas; people should do good deeds when the cost of doing the right thing weights more than the cost of doing nothing.

0 Moments and Traditions, quote

We all want to repeat those moments in life that can never be again: that is why we have traditions.

0 Change and Ourselves, quote

We shouldn't change ourselves for others, but we should change ourselves for ourselves.

0 Culture and Growth, quote

Our culture has become stagnated; this stagnation comes from giving people just what they want, instead of giving them what they need. They need growth; they need difference; they need what they do not know.

0 The Greatest Love, quote

The greatest love is loving as oneself.

Nov 14, 2011

0 Talking to a Wall, quote

When you are thinking that you are just talking to a wall, just remember: the wall is just a reflection of yourself.

0 Broken Grains, quote

You can't go against your grain, or else you are just left with a broken path.

Nov 13, 2011

1 Currency of Life, quote

The currency of life is power, and money is only symbolism to that end; instead of physical force, monetary force is used to dictate the world. And if you strip the world of that encapsulation, you see the nature for what it truly is.

0 Snow and Sin, quote

The white powdery snow of a winter's night is like the world without sin. And the endless amount of cars that drive by and turns it all into sludge and muck is how the world is. And this saddens me so.

0 Civilizations fall because, quote

Civilizations fall because of stagnation and degradations of it's society

Nov 12, 2011

1 Mornings and Days, quote

Usually bad mornings becomes good days

1 Fantasies and Problems, quote

Playing with fantasies can cause some real problems.

0 Our Baggage, quote

Baggage is only made up of things you pick up along the way.

0 What Trust Is, quote

Trust doesn't come from soulless repetition, it comes from endurance, validation, and time.

0 Darn Internet, quote

He's going to delete her, kill her... Darn internet!

Nov 11, 2011

0 Nature of Reality, quote

Questioning the nature of reality and the nature of oneself are the most difficult questions to answer.

0 Ghosts and Purposes, quote

Ghosts are just (living) people without purposes, trying to find their purpose and be alive.

0 Who we are, quote

Who we are, are made of words; and who we are, are defined by our meanings; meanings defined by our experiences.

0 Perceptions and Outlooks, quote

Quotes embody the perceptions of our souls; Our outlook defines us and teaches us.

0 Like Everything Else, quote

The human soul is like everything else in the world in this regard: if left alone, it will fester and rot.

Nov 9, 2011

0 Drawing Strengths from Fellowship, quote

As a people, we draw strength as well as weaknesses from each other: therefore, let our strengths shine more abundantly.

Nov 7, 2011

0 My Realistic Cartoon Characters

0 Perfect Moments, quote

Everyone wants one perfect moment every now and then to look back on during their worst moments and go: my life is capable of good times.

0 Mindless Entertainment, quote

People enjoy mindless entertainment, simply because: they don't want to think about things.

0 Private Words, quote

Somethings you don't want to talk about, not because you don't want someone else to hear about it, but because you don't want to hear it, yourself.

Nov 5, 2011

0 Associations and Strength, quote

People associate strength with turning order into chaos, when strength is turning chaos into order.

0 Character and Strength, quote

True strength and character comes from fighting your darker self.

Oct 30, 2011

2 Halloween Candy Voucher Idea

Happy Halloween everyone! I have a new idea for the Trick or Treating process :) Halloween is suppose to be a social event; but now days, Halloween is losing it's social origins in favor of private parties, home events, churches, and so on (safer methods). This is because there are evil people out there that poisons/sabotages the candies, puts razor blades into apples, and so fourth to destroy the community spirit. Therefore, I came up with an idea that would make door to door treating a safer event without the risk of candy hell.

This is how it will work: The grocery stores sell vouchers for candy, instead of the candy themselves for trick or treating at a discounted rate. When a kid treat or treats at your doorstep, instead of handing out candy, you hand them one or two vouchers for the candy that they can redeem at the stores (and the stores could sell the vouchers in rolls at discounted rates.) The stores can set the value of a bag of candy to a certain amount of vouchers (25, 50, or so), at which they can redeem them with. I thought this would be a wonderful way to spark the old Halloween spirit and Trick or Treating door to door.

