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Jul 2, 2009

0 The Closet Stairway

In the darkness I sit alone upon my bed staring into the closet

Where shadows are chanting in ritual with words I can not hear

And the fabric of reality started to assemble a staircase of petrified wood

I walked over in wonder to ponder what was down it's seemingly infinite steps

Peering down the deep abyss with orange glowing walls of rock

And I decided to venture down into the cavern I found myself within

Strange creatures climbed up the rock faces

They hung like bats from the stalactites

Usual sounds beat through the air like music

And I was compelled to go further down into it's depth

Towards the end, I saw a young beautiful woman entering a chasm of hallways and rooms

Like a dollhouse, stretching infinitely up and down the rock face

I could see into each lit room and hallway all of the residents that lived there

And I was amazed in wonder of at my upcoming adventure through this unknown world