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Feb 28, 2011

0 Relationships Simile

Building and keeping a relationship is a continual process that takes a lot of effort, time, and thought, like raising a child

0 Runaway Thoughts, quote

The thoughts we run away from, are the thoughts we find ourselves crashing into

0 Personality and Duplicity, quote

When our personality depends on an external force to dictate it, we should look internally for the answers to prevent our duplicity

Feb 26, 2011

0 Afterlife and Heaven, quote

People think that when you die and go to heaven, you will become perfect, automatically, but I don't think this is the case. I think when you die, your soul will remain the same as in the afterlife.

0 Right choices, quote

In order to know how to make the right choices, we must, sometimes, go through all the wrong ones

0 People and Substance, quote

 Infinite progression and degeneration is what people are made of

0 Thorn of a Rose, Metaphor

You're like a thorn of a rose, lacking the pedals that makes it so magnificent

Feb 25, 2011

0 Google Goggles: Privacy Invasion Possibilities?

Google Goggles can recognize celebrities and famous people by photo search, then display results like any textual input. What happens when ordinary people can be looked up by a simple image? The ramifications of such a possibly is starling.

For instance, imagine this if you will: A stalker wants to find out more information about a victim, he simply snaps a picture, Google search finds all the search related data connected to her, and he now knows all the data she's ever entered online connected to those results (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc...).

Imagine again if you will: Someone wants a new identity, they input their image and the results are populated with their doppelgangers, now they have access to information about their victims and their quest has been greatly reduced (time wise).

Of course, privacy advocates will step in, file lawsuits and society will become insensitive or overly sensitive to the occurrence of such technology: become more aware and observant to such an emergence and questions about their freedom. Some may say that the information is publicly accessible and they inputted it to their own detriment; That they could simply delete the data or not have included it in the first place. Some may point out the positive effects of such technology: finding lost children, lost love ones, people who disappeared- who have posted images online. Even so, these outcomes can be accomplished without diminishing our privacy. And I say, everything can be justified and legitimized, but the lost can never be regained as it was, and the lost will take even more effort to replace.

Of course this may never come to past, Google could never include photo searches for ordinary people, or people may not care due to information already being public (limited to what they inputed), or that they could- simply not post such information in the first place and be alright. But, such a future is scary and worth a second thought.

0 Theoretical quote, Time-travel

TIme is stationary, in the sense that, a single slide can simply exist and contain, but can't flip or move outside of itself; When such properties exist, then, time travel will be possible

0 Duality and Morality. quote

When two people of good consciences fight, it becomes a battle of morality

Feb 24, 2011

0 True kindness, quote

Do you think true kindness comes from saying nice words and doing good deeds, all the while, betraying your heart? Or is it something more, saying what needs to be said through hardships, and not betraying your heart while you give to others

0 Words and Essence, quote

When we are striped of everything but words, how powerful are those words? What do those words say about us

0 Questions and Answers, quote

I know a lot of questions, but little answers

0 Light and Shadows, quote

When someone shines a bad light on you, all anyone sees are the shadows

Feb 23, 2011

0 Light of truth, quote

In the darkness, it's easier to recognize the light of truth

0 Every step we take, quote

Every step we take is against or with fate, and a certain amount of force is needed for each one

Feb 22, 2011

0 Heart is a flame, metaphor

My heart is a flame, and I drain you in my arms

0 The power of quotes

Some people don't like, nor take the time to appreciate quotes; when quotes can be more powerful than poetry

0 Fear and Obedience, quote

Fear and obedience to an authority not of our own accord, diminishes the choices we are endowed with

0 Bad habits and laziness, quote

Bad habits are the foundation of our society, that and laziness

0 Philosophical Question, Lies

Which is more dangerous: the lies we tell ourselves, or the lies others tells us

0 Abuse and caring, quote

Sometimes caring is confused with abuse, and abuse for caring

Feb 21, 2011

0 Infinite Possibilities, quote

Something to think about,

Life is full of contradictions, and infinite possibilities and varieties makes this possible