Oh yea, the original idea I had was basically the same but more prone to abuse. The original idea was giving each kid a dime, nickel, or quarter instead of candy, and by the time they go to 50 houses or so, they would have enough for a big bag of candy. There is less hassle with that method but it would lead to problems. For example: Parents using their kids to earn money for themselves, kids getting their money stolen, buying items that they shouldn't be getting, and so fourth. That is why I fine tuned the idea to implement vouchers: it would due away with a lot of the problems that a money method would bring.

Hope you enjoyed the theoretical idea that I came up with,

Have a safe, enjoyable, Halloween everyone!

Oct 29, 2011

0 People and Reflections, quote

People are too focused on the reflections to notice the depth behind them.

Oct 28, 2011

1 Discipline and Strength, quote

A disciplined mind is a strong mind: and our world could use more disciplining.

0 Faith and Strengthening, quote

If your faith can be easily shaken, then it needs strengthening.

0 Human Soul and Mountains, quote

The human soul should be as peaceful as a cloud and as sturdy as a mountain.

Oct 27, 2011

1 Belonging and Life, quote

Some people belong in a different time period, I belong in a different universe.

Oct 26, 2011

1 Crying a Thousand Knives, song lyrics

I'm falling apart
slowing in the dark
not knowing who I am
waiting in the mirror to see myself again

and all of this sin is eating me alive
all of my thoughts are crying a thousand knives
and all my heart is collapsing from within
as I adventure down this ride that's forbidden

all I am is lost down the dark depths
leaving me with a thousand weights on my chest
it is crushing at my soul
and I don't know where to go
I am slowly being buried inside
with no where to run or hide

all I am is falling apart down the drain
all I am is burning up in flames
and I feel like I lost my mind
I don't know when in time
If I'll ever be myself again

Oct 21, 2011

1 Fire and Flames, song lyrics

My candle is slowly burning out
down to the wick and I just want to shout
up to the heavens for more fire and flames
Light up my eyes and show me the way
Light up my eyes and keep the darkness at bay

The wick to my heart is tattered and weak
and the treasure inside is disappearing down deep
and I just want to cry out in tears and song
keep all I have that ever belonged

Stop the leak that pours out of my soul
Stop the thoughts that should never be sowed
and all I can feel is the numbing cold
and all I can feel is my heart losing all that it knows

My Candle is slowly growing dim
my heart is filled with trash and sin
and my eyes are slowly going out
all I see are stars and want to shout

Please, Lord, give me back my burning faith
Lighting up my path that could never be erased
Please, Lord, give me back who I was
And pulsate with fire Your everlasting Love

Oct 18, 2011

0 Fallen Star, quote

A Fallen star is just a star that lost its faith...

0 Who we are and graves, quote

Sometimes you're digging a grave for yourself and can't stop until you realize who you are and want to be.

Oct 10, 2011

0 Questions and Answers, quote

Instead of letting others ask the questions, ask the questions for yourself.

Oct 8, 2011

0 Emotional Health and Society quote

People need to treat each other with more respect and commonsense and perhaps our emotional health as a society would be better.

0 Wants and Hearing quote

The things we don't want to hear is what we need to hear the most.

Oct 3, 2011

0 Falling Apart, poem

Deep within the coves of my heart
resonates my worries and fears
inside the caverns of my soul
beats cries of demon tears

Who am I to wander within
with this analytical mind
who am I to think upon
monsters and demons like pieces of art made refine

To gaze and ponder
to try and find meaning from the sin
that buried within these creatures
is a lie so delicious and grim

How can I turn away my mind
like I turn away my head
to think upon the bright starry light
shinning from afar within

My soul is made of puzzle pieces
my heart a Jenga wall
how high I thought I was
And how low I feel I have to fall

My emotions are like potions
brewing from all the lies and truths
yet I drink them like a drunk at his favorite booth
hoping that they will make me whole again

Have I become a puppet doll
with my strings made of web
dancing to the insane tunes that play
with uncertainty at my stead

Have I gone insane
with all these thoughts I cannot drown out
all the ifs and buts that gather here
playing with riddles and doubt

I don't know myself anymore
or who I even am
will all the security I lost before
ever be regained in this shattered Inn

0 Hard times, quote

The hard road leads to an easy path.

