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Feb 5, 2011

0 My thoughts on dying

My thoughts
When asked if I'm scared of dying, I had this to say:

Yes and no, I'm ambivalent about dying- undecided if I'll end up in Heaven, hell, or non-existence. Although, nonexistence I don't believe in, it is a thought that pops up in the back of my mind, though.

Non-existence is scary, actually- to simply not exist has a dis-hearting ring to it, that all your hard work and efforts were in vein (if not perpetuated in the mortal realm). Then again, going to hell isn't very appetizing. So, hopefully I'll go to Heaven. In the end, if you just end up as a ghost- that wouldn't be too fun. Death itself isn't very scary- it's what happens next. Also, the aspect of how you will die isn't too inviting, if not- exciting.