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Oct 10, 2017

0 Thank You God for Everything Again

I want to Thank God for everything God has given us and everything God has gotten us and getting us through. My wife and I have been through an enormous amount of trails and tribulations these last couple years. Right now, we are facing Eviction; We have another 10 days to leave the apartment or police will; My wife had surgery just yesterday to remove her gallbladder; We have no jobs or family that wants to help nor friends; However, We know that God will provide for us and God will Help us as God has always Helped us. 
What's really important to remember is to do God's Will no matter what the cost because God is the most important. It's hard to trust in God's Timing at times and to make sense of God's Will. To go through hardships and pain and discomfort that you rather not experience. But in the end, God will always do Good for you and turn everything you have gone through into something AWESOME for God.
Please pray for my wife and I that we get rent up before the 20th and a job and everything else that we need.
Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

Aug 8, 2017

0 Praise for God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost as of Recently

My praises for God as of recent:
God has really been helping us considerably lately and I am very appreciative and grateful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for all the Good Work God does in my life and my wife's.
We still have a place to live even though we have been out of work since March. I lost my job due to discrimination and have been looking for work ever since. We were on unemployment but lost it due to my works protest and lack of medical evidence at appeals. The Legal system is geared to help the bad people.
Yet, my Wife and I still survive thanks to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost. Since then God has given us food resources and we haven't gone hungry. God has helped with rental assistance and Gofundme help to pay the rent. God has helped us with medical at just the perfect time: my wife's eyes has cataracts and she is slowly going blind but it's treatable and our medical will pay for it all.
God has also helped us profoundly with our mental and physical health and preventing pot and smoke to come into our place as often through the windows by the neighbors.
God has blessed us more than we deserve and we are really Thankful. When you trust in God, God helps; God might not do it the way you planned or on your timetable, but God does it in His Perfect Will which may not make sense to us right off.
We have been getting job interviews but no job: But still, we are getting interviews. We need some sort of income by the end of this month, but God will provide.
God will take care of us and give us the justice we seek and the needs we need: Just like God gave my wife her state id finally which is needed for all of the medical treatments: we didn't have money for the Id but then God gave us it.
Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

Jul 12, 2017

0 GoFundMe Rental Help Update

The eviction notice has elapsed and the landlord can now go before a judge to get me evicted. Waiting to see if he will serve me this month or not. Since he accepted partial payment, I don't think he can do anything this month, even if he takes me to court. I have a number to call for free legal advise it comes to that. Hopefully, I can get find a job before the eviction happens if the judge authorizes it. It seems that he has to go to court, serve me, then I have 10 days afterward to respond, then the judge decides if I can be evicted and gives me a date if I can. Take Care, God Will Provide for us. Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

Jun 28, 2017

0 My GOFUNDME Link: Need Rent and Utility Assistance
Got another donation through GoFundMe for $100. We are making progress with God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost. Rent is coming up fast: Hopefully others can help.

Take care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

Jun 18, 2017

0 Pray for us, Thanks

Pray for us. Thanks. God will help. Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, Anthony and Ashley

Jun 12, 2017

0 Need Emergency Rent, Food, and Utility Help ASAP.

Hello, My wife and I really need financial money assistance for our Rent, Food, and Utilities. I recently Lost my job and was on unemployment until the Appeals overturned the decision. I have another final appeals to get back on it in July but can't last this month without funds.
Please help and Pray for us.
I have a GoFundMe:

I also have a Paypal as well:
I need $500 at least for rent and $1000 for everything.

Thanks, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

May 19, 2017

0 Prayer Request and Praise towards God

Recently, I had to go to court and defend myself before a judge. Even though, I am unsure how she viewed my case, all of the signs from God are showing that Good Things are coming.
I really do thank God for all He has done for me in my life. Life without God would not be a good one. Yet this is not why I follow God, I follow God out of Love and out of Worship and out of a True Desire to be closer to God and Serve Him for God is truly Good.
When there are difficult moments in life, we must always hope and have faith and trust that God will lead us to a better life and that all things will work for the good of those that Love God and Follow Him.
Please pray that my wife and I can get through this without worrying too much and being stress too much and remain faithful to God's Plan.

Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

May 7, 2017

0 Commentary on Fake Relationships

People of the world needs fake relationships because obtaining money and fulfilling their dreams require social resources: people to buy the products, people to support their efforts, word of month, people to protect themselves with, and so fourth.

This is an anger zone for me: I hate the concept of recycling people for your own gain and fake love to gain what you want. Sure, this isn't the case always, but I'm sure it's the case a lot of times. This is why people find out that they surrounded themselves with fake friends, business partners that turns on them when they no longer benefit them, families that fall apart because they cared more about greed or something else than loving each other, and so fourth.

