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Jul 22, 2011

1 What would you do, game: 1

Scenario 1:
Your on a date (trying to enjoy the evening night out, yes evening...) on a sailboat trying to fix your relationship with your fiancee; then the unthinkable happens, she hits her head on the boat and falls in during a mysterious patch of rough waves (you knew you shouldn't have gone out this late.) But at last! She was the only one that could swim... Even so, the water was so dark, you couldn't see a thing... Moreover, if she did end up dead, you would surely be blamed by the family (out of means of revenge) for killing her! By golly... They never did like you...
Keep in mind that:
1. You can't swim
2. The water is too dark.
3. Time is tick-toking as you try to think.
4. The family has a wealth of witnesses to testify against your character.
5. On top of that, they have phone conversations of you not at your best...Diabolical...

Take care,