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Feb 5, 2011

0 Arched blood, poem

Hope to hear form you!

Animals of sexuality, seduction and sensuality
formed of curves and waves and dark intellect
a passionate chorus of emotions, eroding away the sensibility

I felt the need to bite you
the craving to excite you
my need to entice you into submission
in this friction of our souls
colliding symphonies and cathedrals

how do I fulfill this insatiable hunger
fueling my passion and making my heart asunder
expiring like an ever consuming perfume
these desires, I inhale like forbidden fumes
that steals away my humanity, pushes it aside
to reveal this conscious hunger which abides

Deep inside I wish to rip you, leave you covered in claws
your personality inverted to my perverse appetites, like a realistic doll
a doll to dress up in a tattered guise
manipulations engraved in your reflective eyes

crawling away into the darkest of my dreams
deeper inside, beneath the layers and seams
aggression and restraint begging ones moral omission
unrehearsed pleasure through our renditions
and pain trickles down your grin

Down the arches of our dilated eyes
pulsates this world of ours, made alive, made of truth and lies
outside of others rules and dismay
beats the blood of two at worldly play