0 Unknown History, quote

All that is concealed in the unknown, more contagious than the known

It is the unknown ones throughout history that are the driving forces of this world, this life

0 Intangible Value, quote

What's in value,

The intangible has no earthly value; therefore, it's worth nothing, yet worth everything

0 Thoughts and Gems, quote


Thoughts are like gems, and infinitely more valuable when you find the right one

0 Growing up, quote

Enjoy my quote,

One can never grow, if one never breaks down and rebuilds oneself

0 Dark Hearts and Morality, Quote

Just a thought,

Even the darkest hearts have glimmers of light, slivers of morality: resembling black opals

Feb 20, 2011

0 Philosophical Quote, Words Spoken

Human nature and their voices,

Words spoken, will always echo back a hundred-fold; and words written, will echo back beyond the known

0 Quote, Theory of Deeds

tidbits from me,

A wrongful deed, cancels out a good one

Feb 19, 2011

0 Philosophical Quote, Preconceptions

Question and quote in one,

When every preconception you have of yourself is a lie, what do you do?

0 The equality of life, quote

Sad days,

When two worlds collide, the result isn't always equal

0 Our Instincts, quote

The animal instincts inside,

Going against our instincts, usually makes us better humans

0 Characters of life, quote

My thoughts,

God is the writer of this life's story, and I wonder: Am I a beloved character, or someone destined to endure hell

0 Who am I, quote

When we die, what becomes of our lives,

If all that remains from me are words beneath words, influence beneath influence, then who am I in the end?

0 Quote on suffering

Suffering sucks,

When you are suffering, a moment of rest can bring such, great agony,
and waiting for time to past, becomes a crushing force upon your chest

0 What's in a home, poem

Just some thoughts,

What's in a home, they say, home is where the heart is
but, can such a home protect your body from this world
can it shield you from consequence, stop bullets or hide you

does it have locks and doors and windows and floors
can it protect your family and friends and love ones, from this life
or is it just a place, a place somewhere, sometime, that has no reason or rhyme

Just a theory, a dream, that crumbles to secrets and thoughts
a cage for insanity, loneliness in captivity, a place you can't find

I hunger for a home and safety and a world to call my own
with a fireplace, and a place where I can go to breath out, all of the exhaustion inside
but this heart wont stop beating, stop feeling, to my breaths inside

Feb 18, 2011

0 My Sanctuary, poem

A place to escape, this life

Everyone needs a sanctuary, that no one else can enter
that sound can't penetrate, that lies outside of time, outside of life

A place that's elusive and exclusive and peaceful and mine
that action can't dissolve and words can't revolve, this world beyond the door

Somewhere in which I can hide, escape away and reside
a room lost to everyone else but me, that I can exist without needs

and in this world, I can want and want and want as I please

Feb 16, 2011

0 Power of words, quote

Whose words affects you,

Words are only as powerful as those who says them

Feb 15, 2011

0 Differentiated Perspectives, Philosophical Quote

What is, can mean an infinite different things, to an infinite number of different people

My eyes are different than yours,
and one perspective ultimately becomes two,
even while standing right next to you

0 Quote, Emotions and Thoughts

A Simile and introspective look within ourselves,

Emotions are like the weather, and thoughts are like storms

0 Quote, Building Ideas

Enjoy my metaphor,

When there are no more branches sprouting from the tree, we must build them

Feb 14, 2011

0 Philosophical Question about purpose

Think about it,

What is life without purpose, even if you have love and God?

Feb 13, 2011

0 New blog layout: do you like?

What do you think?

Is my new blog layout better or worst?

Thanks for your feedback in advance,
Take care,

Feb 12, 2011

0 inspiration quote

Ponder this,

Inspiration comes from digging deeper within than once imagined

0 Quote, Heavenly Thoughts

Hope you enjoy!