0 A Deep Sadness, poem

A deep sadness abides inside
that words can not express
and it chips away at my side
at the clothes in which I'm dressed

I send prayers in bottles
upon the air that rests like waves
and I throw them so hard into the abyss
they skip along for days

Emotions swells within
that are not wanting to be erased
and I don't know how to replace these thoughts inside
that covers my eyes like mace

Let my soul be carried like a sail
upon the heavens that are peaceful and still
let my soul be carried upon the waves
that rocks me to and fro out of this maze

Oct 2, 2011

0 Need a friend? Let's get to know eachother

Decided to try out this Pingbox by and see how well it does. My fiancee and I are always looking for friendship and people who loves God to chat with; Just anyone with a good heart and soul. If you would like to chat, try it out :) Maybe we can be friends; Not everyone is compatible though; Never hurts to try. :)

Take care,

Sep 5, 2011

0 Colliding Lullaby, poem

She looks at me with her gray and colored eyes
like a dog that is trying to recognize color
and she stares at me with those unknowing eyes
of why my heart is so asunder

And my eyes can't help but cry out to her
for her to repeat back my inner pain
reflect what's deep inside of my mind
and show me that she understands the emotions in my tear drop eyes, just the same

How deep the pain is
When you feel all alone
that those eyes that you love ever so, doesn't know why
know why your eyes aren't the same that she has known

Why your eyes aren't the same as old pictures have shown
why your mind doesn't see the same rain as hers does
how your eyes doesn't remember the sound of rainfall as hers does
how your blood just flows alcohol unlike hers does

Just want her to know how it feels to have lost control
just want her to comprehend how it feels to worry over and over again
just want her to understand and reflect back a song
A song turned into a colliding lullaby, where her life collides with mine

Aug 29, 2011

3 Christian poem about faith

Our relationship will stand strong
like watching a sunrise spring fourth
from the darkness we've known for so long

We shall wait for God's love
to touch and ripple throughout our lives
like a rock upon still water
within the weakness we will become strong

Like a prayer sent up to heaven
like a praise sprouted out in song
our eyes will become stronger
with each flash of dawn

Our bond will grow like sunflowers
with our lives becoming a trail of seeds
that drops upon the earth
and sprouts fourth good deeds

Our hunger will become spiritual
our cries will turn into praise
like the thunder that calls out in the heavens
lightening will fuel our days

Let us be as lightening rods
in a dark world that has gone astray
let us glorify God
as tribulations drops like rain

Aug 24, 2011

1 Words and Distance, quote

Words brings us close, what distance divides.

1 Perspectives on Life, quote

It's always good to have a good view on life, can get you through many problems just having the right perspective.

Aug 21, 2011

1 Crying your emotions out, quote

Sometimes, one cry isn't enough to shed all your tears, all your emotions.

Jul 29, 2011

0 Let God In, quote

Open up my soul and let God in, to rob me of all that I should not sow.

Jul 28, 2011

0 Going Insane, quote

Going insane is a lost of mental control, and the persistent degeneration of your mind unto madness.

0 War and Sanity, quote

I say that war is preferable to the slow degeneration of your mind and emotional balance, that reduces your heart and mind to insanity and madness...

0 My Lover: Insanity, quote

Insanity is like a persistent, nagging lover that takes you into the sweet bed of madness, and strips you of your humanity. She will kiss away your words, amplify the hidden depths of your heart, and rob your mind of any barriers; she will simply reveal you for who you are without all of the check and balances of your soul.

0 Life's Quandary, quote

Human beings are not meant to be subjected to the same things over and over: and in such lies the quandary of this life.

0 Psychological Thoughts, Haiku

our subconscious and conscious
screaming in the rain

Jul 25, 2011

0 Innate Fears, quote

Innate fears are the worst, for they live within you.

0 Adrenaline and Fear, quote

Panic attacks are the adrenaline of fear.

Jul 24, 2011

0 Compulsions and Needs, quote

Sometimes we must resist our compulsions to fix things, and leave them as they are...

0 Dictators and Superiority, quote

Dictators mentality stems from a foundation of superiority; and intellectually above those that don't have the same thinking as them.

0 Human Nature Quandary, quote

Fighting your human nature, sometimes, makes you more human :P

0 Context and Meaning, quote

Context and purpose is the foundation of meaning, and robbing an individual's words of that is a most monstrous deed, indeed...

