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Nov 30, 2011

0 Spontaneity and the Future, quote

I need to be more spontaneous with my thinking about the future; I just need to let it happen and not think about the outcome. When you ponder too much on all of the bad, you lose confidence in the good and you're ability to handle life. Afterwards, all that you are left with are worries, doubts, stress, and depression.

0 Deprivation and Diversity, quote

Catering to the wants of the masses deprives us of the enrichment of diversity.

0 Some People's Nature, quote

Some people you know how their nature and you never wanted to in the first place.

0 Problems and Situations, quote

People think that just because they would never get themselves into a situation/be in a certain situation, that you should have no right to voice yourself while your in it/that it's your fault; but that isn't how life works, people are human beings and should be treated as such no matter what.

0 The things we avoid, quote

It's funny all of the things you ignore just to avoid problems. And then your eyes opens, and all you can see are the problems. Why do we let ourselves get this way? Because people are too emotionally/psychologically fragile to work out their problems and handle the truths of this world.

Nov 29, 2011

0 What I like most about writing quotes, quote

I think what I like most about writing quotes is that I can do it everyday and it adds up and it shows a single thought I had that I thought was worth writing down. and at the end of it, after 50 years or so, it will show who I am. and if I ever died, my children will know what I thought about.

0 Biggest decisions an adult must make, quote

One of the biggest decisions an adult must make is: Weighting the weight of doing the right thing and losing everything in the process against the weight of going against oneself and being safe. What price would you pay and what you pay it for. These are very mature questions that everyone must face. Lots of times we simply ignore it, hope it will go away, and our choices are made for us.

0 What affects you the most, quote

It's not what happens right away that affects you the most, it's after the incident settles and lingers and festers that does it. It's when all of the dust has settled, all the effects has deminished, and you are left questioning yourself.

0 Where home is not, quote

When a house feels like a cage, it's not a home anymore.

0 Bad Day but Good For, quote

Today is a bad day, but a good quote day.

0 What Life's All About, quote

I'm happy that I did what I did even if I was wrong, which Im not, because you don't have to be perfect to be yourself. Being yourself doesn't mean perfection; you can make mistakes and live life; that is what life is all about; how else are you suppose to learn and grow.

0 Logic of People, quote

You can't tell them what you can't do; you should do what you shouldn't do. Nonsensical madness.

0 The Greatest Gift for your Children, quote

The greatest gift you can give your children is the knowledge you've collected throughout your life.

0 Becoming Accustomed, quote

Don't accustom yourselves to what you shouldn't be enduring; all it does is get you used to being a way you shouldn't be in the first place.

0 Ignoring Life, quote

When you ignore life long enough, you become diluted to it.

0 Living Life, quote

You have to handle life in order to live life.

Nov 27, 2011

0 Between Memories and Money, quote

Memories are more precious than flawless diamonds; it's what we fall back on through life's testaments. Therefore, if you ever had to choose between money or making memories, choose memories.

0 Connections and Diversity, quote

Life is all connected, and the only way to understand life is to have diversity.

0 Questions every person should ask themselves

Questions every person should ask themselves

Question 1.

Who are they?

Question 2.

Who are they not?

Question 3.

What rules do they live by?

Question 4.

What do they want from life?

Question 5.

What will cause them to act upon something?

Question 6.

What makes them content?

Question 7.

How do they handle themselves?

0 Control and Release, quote

We all need to control our emotions; we, also, all need to learn how to release our emotions in a positive way.

0 Needs and Wants, quote

What people need is not what they want and what they want is not what they need.

Nov 26, 2011

0 Power and Words, quote

Just because you hear something doesn't mean it has power over you; you are what you are and you dictate your reality

0 Love you with all my heart, poem

Finding you was a gift from God
that answered the stream of prayers that made up my past
and now I can talk with you at long last
and be at one with your heart and soul

Instead of my prayers piled up and stuck on my bedroom's sky
instead of my whispers into my pillowcase becoming a lullaby
instead of dreams escaping through my window's lip
instead of time slipping through all of my hope's grip
I can look into your eyes and kiss your lips

Truly, truly our song is strung together
you're the lightening to my thunder
and our emotions are mixed up like the rain
and I know that there could be no other that could ever share my name

Let our cherished moments christen the bad
let us learn to drown out all of our worries with all that we ever had
and take a moment to say those special words that we've always known
and let us replay those special moments that we've grown

"Love you with all my heart and soul,"