Heavenly thoughts are like dreams, fleeting in essence- and must never be put off until tomorrow

0 Quote, Connections of life

Consider this,

Everything in life is connected, most importantly- are ideas

0 Quote, Fish Parable

Ponder this,

A fish knows not, yet knows all about a bird's life

0 Quote, what we say

Ponder this,

We expect others to say, what we can not- such is our dilemma

Feb 10, 2011

0 Drowning out this world, poem - Redone

How does it compare,

Voices vibrate up into my room, these invisible creatures crawling...clawing upstairs
others, rids the timid flow of air- circulating from thirty minutes ago, when I heard the door slam
and I can still hear murmurs from moments ago and now, and I can not make out the words- they are alien- distant and obscure
yet, I can't help but hear; and I feel violated... as if I shouldn't care
after scuffling around- calming, recognizable music fills the air
drowning away the invasion

awake, startled, out from my limbo of dreams and here- I hear words getting louder and louder
and my room is overflowing with seeds- like small cities, caught still in the air
and I try to brush them off of me- they are tangled up in the fabric and my hair

the words are from strangers, strangers to me- ever since... when I cared for myself
they sound like kings and queens scheming, never noticing I'm there, in the corner- invisible
and I live in this world that makes no sense to me- created from humanities devices

Oh, how much like hell this life resembles, my inner world resembles
in contrast, in conflict- clashing infernos and blizzards erase away the guise of heaven
small details hide in the reflections, and I know not how to reside- what choices to bear

for I see a world full of demons, of devils- reducing life to chaos and moral rubble
our society walks around in disillusions, and karma overflows these grunge landscapes
and I see minions- and a heavenly sky without heavens, filled with fallen angels
and I ponder upon these unfortunate ones that don't belong, tested against themselves

0 Critique my poetry: the good and bad

Check out my writing,

Wanting to improve and grow, I hope to read your critiques of my writing. Lately, I feel as if I can't write- that my writing is substandard- that I have no talent or skill at all. Therefore, I hope to hear from all of my readers, informing me of what I am doing well and not so well.
Take care,

0 Drowning out this world, poem

Tell me what you think with a comment,

I drown out this world around me with sound
to take away the intrusion of all the influences
these invaders from the outside world of myself
steeling glimpses inside this shell

planting words like seeds
and coaxing my fate
as if they rule over me
in this world, created by humanity's devices

Oh, how much like hell it resembles
filled with demons and devils
minions and fallen angels
and these unlucky ones, tested against life's resolve

Feb 9, 2011

0 What's insanity, quote

What's insanity but, the inability to turn chaos into beauty

0 Hardship Blessings, quote

Think about it,

Somethings can only be found out, no other way but: through the hardships of life- these are my simple blessings...

0 Free-falling into my heart, poem

Hope you Enjoy!

My breaths can't keep up with my heart
the beat, strong, like the acoustics of a machine gun
causing me to inhale a deep sigh- out of the blue, that I wish not to exhale- and all the sudden, my heart is gone
and for that brief moment, I feel content- like I am inhaling perfume
and time stops far too soon, leaving me caught up in this aftershock

Then time sped up on an adrenaline high- sending me, free-falling into my apparition
All because of: the motions of the heart

0 What is Stress, poem


What is stress, but a question
that begs to be answered
that needs to be responded to by a specific time

What is stress, but an emotional pressure
like a spirit, sitting upon your chest
that squeezes both- the heart and mind
wearing away these thoughts down to a slumber
that notices not- the blood thirsty heart

This mind that needs to be disconnected from life
these impulses which flow like ocean waves
and to just dream for a moment
whether light or dark
taints the bedroom's window

0 Empty Love, poem

Enjoy and comment!

There are times when the words- I love you
feels like my tongue has turned into a snake
and my palate, now, hungers more for
forbidden fruits, sugar nectar sliding down my tongue

Feb 8, 2011

1 Commentary, My Saddest Moment for now

Another commentary

Currently, my saddest moments are an accumulation of moments which has followed me into today, and the next. Money can't buy happiness, but financial securely can create less problems in your life. Most of my problems are financial- the others are mostly medical. When you don't have a job due to health, have to watch your life crumble around you- you come to understand what fabric you are made of. When you have disabilities, your life is falling apart, have no money or job, dependent upon family for help- which subtly degrades you and are passive aggressive- you come to realize how much value there is in character.

