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Feb 1, 2011

6 Dark Humanity Poem

Hope you enjoy!

Beauty in the darkness, in the captivation
lost in the moral ambiguity, in the sensation

outside of life, of realization
beauty persists in dark observation

No consequence or abrasions, fantasy made of only imaginations
and like art, thoughts are drawn fourth in chains

Our hearts seared by the ever consuming flames


  1. That was great! Do you read your poems anywhere?

  2. Thanks Carolyn Watson-Dubisch, I don't read my poems anywhere else but in my own room to my fiancée. I think I prefer posting to reading :).

    Thanks Balqis, Thanks for the wonderful feedback, which poem did you love most?

    Well take care,

  3. I loved that last line, it was a great ending to the poem.

  4. so well written,thanks for sharing

  5. I'm here again, reading your poems. My preferences are in this sequence:

    Boxes Of Life
    Lost track of time, my stage poem
    Dark Humanity Poem
    To and Fro Poem

    I'm a poetry lover and I can see that you have great talent in writing poems. Keep it up! Will be coming back for more. :)