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Feb 6, 2011

0 Sleep's Cadence, poem

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As I sit here upon this bed, I feel lonely as my lover pretends to be dead
asleep inside of her head, dreaming without me

And as she lays there, blank and calm
I whisper words, prelude to a song
of how I miss her, and time doesn't seem to belong

where do our hearts go, in this death that dreams bestow
where you and I are played by one-another
and mirrors reflect memories and music reflects tears
in this world of our subconscious

finding existence, the overture of our love

oh, dream of a world where we belong
outside of life's tapestry, where chaos begets excitement
and nightmares are reduced to a calm sanity
that can neither take away or destroy, the essence of our hearts

this fate, that fuels our steam-punk devotion
a riptide beneath the surface of the ocean
ripping away this distance between- here and there
and we can once again share, this moment together

Oh how eternal, this inferno that sweeps aside
how deep, this sentiment that abides
of our cadence, we must subside

to be apart for a while