It is hard to be yourself when you have nothing to hold onto but faith, that things will get better, that God will come around and has a plan. Your character and fabric gets tested a lot, you start to doubt things you have always held as true, and you wonder if things will always be the same, if not worst. It is very difficult to depend on people that don't want to help you, that plays mind games with you- and you realize that your life is temporarily dependent upon them. These are the demons I bare, and hopefully they will make me a stronger individual- not a destitute one.

Take care,

2 Commentary, my thoughts on blogging

Inspired by a post

Blogging, hmm... I guess being able to explore my thoughts and exploring myself spiritually- is what I enjoy most about it. I don't have many readers or commenters- haven't made any new friends like the rest of the community through it. I write for my personal growth and my ability to affect the small world around me. To showcase my soul, as it were.
One day, I hope the experience will teach me how to become a better person and help my life become full of accomplishments.
Take care,

0 Commentary on Beliefs: my view

just some thoughts, sparked by a post

Belief can be a double-edge sword, the belief in something destructive or untrue- surely can. On-the-other-hand, a belief in something beautiful can be very spiritual, that it remains true- regardless of time. That in some universe, dimension, or circumstance, it is an actuality. This is the power of believing.

I think one should have a certain level of intelligence about what one believes in. How can you believe, simply in anything- you will get yourself in a lot of trouble. In the end it is between your heart and mind, what you believe in; and only time will tell- if you should remain vigilant. One should never compromise their beliefs in the face of adversity, they should explore the correctness of their beliefs- and stay true to who they are, if that belief holds to be true.
Take care,

0 Quote, writing fiction


Writing fiction is an art of weaving together truths and lies

0 Who I am, poem

My evil heart

Who I am is what my writing is
outside the world's guise
I'm made up of tidbits, you find here and there
filled with truth and lies
that don't fit into this scheme of life

and I find that death suits me more

2 Monotonous Syndrome and Writers, Commentary

Just some of my thoughts for once...

Writing can be a very draining process, so many aspects and dimensions your mind can travel down- unsure of which way to go or what to change. And your writing is filled with layers, intertwining concepts, and your own personal style- you wonder where you are even going, sometimes.

I noticed that I have been getting worn-out lately, and wondering if many other writers have this problem as well. Sometimes my writing feels monotonous and bland, and I wonder how I created works in the first place, that were of variety and depth. I know my horrible grammar skills and spelling makes it even more of a chore, wondering where to put all the pronunciation and wording- which words to use and if they are the correct words to use. So very tiresome. And yet, I love writing- unsure why sometimes.

Writers as a whole are somewhat of snobs, grammatically and intellectually. I am always seeing posts making fun of grammar and spelling of others, instead of helping them improve without such mockery to begin with. Grammar for me has always been difficult, and I don't think I am that unintelligent- somethings are difficult for others. There is also an ire and ambitious attitude in the writing community that I find distasteful- getting caught up in intellectual drivel and conceptualizing everything, that they loose track of why they should be writing- for the pleasure and spiritual growth of themselves, for others to read and grow themselves (also for fun!). They loose the heart and soul of the art-form. Sure, I love pondering and analyzing art- to improve and grow, but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy it for what it is.

The writer community needs to become more communistic and less arrogant in my opinion. I for one, probably suffer from lots of these flaws as well. I wish that my writing came out more naturally for me, it's so hard to write longer pieces when you are always worn-out- perhaps I am over-thinking and overly critical of myself as I write.
Thanks for reading, take care-

1 Symbol Acrostic, poem


yearning for
loyal hearts

0 Quote, how to learn

Learn all that you can on your own, then learn from others, then derive off of it- and learn again on your own

0 Quote on knowledge

ponder me this...

What we take away from someone, is usually something they've never said

0 Outside of gray, poem

Don't forget to comment and share!

