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Feb 3, 2011

0 Incomplete and Undone, poem

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As I examine my life, it becomes a game of chess
mixed together with a game of chance
and my mind wanders down all of these paths

the what-ifs and could-bes
all the inherent possibilities
and I wish not to take away from myself, the good and bad
yet, at last, I do not belong as I am

Oh, how unfortunate a life must be
to resemble a creature such as me
and this individual, no matter how apart
is the ripple that consumes my ever, different heart

is my intellect to blame
social status, detrimental chains
pain of never being apart
or is it more, is God only concealed inside this tiny flame of my everlasting heart
a fantasy without a name
and it pains me to think such thoughts as these, just the same

How do I cleanse this stain from
the pupils of my eyes which has done
fallen apart and open, a box undone and broken
refusing to reassemble back from the sun

I do not have any answers which belongs
or any emotions to show, outside of songs
I am just here, with the one I love
Incomplete and undone