Your Fiancee, Anthony

Nov 25, 2011

0 5 Good Quotes from 2010

Here are 5 good quotes of mine from 2010:

Quote 1:

Art is neither masculine nor feminine- it is just art

Quote 2:

A problem is like a loan: it incurs interest the longer it sits

Quote 3:

Why do I write? I write because it's the counter-stone of intelligence; and, I wish to improve and polish my counter-stone until it shines brighter than before

Quote 4:

Thought should have reason, and reason have discourse, and discourse should have creativity and intelligence

Quote 5:

It's always interesting finding out who you are- and is who you find, really who you are

Hope you enjoyed my: 5 Good Quotes from 2010. Take care,

Nov 23, 2011

0 Our Perceptions, quote

How our perception is suppose to be defies us of how it is.

0 Offering Strengths, quote

One of human being's greatest strengths is the ability to give strength to one another.

0 Understanding, quote

Understanding shouldn't just come from own's personal experience, it should come from more than that; it should come from observation, transition, and knowledge.

0 Understanding your Child, quote

Embrace your inner child to understand your child, to help your child through life's problems.

0 Bad Dreams, Bad Night

Had horrible dreams, was being operated on in one of my dreams; woke up with a head ache, a weird heart gurgle, and feeling like not myself. Another dream I had tonight felt real like it wasn't a dream: got a parking ticket in that dream. And I think there was one more dream that I don't remember as well... Sigh.

Now I feel disoriented, and I hate that feeling. What can you do? Lately, I've been having bad, distressing dreams and don't know why. I would like to get back to the normal dreams that I have at night, though. Action pack dreams, dreams of sunshine and merriment and so fourth :) Hate not feeling like myself.

Keep me in your prayers, take care

Nov 22, 2011

0 Just Representing with my Scarf, hehe

0 The Majority and Minority, quote

If you want to make money, you appeal to the majority; if you want to do something meaningful, you appeal to the minority.

0 Reverse Engineering Yourself, quote

When you loose touch with who you are, define who you are not.

Nov 21, 2011

0 Who we Support, quote

We should put more thought into what we support, because what we support becomes how our life is; and it also becomes, who in life has the power; and who in life has the power should at least be considered upon.

0 To Think, quote

How you think is just as important as what you think.

0 Spiritual and Physical Sicknesses, quote

A spiritual sickness is a lot like a physical one: it torments you and wears away at you, it causes you to behave differently and unlike yourself, it requires healing and recovery to get better; one of the ways they differ is: a physical one has tangible symptoms, ones that you can see, feel, and touch, while a spiritual sickness can't be touch with anything but your heart and mind and soul; this is what makes a spiritual one so much harder; that and a spiritual one is an internal battle that you do on your own, while a physical one you can have external help that can fix it on your behalf.

Nov 20, 2011

0 Degradation of our Society, quote

Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.. Are all contributing to the degradation of our society. Our actions, mannerisms, conduct online is bleeding into our interactions through reality. The conduits that we have created for mass communication has become a breeding ground for spreading infectious words and ideas. Not only that, but mass communication is turning our society into clones and robbing our world of diversity and culture. These are things you should consider.

Nov 19, 2011

0 How we Handle Ourselves, quote

How we handle ourselves in good moments is equally as important as how we handle ourselves in bad. What I mean by this is: do you still appreciate the people around you when you are having your good moments, or take them for granted; do you still do what's right, when your life is going so perfectly; Are you still true to who you are, or do you change to fit the moment; these are questions you should ask yourself.

2 One of those Dreams, quote

Had a horrible dream. one of those dreams that you loose yourself in; one of those dreams that feels so real, yet you know it's not; one of those dreams that disorients you and you have to wake up from. A dream that leaves you feeling like reality isn't real, like you aren't real once you wake. A dream that numbs you and tricks you and worries you. Yes, one of those dreams.

Nov 18, 2011

0 Boulders and Pebbles, quote

Can a boulder be stopped by a pebble? This is how I feel about many aspects of life. For instance, can a small good moment change a mountain worth of pain; Can a small wave turn back all the tides that bind us with chains. Can one piece fix all the broken pieces of a shattered glass frame. These are questions worth asking.

0 Fear and Uncertainty, quote

Fear flourishes in uncertainty and the unknown. It creates panic and overwhelms all other senses and emotions into a chaotic state. Therefore, drown out the negative emotions with logic, positivity, and balance. Teach yourself not to become engulfed by the monster in all of us.

0 Learning and Knowledge, quote

Learning is not about memorization but implementation; it is about integration and making the knowledge your own; It is about adding to it what didn't exist before.

