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Jun 11, 2011

0 Facebook, Facial Privacy: Commentary

My Article about Google Goggles privacy infringing possibilities, that I did a while ago.

Sure enough, facial recognition is becoming a privacy problem, with: Facebook. The link above (former, rather than latter) shows that Facebook has a feature that recognizes and automatically saves your facial data on its system, and you are automatically opted-in for this feature when you upload a photograph.

Facebook seems to have nonchalantly/casually implemented this feature: why would they not have incandescently implemented this feature without any ulterior motives: makes one wonder...

Facebook seems to have an opted-out feature for this (buried in their settings) and, a way to contact them for deleting your private, facial data from their system (an inconvenient e-mail process).

We need to protect our privacy in these changing times of information distribution- or lose what precious privacy we have...