It is really annoying/aggravating the more you think about it which is why it's best not to dwell so much on what you can't control and focus too much on what you can't change.

The more I experience of life, the more that I wonder "Are people consciously aware of how they behave or is it inherited like a curse from generation to generation: no one wishing to change"; I think it's the former.

People are becoming ingenue and lovers of themselves like the Bible/Word of God states. People really need to start truly loving one another and supporting that which is good and what they want to exist and progress further in this world.

Nothing Good will come from the current status quo.

Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

May 2, 2017

0 Thoughts about Trump's administration changing everything.

I find it disconcerting that a newly appointed President can effectively halt/suspend/change a previous Presidents progress so easily.
I was browsing through the Google News when I came across a heading of an appointed member of Trump suspending Michelle Obama's Healthier Lunch initiative. Moreover, ever since Trump took office, I've noticed that there is a lot of degradation instead of progression: that he is able to use executive orders and newly appointed members to change progression in our society.
I got thinking: Even though a President should have power to shape the country, where is the check and balances to prevent such detrimental changes at the whim of a President and his appointees.
Trying to build a wall that will cost a significant amount, trying to change environmental progress, trying to change progress in the school lunch system, health care, and so forth.
Does the public really support these 180 degree changes? If not, where is a public forum to protest and stand against such changes since the President should be acting by the will of the people?

Just some thoughts, Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

Apr 27, 2017

0 Thanking God for all of our Blessings in our Season of Justice

Hello everyone reading this, I want to write this post to Glorify God for all he has done for my wife and me: God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.

I recently lost my job due to job discrimination based on my disability, but I was able to get unto unemployment which I most definitely thank God for. I got a letter in the mail today, saying that my former company tried protesting my unemployment claim (doesn't surprise me) which was turned down and the original upholding held that I can get unemployment; however, they can appeal the decision before a hearing if they wish which they probably will do.

Just shows the evilness of the company that I use to work for. That they not only discriminate against me at work and are suppose to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, but they didn't resolve the problem while I was working there and they continue to try and rob me of my livelihood and my wife's.

God gave us food stamps for our food, unemployment for rent and bills, energy assistance for our energy, and we didn't go homeless thanks to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost: Could never do it without God.

God is giving me time to recover, time to spend with my wife again, and time to get my life back on track. God has given us food, when we had no food, in abundance: we just recently went to the Food Bank.
God is too good, indeed. We need to be grateful for all that we are given, especially from God.

People were once again doing pot and smoke in a nonsmoking building and it was coming into our room since it's all integrated, but God cast out the enemies that try to surround us on all sides: including the devil and demons.

I'm learning what it means to walk in the foot steps of Jesus Christ. I am seeing all of the programs that are our there which are inadequate and inefficient. Seeing how people live which aren't middle class and all of the inherent problems associated with it: the nature of being cast down.

I am seeing how jobs try to avoid unemployment by firing you for this reason or that to get away with it and try to not pay you for it. I am seeing that this world is quickly going to hell and fast because all of the small problems people avoided for too long which has piled up in the background and no one thinks there's anything to fix or change for the better: but they are all capable and intent on changing it for the worst. People are very greedy and oftentimes learns the wrong lessons in life.

God has Truly BLESSED me and my Wife, most ABSOLUTELY. There is so much evilness in this world and I am truly grateful to have God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost watching out for us and on our side.

If you truly give yourself to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost with all of your Heart and Mind and Soul and Strength, then you will see God working in your life and know what the devil is trying to do as well.

THANK YOU God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything; for loving us at our darkest; for never leaving nor forsaking us; for always being there; we could never do it without YOU: even when it makes no sense.

Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost and everyone else reading this.

Take care, Your Son Anthony

Apr 24, 2017

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Apr 13, 2017

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Apr 10, 2017

0 Doing Good quote and thoughts about the Food Bank.

Don't act for the wrong reasons, rather act for the right reasons not to contaminate the good that you do: for good with bad reasons will rot away in time as well.

People in our society has built a system of doing what could be considered right in one regard for all of the wrong reasons.

For example: At the food bank, you will find most of the food people get is at least 2-3 months old and some even longer. Most of these items have shelf lives of 2+ years to begin with. Yet, by the time it is even thought about, about being given to the food bank, it has no other use but to be given to the poor for a tax reduction.

It's like it has to go through every other feasible and profitable channel before ever even being considered food for the poor. It has to get to the point where stores can't sell it and no one else wants it, then a couple months past beyond the Best By date for the poor to even get it; then when they finally get it, it's questionable at best or taste has been degraded.

