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Jun 27, 2009

1 Should there be more laws to protect homeless people? Should laws be in effect to outlaw being homeless?

I think the trend to make it a crime to be homeless is ridiculous and the prison system would never be able to handle jailing the amount of homeless people there are. I think it's unconstitutional and that some public land should be turned into campsites with bath and water and job help to protect our homeless citizens.

The trend to criminalize our unfortunate homeless citizens in a civilized world while helping third world countries is appalling. It reminds me of discrimination, consecration camps in the effect people simply want to hate them and round them up into one place which seems to be heading towards prison. And since our jail system could never handle such a thing, it's more likely to turn into homeless prison camps.

Morally the issue should have no gray but legally there seems to be a lot of gray. Its unfortunate since soo many people face homelessness and the unsafety that comes with it.