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Oct 30, 2011

2 Halloween Candy Voucher Idea

Happy Halloween everyone! I have a new idea for the Trick or Treating process :) Halloween is suppose to be a social event; but now days, Halloween is losing it's social origins in favor of private parties, home events, churches, and so on (safer methods). This is because there are evil people out there that poisons/sabotages the candies, puts razor blades into apples, and so fourth to destroy the community spirit. Therefore, I came up with an idea that would make door to door treating a safer event without the risk of candy hell.

This is how it will work: The grocery stores sell vouchers for candy, instead of the candy themselves for trick or treating at a discounted rate. When a kid treat or treats at your doorstep, instead of handing out candy, you hand them one or two vouchers for the candy that they can redeem at the stores (and the stores could sell the vouchers in rolls at discounted rates.) The stores can set the value of a bag of candy to a certain amount of vouchers (25, 50, or so), at which they can redeem them with. I thought this would be a wonderful way to spark the old Halloween spirit and Trick or Treating door to door.

Oh yea, the original idea I had was basically the same but more prone to abuse. The original idea was giving each kid a dime, nickel, or quarter instead of candy, and by the time they go to 50 houses or so, they would have enough for a big bag of candy. There is less hassle with that method but it would lead to problems. For example: Parents using their kids to earn money for themselves, kids getting their money stolen, buying items that they shouldn't be getting, and so fourth. That is why I fine tuned the idea to implement vouchers: it would due away with a lot of the problems that a money method would bring.

Hope you enjoyed the theoretical idea that I came up with,

Have a safe, enjoyable, Halloween everyone!

Oct 29, 2011

0 People and Reflections, quote

People are too focused on the reflections to notice the depth behind them.

Oct 28, 2011

1 Discipline and Strength, quote

A disciplined mind is a strong mind: and our world could use more disciplining.

0 Faith and Strengthening, quote

If your faith can be easily shaken, then it needs strengthening.

0 Human Soul and Mountains, quote

The human soul should be as peaceful as a cloud and as sturdy as a mountain.

Oct 27, 2011

1 Belonging and Life, quote

Some people belong in a different time period, I belong in a different universe.

Oct 26, 2011

1 Crying a Thousand Knives, song lyrics

I'm falling apart
slowing in the dark
not knowing who I am
waiting in the mirror to see myself again

and all of this sin is eating me alive
all of my thoughts are crying a thousand knives
and all my heart is collapsing from within
as I adventure down this ride that's forbidden

all I am is lost down the dark depths
leaving me with a thousand weights on my chest
it is crushing at my soul
and I don't know where to go
I am slowly being buried inside
with no where to run or hide

all I am is falling apart down the drain
all I am is burning up in flames
and I feel like I lost my mind
I don't know when in time
If I'll ever be myself again

Oct 21, 2011

1 Fire and Flames, song lyrics

My candle is slowly burning out
down to the wick and I just want to shout
up to the heavens for more fire and flames
Light up my eyes and show me the way
Light up my eyes and keep the darkness at bay

The wick to my heart is tattered and weak
and the treasure inside is disappearing down deep
and I just want to cry out in tears and song
keep all I have that ever belonged

Stop the leak that pours out of my soul
Stop the thoughts that should never be sowed
and all I can feel is the numbing cold
and all I can feel is my heart losing all that it knows

My Candle is slowly growing dim
my heart is filled with trash and sin
and my eyes are slowly going out
all I see are stars and want to shout

Please, Lord, give me back my burning faith
Lighting up my path that could never be erased
Please, Lord, give me back who I was
And pulsate with fire Your everlasting Love

Oct 18, 2011

0 Fallen Star, quote

A Fallen star is just a star that lost its faith...

0 Who we are and graves, quote

Sometimes you're digging a grave for yourself and can't stop until you realize who you are and want to be.

Oct 10, 2011

0 Questions and Answers, quote

Instead of letting others ask the questions, ask the questions for yourself.

Oct 8, 2011

0 Emotional Health and Society quote

People need to treat each other with more respect and commonsense and perhaps our emotional health as a society would be better.

0 Wants and Hearing quote

The things we don't want to hear is what we need to hear the most.

Oct 3, 2011

0 Falling Apart, poem

Deep within the coves of my heart
resonates my worries and fears
inside the caverns of my soul
beats cries of demon tears

Who am I to wander within
with this analytical mind
who am I to think upon
monsters and demons like pieces of art made refine

To gaze and ponder
to try and find meaning from the sin
that buried within these creatures
is a lie so delicious and grim

How can I turn away my mind
like I turn away my head
to think upon the bright starry light
shinning from afar within

My soul is made of puzzle pieces
my heart a Jenga wall
how high I thought I was
And how low I feel I have to fall

My emotions are like potions
brewing from all the lies and truths
yet I drink them like a drunk at his favorite booth
hoping that they will make me whole again

Have I become a puppet doll
with my strings made of web
dancing to the insane tunes that play
with uncertainty at my stead

Have I gone insane
with all these thoughts I cannot drown out
all the ifs and buts that gather here
playing with riddles and doubt

I don't know myself anymore
or who I even am
will all the security I lost before
ever be regained in this shattered Inn

0 Hard times, quote

The hard road leads to an easy path.

0 A Deep Sadness, poem

A deep sadness abides inside
that words can not express
and it chips away at my side
at the clothes in which I'm dressed

I send prayers in bottles
upon the air that rests like waves
and I throw them so hard into the abyss
they skip along for days

Emotions swells within
that are not wanting to be erased
and I don't know how to replace these thoughts inside
that covers my eyes like mace

Let my soul be carried like a sail
upon the heavens that are peaceful and still
let my soul be carried upon the waves
that rocks me to and fro out of this maze

Oct 2, 2011

0 Need a friend? Let's get to know eachother

Decided to try out this Pingbox by and see how well it does. My fiancee and I are always looking for friendship and people who loves God to chat with; Just anyone with a good heart and soul. If you would like to chat, try it out :) Maybe we can be friends; Not everyone is compatible though; Never hurts to try. :)

Take care,