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Jun 27, 2009

1 Should there be more laws to protect homeless people? Should laws be in effect to outlaw being homeless?

I think the trend to make it a crime to be homeless is ridiculous and the prison system would never be able to handle jailing the amount of homeless people there are. I think it's unconstitutional and that some public land should be turned into campsites with bath and water and job help to protect our homeless citizens.

The trend to criminalize our unfortunate homeless citizens in a civilized world while helping third world countries is appalling. It reminds me of discrimination, consecration camps in the effect people simply want to hate them and round them up into one place which seems to be heading towards prison. And since our jail system could never handle such a thing, it's more likely to turn into homeless prison camps.

Morally the issue should have no gray but legally there seems to be a lot of gray. Its unfortunate since soo many people face homelessness and the unsafety that comes with it.

Jun 14, 2009

0 Will there be a new star trek series after the new star trek movie

I hope there will be, it looks very possible. The new star trek movie fits the new generation of viewers. The new actors portray the original cast very well with good differences. I think if they did make another series off of the movie it would be great, maybe even re-energize the franchise. I miss my star trek :) And since its based off of an alternate time-line like in the movie, it can go in any direction it wants :)

0 They should make the playstation 2 game spiral into a movie

I recently got a playstation 2 and played a game called spiral; I really think they should make it into a movie. The dragon has a very likable character, the elements of the game would make a wonderful movie that everyone would love. I'm somewhat surprise that the game has been out for soo long without anyone making it into a movie yet. Well that's just my thoughts :) If someone did make an animated film based on it, it would probably do very well.

Jun 12, 2009

0 My Disney world experience could of been better

I went to Disney world, stayed at a Disney world resort, and went to just about all of the theme parks except for one. In any event, my experience comes from that of a poor person. Disney World as I knew it was for everyone, but the majority of everyone were upper class or high middle class. This wouldn't have even mattered if they weren't snobby people. You can tell by the body language and gestures. The whole park is tailored to the upper class and high middle class. You have to reserve almost anywhere decent to eat, the prices are high, and the only good thing was use of the Disney bus transportation.

Now, I'm used to theme parks where everything is in one place, the rides outweigh everything else, and the people are your average joes. Each Disney world theme park only has at most maybe 10 rides, only 3 are remotely fun in each park. Then you have to pay more to just have the park hopper past so you can get to the other parks which has the rest of there rides. Splash mountain was a disappointment, didn't even have waterfalls and didn't get wet. On the other note, tower of terror was very good and I enjoyed that. The plays were also outstanding as we saw finding Nemo which was a blast, beauty and the beast, and little mermaid.

All in all, the trip had its ups and downs. The resort wasn't worth what we were paying. It had no decent cable, everything had an extra fee, and the only good thing was the free Disney transportation. The parks didn't have enough to do ride wise, the restaurants were catered to the rich and reserve only, although there were some nice cheap places to eat at we found. The entertainment was nice, such as: plays. With all the ups and downs, at the end of the day, a cheaper vacation spot like magic mountain or Disney land would of been better. If you are a poor person who doesn't want to pay for every little detail, don't feel like making reservations for 35 dollar a person meals, don't want to deal with feeling out of place around the snobby rich upper and middle class, then Disney world is not likely going to turn out like your cheap vacations, just isn't worth the trouble and price you pay.

Of course all of this is just my opinion, you may love it but as for me, It's not worth seeing how the other half lives in this overpriced, overrated World of ridiculousness.