If you want to give food to the poor and the food bank, rather then allowing the food to deteriorate and go past the Best By date, why not simply give it a couple months ahead of time so they can eat something that people who aren't poor would like eating. Have food that is actually within the Best By date when they get it. So they can eat like civilized human beings.

This is how you know people don't do things for the right reasons because the process involved shows bad fruits. If people truly gave from love and their heart, then they would give food that they would love eating as well. Food that isn't outdated by the time it makes it to the people. And anyone would be able to get food when they need it, not food that will last only 5 days out of a whole month for a family.

I highly doubt people would even give food like businesses and such if there was no tax incentive involved. They would probably just throw it out.

Before I needed to go to the food bank, first time in my life from a job lost, I thought that they had plentiful amounts of food that they gave indiscriminately to everyone and food that wouldn't be beyond the Best By date by months; However, in reality, this is food that found it's home there because it has undergone every other option and found it's way into the tax reduction margin. It's really sad to be honest.

Who would want to eat yogurt that has become soupy and has no form anymore even if it as safe? Or canned soup that tastes like it has over lapsed it's Best By date for too long and seems questionable at best?

Take care, Anthony With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

Mar 24, 2017

0 Praising God in the Storm Commentary

Right now in my and my wife's life, we are going through trails and storms braving the front lines. The Devil is attacking, demons are attacking, and all around evilness running a foot. We are surrounded on all sides. My job which has been discriminating against me and harassing me and hurting me has finally fired me. We have no money, our resources are depleting, unemployment is uncertain but won't be enough even if we got it, and feels like our lives are falling apart.

Food stamps might be coming to an end soon, my disability status is constantly needing to be proved even though I have medical documentation from the past that states I am, and Satan knows that he is going to lose. He is going to lose because God is with us so whom shall I fear? God is for us, who can be against us?

As for me and my house, we shall wait and see what God does. We will trust in the Lord.

As we go on not fearing the future and trying to muster on, neighbors constantly blow smoke and pot into our apartment studio. They know what they are doing but decide to be addicted and disrespectful to all of those around them, especially my wife with an allergy to pot and both our bronchitis induced asthma.

So, we are without a job, my wife can't work because she hurt herself during her last job which leaves her in pain. Our rent was paid but now we have no money for supplies or food. Our food stamps might end because of my lost of job, unemployment will only give enough for rent and electric at most. Our enemies surround us on all sides. People effecting our health by introducing pot smoke and cig smoke into our homes. Every side we fight on people are resistant to admitting they were wrong and improving themselves.

But we are not afraid of the future for we know God will protect us, God's Word is Truth. God will not forsake us. Recently had a Dream about needing to jump off a foggy cliff into an abyss at multiple stages without seeing where we were going to go or land and having God get us safely to the bottom: I know God is with us most definitely and assuredly.

I am human. I worry a lot and try not to. I try my best to become a better person that knows God more. I truly do. I worry about living in a place without electricity. Being in darkness when my wife is scared of the dark. I am worried about not having food and having the food stamps taken away. I am worried about our health and all of the apartment complex problems that I try to resolve to no end. One person moves out another like person moves in and it repeats yet again. I worry about not getting unemployment, becoming homeless again from last when my family forsake me and kicked me and my wife onto the streets. I worry that maybe I am not following God and my end and destruction will show that I never knew God; I know that God is telling me that isn't true at all and false and that I do know where my end resides. I worry about getting a job that I can handle. Getting disability paperwork to the degree that people will help you is beyond ridiculous. I live in the grey area where there is no help. When unemployment is really high, food stamps are easy to get on, unemployment lengths are increased, and so fourth; but when life for the majority is prosperous, life for those in the grey is harder than ever.

I question: Must I sell everything I own, sell my laptop, sell my tablet, sell everything of value just to live for one or two months more than have nothing yet again?

This world is falling apart but God is my Rock and my Fortress: My high Tower in Whom I Trust.

I know God will help: I praise God in the storm and brave on. Not enough people presses on and never gives up and Praises God in their Storms. It's important to not turn your back on God and to Trust God and to always give Thanks whether Good or bad. You don't want to be a good weather friend.

Take care, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost: I really think that God wanted me to put this out to unlock someone else's Prison and to ignite their fire again.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender.

Feb 18, 2017

0 Love is like quote

Love is like a gift given in earnest and truth filled with love encased in a bottle, that holds it's treasure in it's sentiment and the intangible, where others may only find and see the ordinary.