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Mar 31, 2011

0 Protesting Copyright Nonsense

If you haven't notice, individuals all over the net are getting their information released in mass (with only their Ip addresses as evidence) to corporations and businesses suing copyright infringement and demanding settlement letters before due process. This is outrageous and you should be concern too, that without any credible evidence- your name, address, and other information held by your internet provider are given out for the sole reason of treating you as an already convicted criminal and demanding alleged losses. These alleged losses are impractical and the system is being abused for commercial profiteering- all in the name of high principles and justice. This type of legality should not be allowed to continue and affects our freedom in numerous ways.

How does it affect us? All your activities can be monitored and made public: any alleged activities with circumstantial evidence will be treated as legitimate, and your information will be released for "credit collection" like endeavors. This precedence can have a trickling effect throughout internet law. What is next? Mass suit of avatar images "copyright infringements" in forums and social networks? Our internet provides censoring our data transmissions and other private information (which might already be in the works, seeing how they are already lobbying for similar restrictions by our ip). Will people realize their lost before it's too late? A judge, Judge Beryl Howell, is already allowing mass lawsuits against bit-torrent users of suspected copyright infringement, and basically states that the lost of our first amendment rights is negligible. How can any lost of our most sacred rights be considered negligible? This is due to the assumptions that bit-torrent users transmit files for the sole purpose of violating the law. This can not be speculated, at least by a judge, before due process of the evidence. It is, in essence, stereotyping.

Back to the matter at hand. Copyright enforcement is going too far by my standards. In a digital age where files can easily be replicated and transmitted, the only way to enforce those copyright laws is to rob us of our constitutional rights. An example would be: how would you enforce such laws if we were telepathic, our very thoughts would be closely monitored and rob us of our very essence. There is such a thing as going too far, and anyone who mass targets people without any care for the legitimacy of that enactment (no matter how justly sought), should be stopped.

I do not condone copyright infringement, but copyright laws need to adjust to the reality of today- they are becoming far too constrictive and no longer serving the purpose as they once did. They are now stifling our creativity and hindering our rights.

On another aspect, the money they are asking for the alleged infringement is outlandish. As I know the law, they are to be compensated for their losses; they are not to profit in an obscene way, which they are, indeed, doing. They are not just profiting, but they are subjecting charges on hypothetical lost- which shouldn't be possible. And people who allegedly committed one crime, are being subjected to the burden of all crimes; and every one accused is, also, subjected to the burden of all crimes. Is this really the america that our founding fathers dared to dream? Corporations and those with money dictating law and social standards? Where low-budget movies account for losses by inaccurately accruing them through false principles?

That is all I will say for now, just felt like throwing my thoughts out there. Take care,

P.s. Might proof-read this later...