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Feb 19, 2011

0 What's in a home, poem

Just some thoughts,

What's in a home, they say, home is where the heart is
but, can such a home protect your body from this world
can it shield you from consequence, stop bullets or hide you

does it have locks and doors and windows and floors
can it protect your family and friends and love ones, from this life
or is it just a place, a place somewhere, sometime, that has no reason or rhyme

Just a theory, a dream, that crumbles to secrets and thoughts
a cage for insanity, loneliness in captivity, a place you can't find

I hunger for a home and safety and a world to call my own
with a fireplace, and a place where I can go to breath out, all of the exhaustion inside
but this heart wont stop beating, stop feeling, to my breaths inside