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Nov 26, 2011

0 Love you with all my heart, poem

Finding you was a gift from God
that answered the stream of prayers that made up my past
and now I can talk with you at long last
and be at one with your heart and soul

Instead of my prayers piled up and stuck on my bedroom's sky
instead of my whispers into my pillowcase becoming a lullaby
instead of dreams escaping through my window's lip
instead of time slipping through all of my hope's grip
I can look into your eyes and kiss your lips

Truly, truly our song is strung together
you're the lightening to my thunder
and our emotions are mixed up like the rain
and I know that there could be no other that could ever share my name

Let our cherished moments christen the bad
let us learn to drown out all of our worries with all that we ever had
and take a moment to say those special words that we've always known
and let us replay those special moments that we've grown

"Love you with all my heart and soul,"

Your Fiancee, Anthony