0 The Symbols we Bear, image quote

0 Collared For Life, image quote

0 Love and Responsibility, quote

With Love Comes... Responsibility

Nov 17, 2011

0 Who we could be, quote

Sometimes we cover our eyes with illusions and lies; we paint ourselves on the inside; we masquerade as someone we are not; And we do this because our reflection is too dark to see; And we do this because of how we learned to be; And all these misinterpretations causes us not to see, who we could be.

0 Child-like Heart, quote

A child-like heart is a precious thing; our innocence is a precious thing; sometimes, we dare not loose grasp of what makes And if we ever do loose grasp of such precious things, we may never ever be able to get it back. That is why I hold onto my child-like ways when the world looks away; That I don't loose hold of myself in all the disarray.

0 Growing Up, quote

Sometimes we are only victims of what we learned before we grew up. And sometimes we are only victims of holding onto too much.

Nov 16, 2011

0 Tragic Life, quote

What is more tragic than a life that could of been so much, yet ended up being so little.

1 What life is all about, quote

Going above and beyond is what life is all about, having passion to do the unexpected and live life.

Nov 15, 2011

0 Cost of Living, quote

People do good deeds during really bad circumstances, but people should do good deeds during good circumstances; people should do good deeds during mildly bad circumstances; people should do good deeds during the gray areas; people should do good deeds when the cost of doing the right thing weights more than the cost of doing nothing.

0 Moments and Traditions, quote

We all want to repeat those moments in life that can never be again: that is why we have traditions.

0 Change and Ourselves, quote

We shouldn't change ourselves for others, but we should change ourselves for ourselves.

0 Culture and Growth, quote

Our culture has become stagnated; this stagnation comes from giving people just what they want, instead of giving them what they need. They need growth; they need difference; they need what they do not know.

0 The Greatest Love, quote

The greatest love is loving as oneself.

Nov 14, 2011

0 Talking to a Wall, quote

When you are thinking that you are just talking to a wall, just remember: the wall is just a reflection of yourself.

0 Broken Grains, quote

You can't go against your grain, or else you are just left with a broken path.

Nov 13, 2011

1 Currency of Life, quote

The currency of life is power, and money is only symbolism to that end; instead of physical force, monetary force is used to dictate the world. And if you strip the world of that encapsulation, you see the nature for what it truly is.

0 Snow and Sin, quote

The white powdery snow of a winter's night is like the world without sin. And the endless amount of cars that drive by and turns it all into sludge and muck is how the world is. And this saddens me so.

0 Civilizations fall because, quote

Civilizations fall because of stagnation and degradations of it's society

Nov 12, 2011

1 Mornings and Days, quote

Usually bad mornings becomes good days

1 Fantasies and Problems, quote

Playing with fantasies can cause some real problems.

0 Our Baggage, quote

Baggage is only made up of things you pick up along the way.

0 What Trust Is, quote

Trust doesn't come from soulless repetition, it comes from endurance, validation, and time.

0 Darn Internet, quote

He's going to delete her, kill her... Darn internet!

Nov 11, 2011

0 Nature of Reality, quote

Questioning the nature of reality and the nature of oneself are the most difficult questions to answer.

0 Ghosts and Purposes, quote

Ghosts are just (living) people without purposes, trying to find their purpose and be alive.

0 Who we are, quote

Who we are, are made of words; and who we are, are defined by our meanings; meanings defined by our experiences.

0 Perceptions and Outlooks, quote

Quotes embody the perceptions of our souls; Our outlook defines us and teaches us.

0 Like Everything Else, quote

The human soul is like everything else in the world in this regard: if left alone, it will fester and rot.

Nov 9, 2011

0 Drawing Strengths from Fellowship, quote

As a people, we draw strength as well as weaknesses from each other: therefore, let our strengths shine more abundantly.

Nov 7, 2011

0 My Realistic Cartoon Characters

0 Perfect Moments, quote

Everyone wants one perfect moment every now and then to look back on during their worst moments and go: my life is capable of good times.

0 Mindless Entertainment, quote

People enjoy mindless entertainment, simply because: they don't want to think about things.

0 Private Words, quote

Somethings you don't want to talk about, not because you don't want someone else to hear about it, but because you don't want to hear it, yourself.

Nov 5, 2011

0 Associations and Strength, quote

People associate strength with turning order into chaos, when strength is turning chaos into order.

0 Character and Strength, quote

True strength and character comes from fighting your darker self.