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Feb 2, 2011

0 Reasons for choosing a blog, Commentary

Hope you enjoy my commentary

Reasons for choosing a blog:
1. Visually appealing format and design, intelligent and well thought out
2. Content which approaches a topic by a new perspective; content that appeals to my tastes is very important
3. Blog that isn't super cluttered with ads and widgets that doesn't interest me
4. A blog that is too slow and invades my auditory space with automatic playing media
5. A writing style that is interesting, enjoyable, entertaining, intelligent- yet simple enough to digest

Why I return to a blog: I return to a blog that has content which furthers my intellect or emotional well-being- through entertainment or new perspectives

Why I recommend a blog:  I recommend a blog that I know a reader would enjoy, one that pertains to their interests, one that is insightful and entertaining

Why I comment on a blog:  I comment on blogs that are active, that has a good readership, engaging, and got me thinking in a new way

Where do I get my return traffic from: I get my traffic mainly from Google and search engines, from various postings on others' blogs, and from my feed