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Feb 8, 2011

0 Commentary on Beliefs: my view

just some thoughts, sparked by a post

Belief can be a double-edge sword, the belief in something destructive or untrue- surely can. On-the-other-hand, a belief in something beautiful can be very spiritual, that it remains true- regardless of time. That in some universe, dimension, or circumstance, it is an actuality. This is the power of believing.

I think one should have a certain level of intelligence about what one believes in. How can you believe, simply in anything- you will get yourself in a lot of trouble. In the end it is between your heart and mind, what you believe in; and only time will tell- if you should remain vigilant. One should never compromise their beliefs in the face of adversity, they should explore the correctness of their beliefs- and stay true to who they are, if that belief holds to be true.
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