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Jan 5, 2010

1 Poetry Prose : A black and white world

I woke up into a world of black and white, in a field with ghostly fog and antique trees. Seeing the world with the perception of a dog, I ponder this reality I ended up in, how I arrived here. My mind won't admit to the answers I seek, unsure if it knows them and just won't speak. How funny the mind is, an alien in my own world.

Walking under nameless stars down a rustic road, the simplest details bathed in contrast and shadows. Without color, everything had inherited soul over substance, striped away of it's surface to reveal another depth: previously unnoticed.

Jan 4, 2010

0 Poetry Prose : Bathroom of fantasy

Walking into the unlit bathroom, faded light sneaking in from down the hallway; I stare into reflected shadows in the cold mirror.

Dark tint of blue glass, frozen feeling like the ghostly eyes of winter in a puddle or pond.

Reality seems to give way to fantasy: unstable darkness blurs to beyond the walls, beyond the doorway that separates our worlds.

Panic seeps into my brain, dripping into my blood, one droplet at a time like a leaky faucet. Feeling my imaginary foes breathing more life with each wondering thought of mine. I stand in-between an ambivalent fork in the road.

But before I let my bathroom become transformed into another world, I hold my breath as I flip the light switch. Quickly my reality flows back to me, realizing the world is once again round and not flat, that I won't fall off of it.

0 Tanka : haiku : Death wearing high-heels

Death wearing high-heels
crimson lipstick, cherry gloss
imprints of kisses
tapping stilettos walk from
his ivory corpse

Jan 3, 2010

0 Poetry : Prose : One long night in space

One long night in space
waiting for sunlight that never comes
I stared out into my backward of stars
light-years from any inhabitable worlds

I had left behind my fate, along with my life
reborn again into oblivion, to find my place in the universe
like a grain of obsidian on a beach of white sand

How long before I go mad?
chasing after webs of dreams that may not exist
where is God sailing me off to?
or have I left him too, behind...

Jan 2, 2010

0 Haiku : Modern day peasant

Modern day peasant
Apocalypse of daily life
a dark hallow world

0 Haiku : Heart is dark matter

Heart is dark matter
big-bang igniting my eyes
an expanding soul

0 Haiku : Tanka : Innocent moments

Innocent moments
sharing the same delusion
stored in a photo
that the fairytale lives on
in following sequences

Jan 1, 2010

0 Haiku : brevity of life

Brevity of life
droplets of water falling
from tips of leaflets