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Oct 29, 2010

0 Working on subscription based blog

Working on a subscription based blog, coming along nicely, if anyone is interested in knowing more- Comment here :)


Oct 28, 2010

0 Quote on perceptions. A palindrome.

There are many perceptions to one truth, and one truth to many perceptions.

0 Quote: Things to keep in mind

Relationships are hindered by assumptions.

Oct 27, 2010

0 Would you pay for blog content?

I started thinking about ways to make money online while doing what I love, and stumbled upon the idea of blog subscriptions/RSS. So my question to you is, would you pay a monthly subscription to a literature blog?

What I would like to include in the literature blog are short stories, novel chapters, epic or longer poetry, and perhaps essays. Perhaps a couple posts each week.

If you would pay for such content, how much would you pay a month? I have a lot of novel ideas I been wanting to work on, I would like readers, also would like to make some money off of them. Well, any feedback will be most welcomed :)

Sincerely, me

0 Life is a fairy tale poem

Life is a fairy tale
soaked in misery infused ale
deprived of all its splendor
as winter without snow

Its a dream
robbed of all its magic
real to its very seam
without all but so tragic

Life is a drunken man
stumbling and without measure
soaked to the brim
without any treasure

Its a man without emotion
deprived of all his fire
wandering about without devotion
trying to reignite his fire

0 Tiger's lil kids poem

My nose is particularly cold today
my ears are particularly hot
My eyes are particularly clear today
my tongue is particularly not

My paws are perpetual
this quandary is quite complex
in the quantum scheme of things
my thinking is a mess

My tail is a singularity
I contribute it all my prosperity
and it ominously snared me
so bare with me this fair you see

Oct 26, 2010

0 Toiling hearts quote

When two hearts beat as one,
they toil the most

0 Move the moment quote

When a moment doesn't move me,
I move the moment

Oct 25, 2010

0 Scent of my love poem

She smells like the soft scent of flowers carried on the evening breeze
taken from a far, far, far world, beyond the stars

A salty scent carried off from a white sand beach
the smell of air waves mixed on-top with ocean

A musky fire fueled by flowers and leaves
that paints the image of a tribal aloha around me

This is the scent of my love

0 Do you follow me?

Tell me what you think of my blog. What do you think of the toolbars I added? What do you think of my poetry? What suggestions or feedback do you want to give? I would love to see who follows my blog regularly and what they think, so drop me a line!
Hope to hear from you,

0 Holy Ghost is crying inside: Christian poem

The holy ghost is crying inside
dark fantasies flashing by like car lights
thoughts detouring down the wrong path
I am losing myself fast

Speeding down a flood of tears
a world without rainbows and calmness to my fears
full of monsters made of mirrors
and I am just losing myself in it all

0 Withhold myself poem

Can I hold, love a single flower forever
without variety or other substance
to withhold a part of myself
for my dark soul to play

yet I constantly withhold the night from the day
create variety within my world, my way
losing myself in the giving of myself
wondering how much of myself is here to stay

Oct 24, 2010

1 Poetry Ad: Visit my blog

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Oct 23, 2010

0 Yet to be poem

A moment's worry
a futures obscurity
thoughts casscading into eternity
the what ifs and possibilities yet to be

0 I shouldn't feel poem

Sometimes you just want to hurt someone
shouting words that are half-true, half-lies, or completely one way
just to make them suffer, feel as you do

amplified by a million hearts
amplified by a million tears
anger hotter than a demon my stature

and this makes me feel as if I shouldn't feel, anyways

Oct 22, 2010

0 Can't be the dream, mini poem

Before you were just a dream, I dreamt of you
now that you are real, I turn blue
that I can't be the dream for you

0 Dark Love Poem

You have destroyed my love
smudged it against the window of my eyes
chopped away at it with your words
until all I could feel was the cold numbness of ice
that sweet exhale of winter

And now my tears are frozen inside
icicles hanging from the cuts along my heart
the gashes that should be spilling blood
wondering how we got here

Didn't even realize it was this dark...

Oct 20, 2010

0 Becoming a Monster: Poem

Who are you when you can't stop becoming a monster
changing from that sudden surge of emotion
that wipes away all reason and rhyme
and you can't even hear yourself knocking to wake up
because you are dormant and still
Lost in the moment, in the transformation

0 Intellect and composition: Mini poem

What came so easily with inspiration
is fleeting without, into the quaint obscurity
and all that is left is the intellect and composition
trying to, with it's artistry, to assemble something tangible, real

Oct 19, 2010

0 Another life ago, poem

I met my fiancee another life ago
in another world, from another place that has long departed
and just as a dream, the memories seem both fictional and not
my past has become buried under all the new moments that came afterwords
and I begin to wonder what's next, and who I was

Oct 18, 2010

0 Caught between here and there poem

In my heart
spews a bewitching spell
cast about my eyes
truth and lies ready to spill
out onto the canvas of the world

And as they spill
I can hear the amplified noise
crashing waves upon a world that's still
made up of yesterday

and I watch
caught between here and there

1 Forgotten Memories of Yesterday Poem

Do we loose ourselves
in the forgotten memories of yesterday
or are they integrated into our every day

As half-remembered dreams,
faded emotions-
mixed into every changing potions
descendents of our ancestry chain

Of every piece that died
every innocence lost as we cried
buried under an ocean of tears
taken deep into our darkest fears

Forever wondering within ourselves

Oct 17, 2010

1 Observations Quote on greatness

t is odd that I can spot greatness in others, get into stuff that everyone gets into, and yet, can't spot the same greatness in myself.

Oct 7, 2010

1 Short Poem: Standing Still

I can't comprehend innocence anymore
my soul has drifted too far away
from those sunny days of standing still

Oct 4, 2010

0 Quote on Hard Times

Hard times, nothing but hard times and an even harder future. What are you to do but hope, that one moment will change your life forever. Reverse all of the damage that has been done. Take away the misery that has followed you like its been there forever.