0 Understanding life and who you are, quote

Understanding life is like reverse engineering who you are, and what will you find when you hold all your pieces in your hand? Will they be like scales, weighting the goodness from the sin...

0 Perspectives of another, quote

What is more disheartening than being who you are and being told by another that you are not? That you are not this man that you believe but a monster. A worthless monster that breathes worthless words, and one which doesn't belong in this life. How more directly could you blow at a fellow's heart? For words breathes their own life, and it plants its seed by taking a portion of your life...

0 Truth and Intentions, quote

What is more damaging than truth wrapped (twisted) in fiction and presented through hatred and evil intentions that it is all true.

0 Reason for Blogging, quote

My reason for blogging would be to catalog my soul and perspectives in life while giving a chance for others to view it :P

0 Seeds and Fruits, quote

Every-time you talk, you plant seeds, and those seeds grows into the fruits of your deeds.

0 Roles and People, quote

People will tell you to play the role the world demands of you, but I say that it is better to be shunned than to not be true to who you are.

0 Learning and Taints, quote

Sometimes how you learn something, taints what you learn...

0 Blood and Ink, qiuote

For the heart of my words is my philosophy, and the color of my blood black as ink

0 Philosophy and Commonsense, quote

What is philosophy but a man and his commonsense...

0 Truth and Distance, quote

When you are closest to the truth, people try to push you away the most.

0 Perspectives and Truths, quote

People are too focused on their own perspective to come to the realization of the truth; which could be formulated from numerous perspectives.

0 Reflection and Time, quote

We all need our alone time, to reflect on ourselves and our spirituality. 

Jul 23, 2011

2 A new character to be introduced into the comic :)

Hope you enjoy! :)

0 SWISS away, The common Cheese #3

0 SWISS away, The common Cheese #2

0 SWISS away, The common Cheese #1

Jul 22, 2011

0 What would you do, game: 2

I've always enjoyed hypotheticals/what-ifs; so much so that, I consider it a form of an intellectual game/entertainment. I never had anyone to play it with when I was younger, which comes to why I posted this:
I will post a hypothetical scenario, and then, you give your response with your reasoning as to why you would do that...
Simple enough?

Scenario 2:
While you are sleeping, someone breaks into your home (stealthily), they go upstairs and abducts your 13 year old girl/boy, and they make off with him/her into the night. When you do finally wake up to use the restroom, you wake by her/his room and find him/her missing... You search the house and found out that someone else was in here (your home) and that she/he is gone.
Then, you call the police, they scour the city, but to no prevail - she/he is not to be found. They search your home for clues and come up with a clue: a strange brand of candy wrapper lying beneath the bed of his/her room (but not so strange that she couldn't have gotten it from school).
But this is a big clue to you, if not the police, because you know of someone who eats those exact ones: your neighbor a couple blocks down. You know that he makes a lot of money, yet he never goes to work. You know that he has been friendly with your daughter/son and always seems to stare at him/her. So, you press the cops to search him/talk to him- and they do.
After talking to them, they come up with nothing, don't think he did it at all. He has an alibi (don't they all), and that he was home with is wife during that time (She even admits to making love to him all night long.)
It's been a couple days now, nothing is progressing, no clues, your certain that your neighbor did it.
What do you do?
Keep in mind that:
1. the police said they won't help you any further with him (he didn't do it): they will find her/him and follow all other leads.
2. Seems that the neighbor just got a lot of money recently, he is dressed in more expensive clothes than normal.
3. There are no other clues, and it's doubtful that anyone will call the hotline for a tip.

Take care,

1 What would you do, game: 1

Scenario 1:
Your on a date (trying to enjoy the evening night out, yes evening...) on a sailboat trying to fix your relationship with your fiancee; then the unthinkable happens, she hits her head on the boat and falls in during a mysterious patch of rough waves (you knew you shouldn't have gone out this late.) But at last! She was the only one that could swim... Even so, the water was so dark, you couldn't see a thing... Moreover, if she did end up dead, you would surely be blamed by the family (out of means of revenge) for killing her! By golly... They never did like you...
Keep in mind that:
1. You can't swim
2. The water is too dark.
3. Time is tick-toking as you try to think.
4. The family has a wealth of witnesses to testify against your character.
5. On top of that, they have phone conversations of you not at your best...Diabolical...

