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Oct 3, 2011

0 Falling Apart, poem

Deep within the coves of my heart
resonates my worries and fears
inside the caverns of my soul
beats cries of demon tears

Who am I to wander within
with this analytical mind
who am I to think upon
monsters and demons like pieces of art made refine

To gaze and ponder
to try and find meaning from the sin
that buried within these creatures
is a lie so delicious and grim

How can I turn away my mind
like I turn away my head
to think upon the bright starry light
shinning from afar within

My soul is made of puzzle pieces
my heart a Jenga wall
how high I thought I was
And how low I feel I have to fall

My emotions are like potions
brewing from all the lies and truths
yet I drink them like a drunk at his favorite booth
hoping that they will make me whole again

Have I become a puppet doll
with my strings made of web
dancing to the insane tunes that play
with uncertainty at my stead

Have I gone insane
with all these thoughts I cannot drown out
all the ifs and buts that gather here
playing with riddles and doubt

I don't know myself anymore
or who I even am
will all the security I lost before
ever be regained in this shattered Inn