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Apr 27, 2017

0 Thanking God for all of our Blessings in our Season of Justice

Hello everyone reading this, I want to write this post to Glorify God for all he has done for my wife and me: God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.

I recently lost my job due to job discrimination based on my disability, but I was able to get unto unemployment which I most definitely thank God for. I got a letter in the mail today, saying that my former company tried protesting my unemployment claim (doesn't surprise me) which was turned down and the original upholding held that I can get unemployment; however, they can appeal the decision before a hearing if they wish which they probably will do.

Just shows the evilness of the company that I use to work for. That they not only discriminate against me at work and are suppose to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, but they didn't resolve the problem while I was working there and they continue to try and rob me of my livelihood and my wife's.

God gave us food stamps for our food, unemployment for rent and bills, energy assistance for our energy, and we didn't go homeless thanks to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost: Could never do it without God.

God is giving me time to recover, time to spend with my wife again, and time to get my life back on track. God has given us food, when we had no food, in abundance: we just recently went to the Food Bank.
God is too good, indeed. We need to be grateful for all that we are given, especially from God.

People were once again doing pot and smoke in a nonsmoking building and it was coming into our room since it's all integrated, but God cast out the enemies that try to surround us on all sides: including the devil and demons.

I'm learning what it means to walk in the foot steps of Jesus Christ. I am seeing all of the programs that are our there which are inadequate and inefficient. Seeing how people live which aren't middle class and all of the inherent problems associated with it: the nature of being cast down.

I am seeing how jobs try to avoid unemployment by firing you for this reason or that to get away with it and try to not pay you for it. I am seeing that this world is quickly going to hell and fast because all of the small problems people avoided for too long which has piled up in the background and no one thinks there's anything to fix or change for the better: but they are all capable and intent on changing it for the worst. People are very greedy and oftentimes learns the wrong lessons in life.

God has Truly BLESSED me and my Wife, most ABSOLUTELY. There is so much evilness in this world and I am truly grateful to have God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost watching out for us and on our side.

If you truly give yourself to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost with all of your Heart and Mind and Soul and Strength, then you will see God working in your life and know what the devil is trying to do as well.

THANK YOU God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything; for loving us at our darkest; for never leaving nor forsaking us; for always being there; we could never do it without YOU: even when it makes no sense.

Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost and everyone else reading this.

Take care, Your Son Anthony

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