Take care,

Jul 21, 2011

0 Assumptions and Choices, quote

People believe that the most obvious choice, is the most correct choice- until their assumptions doesn't fit the reality of the situations...

Jul 19, 2011

0 Words and Vocabulary, quote

Words are the building blocks of our thoughts, and the key to our thinking; without them, we would not be-able to grow intellectually and mentally.

0 Optimism and Pessimism, quote

I hate when people are optimistic to justify their pessimistic actions.

0 The Ideal World, quote

My World is too ideal for this world...Perhaps it will, forever be, a dream...

0 Superficiality and Merit, quote

Superficiality can never destroy/take away from purpose and merit.

0 Sometimes I Wonder about the Power of Words, question

Sometimes I wonder about the power of words (since my blog is a spiritual panoply of literature), and if my writings have changed lives... If that change has been for the better or worst... If I've added any spiritual value, in which, this life we live... A lot of powerful questions that anyone should consider, very philosophical in nature.

Can one man really bring the fall of a nation, or reach/lift people out of the depths of poverty... You see nothing but greed in our society, and that greed is praised above all else. Companies have become kingdoms unto itself, and families have become dictatorships; how can our civilization/society survive in such turbulent/ambivalent times as these. Surely, a fall is coming if we don't change.

People like to blame the Devil/demons for all of our problems, but the reality of the matter is: we are just as evil to the core as such creatures. We've flourished and enriched the darkness within ourselves to a sinister/monstrous level of art; how are people be so blind... We have solutions/answers/remedies/knowledge that could help so many in ruin/despair, yet we choose not to act upon it, not to do it, and for what? Technicalities, probabilities, exceptions that we conjure/dream up to not act. We've got people dying from health problems; yet, most of these problems are treatable/curable; and to what end? Because of financial/monetary reasons, reasons of selfishness and disdain. What do they see in the mirror, when they look upon it...

We've got ways of growing crops of food, land which could be cultivated, energy and passion, but to what end? Do we put it to where it counts? No, people are left hungry/starving, and in ruin; starving from the greed of our monetary system; a system that has turned the abundant resources that God has provided, and turned it to scarce resource beyond many's reach.

This is the nature of human beings, and many more such examples could be quickly thought of/spoken. We've taken a world that could be as close to heaven as humanly possible, and made it into a hell for those that don't benefit from it/fit in.

People who we support have become billionaires, leaders of elaborate businesses/empires- and what do they do with their money? Do they put it back into the system to benefit humankind? Do they use it to solve the problems of our world? Do they do anything but horde/save their wealth as some form of demented trophies... To what end will people continue to produce such endeavors/people? What level of hypocrisy have we sunk to? And it is certain to get far worst.

We see human people/homeless people; we label them with degrading vulgarity: what do they think/comprehend when they act/reflect upon themselves? We have racism/hatred, over such silly things as: hair color, clothes, just about anything you can come up with- yet, it still seems to flourish just the same... We shield our eyes from the caustic nature of ourselves, and cover it up with improper tidings of humor/of improper conducts... And each generation seems to be getting more elaborate, worst, and life has become something subjective (not tangible or sustainable). Where are we heading? Do enough people ponder such realities/such life...

This has been your: Food for Thought,

Take care,

0 Freedoms and Rights, quote

Having freedoms (rights) contingent upon another, isn't having rights at all...

Jul 18, 2011

0 Lambifur Sporting Frames

Hey nomies! yea, I said nomies! Sporting my glasses and looking adorable as always...

0 Questions and Answers, quote

My life is always more questions than answers...

2 My Personal Quandary

I've been contemplating how I fit into this world, and came across a personal quandary:
How can I come up with ideas/thoughts/logistics that fits into this world (belongs), and yet, I don't belong in this world itself as a tangible person? How can I share similarities in personality, spirit, and mind with others in this life, and yet, they don't see me as apart of it? Very deep and interesting/provoking thoughts. Similar to my logic a long time ago: If you're a Christian, love Jesus, you will be assured to be loved by other fellow Christians (since they love Jesus as well)...How naive I was...

