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Feb 8, 2011

2 Monotonous Syndrome and Writers, Commentary

Just some of my thoughts for once...

Writing can be a very draining process, so many aspects and dimensions your mind can travel down- unsure of which way to go or what to change. And your writing is filled with layers, intertwining concepts, and your own personal style- you wonder where you are even going, sometimes.

I noticed that I have been getting worn-out lately, and wondering if many other writers have this problem as well. Sometimes my writing feels monotonous and bland, and I wonder how I created works in the first place, that were of variety and depth. I know my horrible grammar skills and spelling makes it even more of a chore, wondering where to put all the pronunciation and wording- which words to use and if they are the correct words to use. So very tiresome. And yet, I love writing- unsure why sometimes.

Writers as a whole are somewhat of snobs, grammatically and intellectually. I am always seeing posts making fun of grammar and spelling of others, instead of helping them improve without such mockery to begin with. Grammar for me has always been difficult, and I don't think I am that unintelligent- somethings are difficult for others. There is also an ire and ambitious attitude in the writing community that I find distasteful- getting caught up in intellectual drivel and conceptualizing everything, that they loose track of why they should be writing- for the pleasure and spiritual growth of themselves, for others to read and grow themselves (also for fun!). They loose the heart and soul of the art-form. Sure, I love pondering and analyzing art- to improve and grow, but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy it for what it is.

The writer community needs to become more communistic and less arrogant in my opinion. I for one, probably suffer from lots of these flaws as well. I wish that my writing came out more naturally for me, it's so hard to write longer pieces when you are always worn-out- perhaps I am over-thinking and overly critical of myself as I write.
Thanks for reading, take care-