I'm but a demon, attracted to a heart's heat
to the harmonics of the sensuous beat
to the acoustics of the soul, where the mind sleeps, in this slumber of humanity

and I'm addicted to, such sweet insanity

oh, how I love to possess
drink the sweet nectar of- such a flower in bloom
and rip her from her innocent cocoon
reborn into a world of my own devices

my heart knows no restraints or conflictions
to prevent me from exploring
the forbidden knowledge locked away
inside of her, she dares look upon or say

and I play with her being, and I hunger to transform
until shes tattered and worn
and can no longer recognize
anything outside of gray

Feb 7, 2011

0 My eyes are awakening, poem

Deeper within

My eyes resemble a crumbling sunset
and I don't know what lies beneath
the reflections and shadows of my eyes
beyond the reef of my thoughts
deeper than I have ever sought

through the illusions of happiness and sanity
deeper still, into the crossings of my humanity
into neighborhoods I've never explored, nor recognize
made from the confusions and delusions, pains and sorrows
that keeps following me into my every- yesterdays and tomorrows

this world within me that's awakening

Feb 6, 2011

2 Quote on poetry


Poetry is chaos turned to art

0 Sleep's Cadence, poem

Don't forget to comment

As I sit here upon this bed, I feel lonely as my lover pretends to be dead
asleep inside of her head, dreaming without me

And as she lays there, blank and calm
I whisper words, prelude to a song
of how I miss her, and time doesn't seem to belong

where do our hearts go, in this death that dreams bestow
where you and I are played by one-another
and mirrors reflect memories and music reflects tears
in this world of our subconscious

finding existence, the overture of our love

oh, dream of a world where we belong
outside of life's tapestry, where chaos begets excitement
and nightmares are reduced to a calm sanity
that can neither take away or destroy, the essence of our hearts

this fate, that fuels our steam-punk devotion
a riptide beneath the surface of the ocean
ripping away this distance between- here and there
and we can once again share, this moment together

Oh how eternal, this inferno that sweeps aside
how deep, this sentiment that abides
of our cadence, we must subside

to be apart for a while

Feb 5, 2011

2 Quote on Learning

What do you think?

Somethings you just got to learn on your own

0 Quote on simplicity

Think about it!

The simplest of things are the hardest to change

0 My thoughts on dying

My thoughts
When asked if I'm scared of dying, I had this to say:

Yes and no, I'm ambivalent about dying- undecided if I'll end up in Heaven, hell, or non-existence. Although, nonexistence I don't believe in, it is a thought that pops up in the back of my mind, though.

Non-existence is scary, actually- to simply not exist has a dis-hearting ring to it, that all your hard work and efforts were in vein (if not perpetuated in the mortal realm). Then again, going to hell isn't very appetizing. So, hopefully I'll go to Heaven. In the end, if you just end up as a ghost- that wouldn't be too fun. Death itself isn't very scary- it's what happens next. Also, the aspect of how you will die isn't too inviting, if not- exciting.

0 Arched blood, poem

Hope to hear form you!

Animals of sexuality, seduction and sensuality
formed of curves and waves and dark intellect
a passionate chorus of emotions, eroding away the sensibility

I felt the need to bite you
the craving to excite you
my need to entice you into submission
in this friction of our souls
colliding symphonies and cathedrals

how do I fulfill this insatiable hunger
fueling my passion and making my heart asunder
expiring like an ever consuming perfume
these desires, I inhale like forbidden fumes
that steals away my humanity, pushes it aside
to reveal this conscious hunger which abides

Deep inside I wish to rip you, leave you covered in claws
your personality inverted to my perverse appetites, like a realistic doll
a doll to dress up in a tattered guise
manipulations engraved in your reflective eyes

crawling away into the darkest of my dreams
deeper inside, beneath the layers and seams
aggression and restraint begging ones moral omission
unrehearsed pleasure through our renditions
and pain trickles down your grin

Down the arches of our dilated eyes
pulsates this world of ours, made alive, made of truth and lies
outside of others rules and dismay
beats the blood of two at worldly play

Feb 4, 2011

0 Dystopic melody, poem

The dragon inside

My subconscious reigns down on me like an angry dragon
encaged within this fleshy temple
growling in suit with my heart

fueled by these fiery emotions
inside my chest, along the sacred walls
scriptures engraved with dragon claws
within his eyes, whispers a dystopic melody