I started thinking about this off and on for a while now: that people as fiction are accepted (but not their real counterparts). And it proposes an interesting question: Why this and not that... Could the subtle differences about people really deprive them of a substantial life. Could thinking this way- verses that, really cause a disharmonious ripple throughout your life. Could the superficiality of how you say it, destroy the value of what you said? Life is very transient...Very endearing of itself. Would authors/poets have been just as accepted if we personally knew them in real life? Or, is it just the thought that someone takes in, twists to their own outlook, that gets accepted...

And this leads to even more questions: I think that philosophical questions, are just questions that infinitely springs fourth more questions about yourself/your reality. People always degrades others based on financial income, as if monetary worth equates spiritual worth (and by proxy, your worth in this life). Why is that? Is that just another way to put yourselves on pedestals, while demeaning others. Could someone really make a substantial amount of income, if they are not accepted in any form in this life (don't provide something that would be accepted). It's not about the worth of what you give, but the worth of what other's deem it: that is what it all boils down too.

I leave you with this: Food for Thought

Take care,

1 The Got Milk of Condom Ads

So, I had this dream last night with a segment (I just woke up from a moment ago) that would make the perfect "Got Milk of condom ads..." You may be wondering, why would you have the perfect ad for condoms while dreaming? That is just how my mind works :P (Or, they already have telepathic advertising through some form of demented technology...) Regardless, this is how it went, and I'll let you be the judge...

It starts with a guy in a gas station convince aisle (not sure why it matters that it was a gas station like store, lol), and he is all discombobulated and moving around with Saran Wrap out of view underneath the camera angle (this is a crucial part of the He is messing around with green Saran Wrap (this is also crucial, don't ask why it matters that it was green, lol), and as you come to find out, he had just made himself a super hero outfit out of the green Saran Wrap (full with an aerodynamic cape, with the right weight and air flow (this is important as well...)) And he is standing all proud of himself, with the pose of a self-indulgent super hero that has just accomplished something "Great", when, you realize just as he does, that the only area not covered is his...Personal area down below (lol); then it shows a short period of shame (perhaps in slow motion, lol) and has a textual and voice overlay, that goes: Got Protection...

Whew, what a weird idea to pop into my head while dreaming...

Take care,

TAGLINE: Even Superheros need Protection :)

Jul 17, 2011

0 Jesus and Change, quote

Jesus changes our hearts/souls/lives in ways that are impossible to quantify :)

Jul 16, 2011

0 Sinners and God, quote

In conclusion, I leave you with this thought: I rather be born a sinner, and grow with God each and everyday, than to be born of perfection, and grow apart.

1 Are you a Christian? Commentary

Are You a Christian...
...that believes the Bible to be the inspired word of God?

This is an interesting question- I really hate calling myself a Christian because of the stigma associated with it (Maybe hate is too strong of a wrong, lol). A lot of Christians have lived the exact opposite of Christ and yet, calls themselves Christians; for this reason, I dislike the term as abused by others. What I rather say is: I adhere to be Christ-like :) Or, I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost and try to follow His teachings.

In any event, I strayed from the question: yes, I believe that the Bible is the Word of God, but, lately I rely more on the knowledge that the Holy Ghost provides me with (that lives inside of me). When you have the Holy Ghost inside of you, you can gain insight from Him, and gain help with reasonings that are circumstantial in nature (or in conflict).

As a tip for other Christians, the greatest commandment from God is to love; I think that no matter what the sin, no matter what the disagreement, we should fall back on love to bridge ourselves with others. For example, it would be silly to not help someone on Sabbath day, just because you are suppose to rest.

In conclusion, I leave you with this thought: I rather be born a sinner, and grow with God each and everyday, than to be born of perfection, and grow apart.

Take care,

0 Strength and Mind, quote

The strength of the mind is proportional to how much pain it can handle, and still remain true to itself.

0 Thoughts and Ourselves, quote

A thought quickly forgotten, still becomes a vital part of our spiritual selves.

1 Problems and Ourselves, quote

When all the big problems are gone, all there is left to do is: worry about the little ones.

Jul 15, 2011

0 Acceptance and Life, quote

In this world, a life's value is directly proportional to its acceptance. And when you are not accepted, you try to change the world.

2 Question about Writers, quote

Is there anything else worst for a writer than to be unheard. 

