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Feb 10, 2011

0 Drowning out this world, poem - Redone

How does it compare,

Voices vibrate up into my room, these invisible creatures crawling...clawing upstairs
others, rids the timid flow of air- circulating from thirty minutes ago, when I heard the door slam
and I can still hear murmurs from moments ago and now, and I can not make out the words- they are alien- distant and obscure
yet, I can't help but hear; and I feel violated... as if I shouldn't care
after scuffling around- calming, recognizable music fills the air
drowning away the invasion

awake, startled, out from my limbo of dreams and here- I hear words getting louder and louder
and my room is overflowing with seeds- like small cities, caught still in the air
and I try to brush them off of me- they are tangled up in the fabric and my hair

the words are from strangers, strangers to me- ever since... when I cared for myself
they sound like kings and queens scheming, never noticing I'm there, in the corner- invisible
and I live in this world that makes no sense to me- created from humanities devices

Oh, how much like hell this life resembles, my inner world resembles
in contrast, in conflict- clashing infernos and blizzards erase away the guise of heaven
small details hide in the reflections, and I know not how to reside- what choices to bear

for I see a world full of demons, of devils- reducing life to chaos and moral rubble
our society walks around in disillusions, and karma overflows these grunge landscapes
and I see minions- and a heavenly sky without heavens, filled with fallen angels
and I ponder upon these unfortunate ones that don't belong, tested against themselves