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Feb 4, 2011

0 Dystopic melody, poem

The dragon inside

My subconscious reigns down on me like an angry dragon
encaged within this fleshy temple
growling in suit with my heart

fueled by these fiery emotions
inside my chest, along the sacred walls
scriptures engraved with dragon claws
within his eyes, whispers a dystopic melody

This beast imprisons my chaotic desires
secrets I pushed away, deep down through the abyss of my humanity
a creature that keeps bay my insanity
this kindred apparition

I don't want to know what he knows
this forbidden knowledge buried under molten rock
yet it spews out of my awaken thoughts
becoming the symbolism of my dreams

how much contempt and passion resides
burning to the depths of my lies
these truths I wish to die
in the reminisce of my sanctuary

and as I look down my eyes like a sheet of glass
into the fiery depths of this fiction-less inferno
my mind and heart in tune
growing in a symphony of mad laughter
if this floor beneath me shatters, falling into my apocalypse and doom