This beast imprisons my chaotic desires
secrets I pushed away, deep down through the abyss of my humanity
a creature that keeps bay my insanity
this kindred apparition

I don't want to know what he knows
this forbidden knowledge buried under molten rock
yet it spews out of my awaken thoughts
becoming the symbolism of my dreams

how much contempt and passion resides
burning to the depths of my lies
these truths I wish to die
in the reminisce of my sanctuary

and as I look down my eyes like a sheet of glass
into the fiery depths of this fiction-less inferno
my mind and heart in tune
growing in a symphony of mad laughter
if this floor beneath me shatters, falling into my apocalypse and doom

Feb 3, 2011

0 Incomplete and Undone, poem

Enjoy and don't forget to comment!

As I examine my life, it becomes a game of chess
mixed together with a game of chance
and my mind wanders down all of these paths

the what-ifs and could-bes
all the inherent possibilities
and I wish not to take away from myself, the good and bad
yet, at last, I do not belong as I am

Oh, how unfortunate a life must be
to resemble a creature such as me
and this individual, no matter how apart
is the ripple that consumes my ever, different heart

is my intellect to blame
social status, detrimental chains
pain of never being apart
or is it more, is God only concealed inside this tiny flame of my everlasting heart
a fantasy without a name
and it pains me to think such thoughts as these, just the same

How do I cleanse this stain from
the pupils of my eyes which has done
fallen apart and open, a box undone and broken
refusing to reassemble back from the sun

I do not have any answers which belongs
or any emotions to show, outside of songs
I am just here, with the one I love
Incomplete and undone

0 Her Fragrance, poem

Hope you enjoy!

Her fragrance, rocky as a riverbank
with minerals carried by the breeze
along with mist from the ocean, the splashes against the weeds

and through the woods and musky flowers
draped on the edge of cliffs and banks
wet from the evening showers
gravel impressed with peddles and leaves

flows her fragrance, untouched by the meadows, to me

0 Quote on originality

Think about it!

The only thing original, are the infinite shades and hues and variations of a concept

Feb 2, 2011

2 Domination and Submission, poem

Enjoy this dark lyric

Temptations flowing in my blood
relations of a woman to love
sensations are never enough
to fulfill this hunger of my heart

and I desire to take apart, for her heart to behold in pieces of the dark
steal and rip and mold- like origami to layer, flip, and fold
between nightmare and daydream: a personality to build and erode

from innocence to erotic appraise
truth demented to forbidden lies
Oh how sweet this forbidden fruit subsides
adapting to my stimulating guise

and she looks at me with ambivalent, analytical eyes
caught between her world and mine, subtle and sublime
domination and submission of two minds

0 Reasons for choosing a blog, Commentary

Hope you enjoy my commentary

Reasons for choosing a blog:
1. Visually appealing format and design, intelligent and well thought out
2. Content which approaches a topic by a new perspective; content that appeals to my tastes is very important
3. Blog that isn't super cluttered with ads and widgets that doesn't interest me
4. A blog that is too slow and invades my auditory space with automatic playing media
5. A writing style that is interesting, enjoyable, entertaining, intelligent- yet simple enough to digest

Why I return to a blog: I return to a blog that has content which furthers my intellect or emotional well-being- through entertainment or new perspectives

Why I recommend a blog:  I recommend a blog that I know a reader would enjoy, one that pertains to their interests, one that is insightful and entertaining

Why I comment on a blog:  I comment on blogs that are active, that has a good readership, engaging, and got me thinking in a new way

Where do I get my return traffic from: I get my traffic mainly from Google and search engines, from various postings on others' blogs, and from my feed

Feb 1, 2011

6 Dark Humanity Poem

Hope you enjoy!

Beauty in the darkness, in the captivation
lost in the moral ambiguity, in the sensation

outside of life, of realization
beauty persists in dark observation

No consequence or abrasions, fantasy made of only imaginations
and like art, thoughts are drawn fourth in chains

Our hearts seared by the ever consuming flames