0 Insanity's Road, haiku

Insanity's road
Sirens driving deep blue cars
beauty which corrodes

0 Silver Reflection, haiku

Silver reflection
dissection and addiction
my hunger for knives

2 Staring into Lights, haiku

Staring into lights
without reason as to why
just because we can

Jul 14, 2011

0 Lambifur, I'm not a baby

I'm not a baby, now push minions...

0 Blue Symphony, haiku

Heaven calls to me
from a deep tranquility
of blue symphony

0 Loneliness and Heavens, haiku

Loneliness engulfs
this ocean I know too well
the heavens I don't

0 Weak Constitutions, quote

It's necessary to discover weak constitutions within yourself and try to find solutions to the problems before they are exploited. Then, you will have a better character, and a stronger heart and mind.

0 Questions about yourself, quote

The questions that you can't answer about yourself, are the ones that are the most interesting.

Jul 13, 2011

0 Spontaneous quote

I'm pretty spontaneous, but not too spontaneous as to get myself into dangerous situations without thinking things through 

0 Knifes and Crimson, haiku

Fan-blades slowly spins
and all I can imagine
are knives and crimson

0 Ornate Flower, haiku

Wet ornate flower
erected and extending
plucked from the sweet earth

Jul 12, 2011

0 Outlook and Interest, quote

People are too concern with what other's like, that they forget to concentrate on what they like, regardless of others.

0 Writing is, quote

Writing is like talking to a wall; a personified, omniscient wall of our innermost worlds.

0 Adults and Power, quote

When you grow up you realize, adults are just children with power.

0 Lambifur's Getaway

It's a Pistachio getaway, step on it-

0 Friendship is, quote

Friendship is not based on ultimatums and restrictions- it is based on love and giving of oneself.

0 Second Chances, quote

There are no second chances for the same time and space, but, there are second chances in how you decide to live the rest of your life. 

0 Today-tomorrow, haiku

yesterday faded away
no second chances

0 Concentration, quote

People concentrate on one thing only and loose sight of everything else

Jul 11, 2011

2 Heart is Bare, haiku

When your heart is bare
and there's nothing left to pick
a season will come

0 Lambifur Soup

Sniff, I don't want to be made into soup; I wasn't bad...

Jul 10, 2011

0 Out of my Dream, haiku

Words calling my name
to recognize delusions
of nightmares and dreams

0 Difference and Similarities, quote

In a world where difference has been all but weeded out, I hunger for difference...

0 Listening and Mentality, quote

People listens too much, instead of developing their own mentality.

0 School and Intelligence, quote

School gives people a false sense of intelligence. 

0 Dark Potions Reside, haiku

What we are left with
monsters in the memories
dark potions reside

0 Crushed Butterfly, quote

Usually life is offsetted by our expectations and dreams; and, when they are crushed by them being unfilled, we become as a butterfly on the wheel of life.

Jul 9, 2011

0 A Big Girl's Tears, Haiku

Big girl crying on
bed sheets of tears and makeup
holding (her) pillow heart

2 Drowning in Kisses, Haiku

Craving deep inside
this soul to always abide
drowning in kisses

0 Lambifur loves her Pistachios!

Yes, you got that is right! I went to the store- I love my Pistachios, please buy them; And no, you can't have them, muahahaha... Please...

0 Family Tree Submission, haiku

Her collar runs deep
roots growing deep down inside
replacing her tree

0 White Rose Submission, haiku

Her submission calls
deep down, from within her well
where a white rose grows

Jul 8, 2011

0 Patterns and Life, quote

You just can't stop your patterns from showing, that is just life; life is all about patterns.

0 My Heart's Addiction, haiku

Dark Twisted Logic
contained within this syringe
my heart's addiction

0 Lambifur is going on a trip

Muahaha, I am going on a trip; to where? I cannot say :) I'm super excited...

1 New Ideas, quote

New ideas also brings, new problems to solve.

0 Inner Turmoil, quote

The inability to resolve inner turmoil, causes a degradation of a soul's mental faculties

0 Woven Eyes, haiku

My eyes are woven
shrouded in dichotomy
and they taste as sweet

0 Difference of Perceptions, quote

One perception shows genius, while another shows pure, unadulterated madness- what a difference perception makes...

4 Lambifur, one of my blog's characters