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Jan 4, 2010

0 Poetry Prose : Bathroom of fantasy

Walking into the unlit bathroom, faded light sneaking in from down the hallway; I stare into reflected shadows in the cold mirror.

Dark tint of blue glass, frozen feeling like the ghostly eyes of winter in a puddle or pond.

Reality seems to give way to fantasy: unstable darkness blurs to beyond the walls, beyond the doorway that separates our worlds.

Panic seeps into my brain, dripping into my blood, one droplet at a time like a leaky faucet. Feeling my imaginary foes breathing more life with each wondering thought of mine. I stand in-between an ambivalent fork in the road.

But before I let my bathroom become transformed into another world, I hold my breath as I flip the light switch. Quickly my reality flows back to me, realizing the world is once again round and not flat, that I won't fall off of it.